Deployment Tasks are not being Generated

  • 7016804
  • 28-Aug-2015
  • 03-Sep-2015


NetIQ AppManager Enterprise 8.X


You have enabled a Deployment Rule but the Deployment Tasks are not being generated. When you go back to look at the Deployment Rule you see the following message in the Rule's "Status Detail:"

Issue -:Install Module Package with Prereq ,But application monitored mismatch .  Resolution -:Check for monitoring applications for the package

When run the following SQL Query in you Control Center Database, it returns the name of Module that you are trying to push out.
     USE [<NQCCDB>]
     SELECT P.AppName
     FROM DPL_PackageDetection P
     LEFT JOIN DPL_AppDetection A
     ON A.AppName =P.AppName
     WHERE A.AppName IS NULL
          - <NQCCDB> to match your Control Center Repository name
Then you run the following SQL Query against you QDB repository (which hosts the Target Agent) and you receive no results.
     USE [<QDB>]
     SELECT * FROM DPL_AppDetection
     WHERE AppName = '<ModuleName>'
          - <QDB> to match your QDB Repository name
          - <ModuleName> to match the name of the module in the rule


1) Delete all deployment rules that contain the Deployment Package
2) Remove/Delete the Deployment Package
3) Check the Deployment Package back into the Control Center Deployment tool.

Rerun the above SQL queries in the Situation Section. If done correctly the Module name should only be listed in the results of the second query. If not please contact Technical Support


The Deployment Package was not correctly checked into the Deployment Database Tables.