iOS and Android calendar events don't show in different colors on the device like the GroupWise windows client shows

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  • 05-Aug-2015
  • 05-Aug-2015


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1


The customer is used to seeing the white colored appointments in the calendar when they are CC'd in an appointment in the GroupWise windows client.  When they are a TO: line user in the appointment they see the appointment in the default color for the GroupWise windows client calendar.  The expect to see this same color scheme for appointments on both the iOS and Android devices.  They do not see this, they just see the calendar events (appointments) on the devices in the default calendar color on the device.


Both iOS and Android Calendar events ( appointments ), do not know anything about the concept of being CC'd for a
calendar event, you can only be a Participant ( essentially a TO: line user only ), since that is the case, the calendar event that shows on the device will show only in the color that is the default for the device and the particular calendar. 

The GroupWise 2014 Windows client can show TO: line users and CC: users for appointments in different colors, these devices cannot, the currently show only 1 user chosen default color for the entire calendar.

So this is a limitation of the iOS and Android devices that has nothing to do with Novell GMS 2.1.


Device limitation.