What isssues are addressed in DRA Hotfix

  • 7016739
  • 06-Aug-2015
  • 19-Aug-2015


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.7.2


What isssues are addressed in DRA Hotfix
What is the purpose of DRA Hotfix


The following outline the key features and functions provided by this version, as well as issues resolved in this release:

1.1 Enhancements and Software Fixes

Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator includes software fixes that resolve several previous issues.

For the list of software fixes and enhancements in previous releases, see Previous Releases.

Client Information Available Only Once Per Session

The web console can now gather client information more than once per session. (ENG338126)

Issue with Trust Settings Changing Account Types

DRA no longer changes a computer object to a user object after selecting Trust Computer for Delegation. (ENG337785)

HomeMDB Property Is Invalid

You will no longer get an Error HomeMDB Property is Invalid error when attempting to view the properties of a user. (ENG338433)

Issue with Inability of DRA to Show More Than 1000 Results Per Search

DRA now has the ability to show unlimited search results. (ENG338343)

Removing the First Member from a List of Managers for a Group Removes the Powers of the Remaining Managers

The other managers no longer lose their powers when the first member on the ManagedBy list for a group is removed. (ENG337675)

Issue When Enabling Recycle Bin Cleanup for Users

DRA no longer fails to respond after enabling Recycle Bin Cleanup for users. (ENG338530)

Support for Setting All Folders in a Mailbox to Read Only

This version allows you to change the access permissions for folders in a mailbox to read only. (ENG333504 and ENG337689)

Exchange Archive Features Are Not Functional after Removing a Manager from a User’s Mailbox

A user’s mailbox now automatically updates its Exchange Archive features after removing a manager. (ENG331774)

Issue When Removing a Member from a Group While Processing a New Domain

DRA no longer stops unexpectedly when removing a member from a group while processing a new domain. (ENG328658)

Issue with Adding Users or Groups to a Trusted Managed Domain

Users or groups now properly remain in the trusted managed domain to which they were added. (ENG338598)

Error Generated Randomly

The Object does not exist on the server error no longer randomly appears. (ENG337874)

Issue with the OCS PowerShell Script

The OCS PowerShell script no longer causes DRA to stop unexpectedly. (ENG338112)

2.0 System Requirements

This hotfix requires NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 8.7 Service Pack 2.

For detailed information on hardware requirements and supported operating systems and browsers, see the NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator Installation Guide.

3.0 Installing Directory and Resource Administrator and Exchange Administrator

To install this hotfix, close all DRA consoles and run the DRA8_70_02_3.exe file on each Administration server, DRA client computer, and web component computer.

4.0 Verifying the Installation

Complete the following steps to verify that the installation was successful.

To check the installed version:

  1. Log on to the Administrator server computer with a local administrator account.

  2. Open the DRA console.

  3. Click Help > About > Version.

  4. Under Console Hotfixes or Administration Server Hotfixes, verify that the version number is

5.0 Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issues are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Technical Support.

5.1 Issue with Removing Mailbox Folder Permission

Users cannot remove a mailbox’s folder permission after a trustee mailbox is deleted. (DOC338940)

5.2 Issue with DRA Not Auditing Mailbox Folder Permissions

DRA is not auditing changes to mailbox folder permissions. (DOC338939)

6.0 Modified Files

This hotfix modifies the following files in the installation folder, by default C:\Program Files\NetIQ\DRA:

  • MCSAdminADSI.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Server.X2K7Module.dll

  • DRAExchShell.exe

  • Accounts.dll

  • DRACacheLoader.exe

  • DcLibDynamic70.dll

  • DraWcAegisUtility.dll

  • DraWcDNSSearchHelper.dll

  • DraWcDnsUtility.dll

  • DraWCFramework.dll

  • DraWCTaskEngine.dll

  • DraWcTriggerOpsUtility.dll

  • DraWcSearchHelper.dll

  • DraWCUtility.dll

  • EaCommon70.dll

  • EaObjProv.dll

  • EaPrimitive.dll

  • EaSec.dll

  • ExchProvider.dll

  • Interop.NqCryptLibraryLib.dll

  • McsAdminMsgEnu.dll

  • MCSAdminSvc.exe

  • MCSComputerOperations.dll

  • McsContactOperations.dll

  • MCSEnumOperations.dll

  • MCSExchangeOperations.dll

  • MCSGroupOperations.dll

  • MCSOperationsCommon70.dll

  • MCSOUOperations.dll

  • MCSPowerOperations.dll

  • MCSServerOperations.dll

  • MCSUserOperations.dll

  • MCSUtilityOperations.dll

  • McsVAOperations.dll

  • NetIQ.CredentialVault.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.ADCollectorHelper.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Attributes.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.AuditTranslator.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Console.Accounts.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Console.Configuration.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Console.Policy.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.DomainConfiguration.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Framework.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Images.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.LastLogon.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Reporting.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.RuleHelper.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.RuleHelperFactory.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.SchedulerService.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.ServerObjects.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.ServiceHost.Configuration.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Strings.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.SQLHelper.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.UIExtensions.dll

  • NetIQ.DRA.Utility.dll

  • NetIQDRACore.exe

  • NqAegisOperations.dll

  • NqExchangeDynamicDLOperations.dll

  • UpdateAdam.exe

  • X2KHelper.dll

7.0 Previous Releases

This hotfix also includes enhancements added in Hotfix 7015692 and 7015865.