Error 5031 using Captcha with SSPR

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  • 30-Jul-2015
  • 30-Jul-2015


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 3.2
Linux server
SSPR configured to use Captcha
Apache running as front end for Tomcat


Captcha not working with SSPR
Captcha image does not come up
Clicking "Forgotten Password" on SSPR main page results in "spinning" "please wait"
In IE click show all content.
In FireFox or Chrome user must unblock blocked content
After unblocking or showing content user sees and can see and respond to captcha image, but doing so results in error


Edit server.xml (found in the tomcat directory), find the <Connector> section for port 8009 and add secure="true"


When Apache is used to front end Tomcat, the user is directed to the Apache server instead of being connected directly to the Tomcat server where SSPR runs.  Apache communicates with Tomcat over port 8009 using AJP protocol. 

When configured for CAPTCHA, SSPR communicates with the Google reCAPTCHA site over http. AJP sees this as insecure and denies the connection.