Active Directory Groups don't Update in GroupWise Mobility

  • 7016779
  • 19-Aug-2015
  • 25-Aug-2015


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service
Novell Groupwise 2014


When trying to add new users to Active Directory Group that is associated with Groupwise, it doesn't properly update in GroupWise Mobility, and therefore user is not added to Mobility as expected.


The following steps will detail what will need to be done in order to "Refresh GroupWise Group." Please verify that your LDAP is working correctly and synchronizing as expected before moving forward with the next steps.
  1. Log into your GroupWise Admin Console.
  2. Select the group that is not properly updating.
  3. Click the "Delete" button.
  4. After the group has been deleted, select "System" on the left, then select "User Import."
  5. At this point follow the standard steps to import the group back from Active Directory. The steps can be found here:
    1. Do note that you will select "Include Groups" when using this tool.
  6. After the group has been re-added into the GroupWise system, go to your GroupWise Mobility console > Config > User Source > and Poll Now.
It can take some time for the system to finish synchronizing, but the link between AD > GroupWise > Mobility should now stick, and any future updates you make to the group will sync all the way across.