SSPR import fails

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  • 21-Jul-2015
  • 21-Jul-2015


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 3.2
running on Linux server


Unable to import SSPRConfiguration.xml after installing SSPR
Error received when importing config:
  5015 ERROR_UNKNOWN (unable to create backup directory structure '/WEB-INF/backup')


From the Tomcat directory, use the chown command to change the ownership on the tomcat folders back to the user that is running tomcat.  For example:

chown webuser. * -vR        (substitute appropriate name for webuser)

Note the period after the username, which tells chown to fix the group owner as well.  Also note that running this command from the tomcat directory will fix all the entire tomcat directory structure.  Be care not to run it in a different folder as it will change the owner for everything underneath the current directory.


This is usually a file system permission issue caused by running Tomcat as root at some point in the past. When tomcat runs as root, some of the tomcat folders can become owned by root, and then when tomcat is run later by the user it is supposed to run as, it is not able to create directories.