Login Script is not executed upon Novell Login

  • 7016762
  • 13-Aug-2015
  • 21-Sep-2015


Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows 7/8/2008R2/2012 Login


- Novell Login is successful, but Login Script is not executed.
- The Login Script results window is not displayed, even though 'Advanced >>' > 'Script' > 'Display results window' is enabled with the Novell Login dialog.
- Drive mappings from the Login Script are not available in Windows Explorer upon login.


If the executable %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\mpnotify.exe (C:\Windows\System32\mpnotify.exe) does not exist, copy %SYSTEMROOT%\System32\mpnotify.exe from another Windows 7 workstation.


%SYSTEMROOT%\System32\mpnotify.exe was removed.