Login script does not run, Windows desktop does not appear

  • 7016667
  • 10-Jul-2015
  • 18-Feb-2016


Novell Client 2 SP4 for Windows
Microsoft Windows 7


After entering the user's credentials in the Novell Client Credential Provider, the login script(s) does not execute, and the user is left at a blank screen. It is possible to launch Task Manager and manually run EXPLORER.EXE in order to access the desktop, then login again from the "Red N" in order to execute the login script(s).


Apply the Microsoft hotfix from Microsoft KB Article 2719306.


The problem is caused by a deadlock within the Windows 7 process heap management between "real memory management calls" being made on one thread, and "Heap32Next diagnostic calls" being made on another thread.

Additional Information

An alternative to applying the Microsoft hotfix can be to use clear-text rather than TLS/SSL connections for the LDAP servers in LDAP Contextless Login (assuming LDAP contextless login is enabled/being used).  This is set in: Red N > Novell Client Properties > LDAP Contextless Login tab > Server IP address > Properties > "Unencrypted Data".