SSPR error 5033 after creating new user profile

  • 7016818
  • 02-Sep-2015
  • 02-Sep-2015


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 3.3


Error received when attempting to create a new user registration
Error 5033:  The configuration is invalid or corrupt.  Please correct the error, or remove the configuration file.
Problem occurs after creating a second new user profile (in addition to the default user profile)


Configure an LDAP Test User in Configuration Editor.   Select LDAP → LDAP Directories → (choose directory) → LDAP Test User


An LDAP Test User is required when multiple new user profiles are configured.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:

1. Login to SSPR configuration editor2. Go to Modules → New User Registration → New user profiles

3. Create a new profile

4. Fill in the new user container

5. Enable self registration

6. Save the configuration

7. Point browser to <domainname>/sspr

8. Click new user registration link at the bottom

9. Select the newly created profile

10. Error 5033 is returned

Troubleshooting Ideas:

The meaning of this error can be found several ways:

1.   The SSPR Configuration manager shows the warning outlined in yellow, repeated four times

2. Clicking “view log” in SSPR Configuration manager and searching for 5033 yields the following:
ERROR, http.PwmRequest, {e} 5033 ERROR_INVALID_CONFIG (setting LDAP ⇨ LDAP Directories ⇨ default ⇨ [Profile name] must be configured since setting Modules ⇨ New User Registration ⇨ New User Profiles ⇨ ProfileName ⇨ Password Policy Template is set to TESTUSER)

3. Generate and download an SSPR troubleshooting bundle as described in TID 7014795 and look in either the Health.json file or open the SSPR Log and search on 5033.  The error shown in step two above will be shown.