Restore button is greyed out when attempting to restore a GroupWise resource with one or more spaces in the name of the resource

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  • 10-Aug-2015
  • 03-Nov-2015


Novell GroupWise 2014


When attempting to recover a deleted resource from a back up of a wpdomain.db, the RECOVER button is greyed out.  When you try to recover a resource with no space, then there is no problem.


Resolution pending bug fix.  However a workaround is to manually create the resource with the desired specific GroupWise FileID, in in this example it is 5yx.  

This example has a resource name of "ACM EXEC CONF RM".

IF you have an error with this curl command where your resource has a space in the name, place the string %20 where the space would be, in the below example the resource name should be :  ACM%20EXEC%20CONF%20RM .

curl -k --user admin:password https://<PrimaryDomainIP-Address>:9710/gwadmin-service/domains/<GWDomain>/postoffices/<GWPostOfficeOfResource>/resources -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST --data "{\"name\": \"ACM EXEC CONF RM\", \"owner\": \"<resource-owner>\", \"fileId\": \"5yx\"}"

Additional Information

The problem also occurs in a beta build of GroupWise Cornell at this time.

Steps to duplicate:
1.  Have a working functional GW2014 system with a resource called , like 

2.  Make a copy of your primary domain db to your desktop

3.  Delete the resource listed in Step # 1 from the Web Admin Console

4.  In the Web admin console, click on System, Recover Deleted Account, browse to the location of the wpdomain.db on your desktop from Step # 2 above and highlight this file and Click OK.

5.  Click on "Account To Recover" , and select the "Resources" radio button to show only resources.

6.  Click the check box for " ACM EXEC CONF RM" and click OK.

7.  You will notice the RECOVER button is greyed out.