SSPR reCAPTCHA not working

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  • 13-Jul-2015
  • 13-Jul-2015


SSPR 3.2
reCAPTCHA from


Captcha does not come up after clicking "Forgotten Password" in SSPR
User is not presented with captcha page in SSPR


Make sure SSPR is correctly configured for CAPTCHA in SSPR Configuration Editor under "Settings - Captcha."
The settings for reCAPTCHA Public Key and reCAPTCHA Private Key are required, the two advanced settings are optional.

When a reCAPTCHA account is created on, two keys will be shown.
Copy the "Site Key" into the "reCAPTCHA Public Key" setting.
Copy the "Secret Key" into the "reCAPTCHA Private Key" setting.
Screen shot from