Messenger Agent won't start as a result of corruption in the /var/opt/novell/messenger/ma/queue/npnsq directory

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  • 10-Jul-2015
  • 11-Aug-2015


Novell Messenger 3.0.1


Customer updated from Messenger 3.0.x to 3.0.1 and was running fine, but ever since they added an 
LDAP profile to the Messenger Service LDAP container object, the Messenger service would give a status
of "failed" after about 30 seconds in a terminal as "root" and port 8300 was not "listening"
and we had to kill the nmma pid, and of course users could not login to Messenger.


Renamed the /var/opt/novell/messenger/ma/queue/npnsq/ directory, then the Messenger nmma agent 
could load fine.
** New Information: 8/11/2015, This issue is fixed in Messenger 3.0.2 , revision 6272, 6274, and 6275 and will be part of Messenger 3.0.2 when it ships. **


Corruption in the /var/opt/novell/messenger/ma/queue/npnsq/ directory.

Additional Information

1.  Customer removed the ldap profile - same problem

2.  Verified that "follow ldap referrals" was not checked at any time during the problem, 
under the LDAP profile object. 3. Disabled SSL - same problem

4. No helpful information in the nmma log or /var/log/messages files. 5. Packet trace taken shows successful 1st login to eDirectory with the defined ldap user
(admin of tree), changed to using port 389, and can see the password for this user in plain text
in the trace on the successful login attempt. However on the 2nd login attempt a second or 2 later,
in the trace, we see the same password in plain text, but appended to it is some garbage characters,
Unknown why there is extra characters appended to the password on the 2nd login attempt.

When in Wireshark and I filter on "ldap", in packet # 16367, you see the successful 1st login
attempt, you will see the password of "password123". On packet # 16913, you see the
munged password of "password123. '.)/i..*.*BM.B.". The likely cause of the 2nd failed login.
But why does the addition of an ldap profile cause a 2nd login ?, defect submitted to look into this. 6. Customer stated they deleted Messenger and reinstalled, but they never actually removed the
/var/opt/novell/messenger/ directory structure as the ./ma/queue/npnsq directory, that was apparently
corrupted , when renamed, then allowed the Messenger agent to load OK and users successfully able
to login thru the Messenger clients. Even when we re-enabled SSL. 7. It appears that when the customer adds an LDAP profile, the problem returns, it seems to then corrupt
the /var/opt/novell/messenger/ma/queue/npnsq/ directory structure contents. For now we have removed
any ldap profile. Now consistently when he attempt to add an ldap profile this problem occurs.

8. Also verified in the trace, that the Messenger Service object in the tree is successfully
found, as this could have been the source of the problem, but was not.