The archive of Messenger conversations is not taking place

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  • 19-Aug-2015
  • 19-Aug-2015


Novell GroupWise Messenger 3 Service Pack 1


Archived conversations in Messenger are not being archived.  Errors are shown in the Messaging Agent and Archive Agent log files.

Found this error in the nmaa agent log : in /var/opt/novell/log/messenger/

   "Message Transfer protocol initialization failure [0x9809]"

Note:  The error 0x9809 means that the MTP port (8912) is in use by another process.

And this error several times in the nmma agent log :

   "MTP Error sending session to Archive Agent [0x8912] - TCP/IP read timeout"


It was discovered that somehow there were multiple nmma and nmaa agents running that was found with the linux terminal command "ps -eaf | grep nm".  Messenger was shut down and the extra agents running were "killed" by their PID and then messenger was restarted and we now only showed 1 nmma and one nmaa agent running.  

We tried to then have a Messenger conversation between 2 users to have the archive process kick again, and this time the nmaa no longer had an error, but the nmma agent had a new error :

  "MTP error sending session to the Archive Agent [8201] = Access denied.  Caller is not allowed access to a file."

Answer:  For this latter error it was discovered that somehow the ownership of files in the nmma QUEUE directory was assigned to a linux user called "www".  This is not correct.  It should have been the "nvlmsgr" linux user, the same user running the Messenger agents.  So the linux "chown" command was used to re-assign ownership of files in the directory at /var/opt/novell/messenger/ma/queue/ .  Once this was done and Messenger was re-started with rcnovell-nmma restart and rcnovell-nmaa restart.  

Then the files in the /queue/ directory started to be processed or transferr to the nmaa agent for archiving.


Multiple nmma and nmaa agents running on the same mtpport 8912.  Improper ownership (permissions) of files and directory in the /var/opt/novell/messenger/ma/queue/ directory.