Unable to select questions for SSPR challenge responses

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  • 24-Jun-2015
  • 24-Jun-2015


SSPR 3.2
SSPR 3.2 HF3


Users cannot select an SSPR challenge question.

"Select a question" is still displayed after question is selected from drop down list.

Users attempting to set up SSPR challenge responses click the drop down list and see the challenge questions, but after selecting a question it does not show in the box.


Addressed in SSPR 3.0.2 HF3 or later.

Apply HF3 AND manually edit
SSPRConfiguration.xml to add the following to the "properties" section:

 <property key="client.setupcr.html5select">true</property>

Additional Information

SSPRConfiguration.xml is located in the directory ...tomcat\webapps\sspr\WEB-INF .  Be sure to edit with a tool that accepts UTF8 (e.g. Wordpad or Notepad++, but not Notepad).

This setting is scheduled to be added to SSPR Configuration manager in an upcoming release.