Novell Client Password Expiry Warning does not warn when password will expire within Password Expiry Warning Period

  • 7016756
  • 11-Aug-2015
  • 18-Feb-2020


Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows 7 Login


'Novell Client Properties...' > 'Advanced Login'> 'Password Expiry Warning' is 'On'
'Novell Client Properties...' > 'Advanced Login' > 'Password Expiry Warning Period' is '5' days
In iManager > 'Roles and Tasks' > 'Users' > 'Modify User' > 'Restrictions', 'Force periodic password changes' has been configured with the 'Password Restrictions' of the User object and the 'Date password expires' is sooner than 5 days.
When the user logs in, the Novell Client does not warn about the soon password expiration.


- Assign a Universal Password Policy to the User object or the context container object of the user per iManager > 'Roles and Tasks' > 'Passwords' > 'Password Policies' > 'Assignments'.
- With the 'Configuration Options' at the 'Universal Password' configuration tab of the Universal Password Policy, 'Allow user to retrieve password' must be enabled.
- Ensure that novell-nmas- or newer is installed on each writeable replica of the partition with the User object. Can check the version per the command 'rpm -q novell-nmas' at the shell as user root and update with YaST, the 'zypper up' command or any other way you update your server.
- Ensure that the NMAS Client or newer is installed on the Windows workstation with the Novell Client 2 SP4 or newer. Can check the version of the NMAS Client for Windows per 'Start' > 'Control Panel' > 'Programs and Features'. The NMAS Client is installed with a typical installation of the Novell Client.

- Ensure that the server where the user is attaching has a copy of the replica containing the user object.


The Novell Client 'Password Expiry Warning' feature is based on NMAS technology that requires Universal Password Policy assignment.

Additional Information

See TID 7016757 - "Password Expiry Warning" in Novell Client for more information about this feature.