iManager error while modifying preferred nodes list in a cluster.

  • 7016747
  • 10-Aug-2015
  • 01-Oct-2015


Novell Cluster Services
Novell iManager Plug-ins
Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2


Modifying the "preferred nodes list" in cluster produces a java.lang.Exception.

Other errors seen on screen:
   Error: Cluster Administration Error

   Unknown error with error code: 497 

  Message: Type mismatch.
  Line: xxx
  Char: xx
  Code: 0
  URI: https://<SERVERdns_or_ipaddr>/nps/portal/modules/ncs/javascripts/ncs.js


Update the NCS Plug-in (ncsmgmt.npm) to a version newer than (currently in testing).
Pre-released version of plug-in can be obtained from (note: this uses the FTP protocol to download).

- extract ncsmgmt.npm from the downloaded ncsmgmt.tgz file
- install ncsmgmt.npm using iManager (Instructions to install a plug-in.)

Please contact Microfocus Customer Care if the file cannot be not found for downloaded.


Affected browsers do not support the java variables called "name".   The NCS plug-in has been modified to accommodate for these browers.

Additional Information

Use an updated or different browser.   Internet Explorer 11 seems to work in most cases. 
Browsers which have seen issue:
IE8 and IE9
Firefox 31.1.0 +
Chrome 38.0.2125.111