Add Files applet to drag/drop files into Vibe 3.4 HP2 fails using Chrome and FireFox

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  • 07-Aug-2015
  • 07-Aug-2015


Novell Vibe 3.4 HP2


On a Vibe 3.4 HP2 system, when a user uses the Add Files button to drag/drop files into a Vibe folder, the upload progress icon keeps spinning and the upload does not succeed. The problem is reproducible using Chrome and FireFox browsers. The symptoms of the problem vary slightly depending on whether Guest access is enabled:

  1. When Guest access is Enabled
    On a Vibe site where Guest access is enabled, and a registered user tries to drag/drop files in a folder where Guest users are not allowed to Add Files, the user receives a pop up window displaying HTML which looks similar to this.

  2. When Guest access is Disabled
    On a Vibe site where Guest access is disabled, and a user tries to drag/drop a file the file upload progress wheel keeps spinning and the upload never completes. If you enable the Java console, the following error will be logged in the Java console:

    handleResponse saw cannot retry due to redirection, in streaming mode


In order to fix this issue, please follow the following steps on your Vibe application server:
  1. Locate and open the following file in a text editor:
    Linux: /opt/novell/teaming/apache-tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/ssf.xml
    Windows: C:/Program Files/Novell/Teaming/apache-tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/ssf.xml

  2. Locate the following line which should be the very first line:
    <Context path="/ssf" reloadable="false" crossContext="true">

  3. Add the parameter useHttpOnly="false" to the line identified in step 2. The final line should look as follows:
    <Context path="/ssf" reloadable="false" crossContext="true" useHttpOnly="false">

  4. Save your changes to the ssf.xml file

  5. Restart the Vibe service

If you have questions or need assistance in implementing this fix on your Vibe 3.4 HP2 server, please contact Novell Technical Support.