Keystore password resets to default value during upgrade or re-configure

  • 7016848
  • 17-Sep-2015
  • 22-Sep-2015


Novell Vibe 4.0 HP2
Novell Vibe 4.0 HP3


On a site where the default keystore password has been modified, the installer fails to use the new password value when run in Install, Update or Re-Configure mode. This prevents Vibe from initialization during startup and/or the Inbound SMTP remains disabled.


A fix for this issue is available in the Vibe 4.0 Hot Patch 4, available via the Novell Patch Finder.


The installer was ignoring the new keystore password value specified in the installer.xml file thereby writing the original default keystore password ("changeit") to the to be used for the Inbound SMTP server.

Note: Support for changing the keystore password may be removed in future versions of Vibe. It is recommended that the default keystore password should not be changed.

Additional Information

Note: When the default keystore password value ("changeit") is changed, the administrator has to update the password manually in the /opt/novell/teaming/apache-tomcat/conf/server.xml file. The installer.xml file should also be manually updated with the new keystore password value so that the installer can use the updated password value for the Inbound SMTP Server and update the file.

See also TID 7016722 for more details.