Changing the defaults for Audit Trail and Change Log pruning deletes more than specified

  • 7016849
  • 17-Sep-2015
  • 22-Sep-2015


Novell Vibe 4.0


What are Audit Trail and Change Logs and what do I lose if I clear them?
Audit Trail entries are used to build the activity and login reports. Removing older entries limits the time span for these reports.
Change Log entries are used to track the edit history of folders, files and entries. Removing older log entries will limit how far back changes to an item can be traced.

If a Vibe site administrator modifies the default pruning values under Site Administration > Database Logs and File Archiving > Manage Database Logs and specifies a new value for each Audit Trail and Change Log days; the background job that is setup to clear these logs ends up clearing more than the specified days.


A fix for this issue is available in the Vibe 4.0 Hot Patch 4, available via the Novell Patch Finder.

Note: If existing logs have already been cleared, the only way to recover them is to restore from a database backup. The fix only prevents this from occurring in the future.