GroupWise GWIA and the /mh and /fut switches

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  • 22-Jun-2015
  • 22-Jun-2015


Novell GroupWise 2012
Novell GroupWise 2014


GroupWise mail inbound that is addressed to an invalid user but the correct GroupWise domain is not being routed to the Forward Undeliverable Host (/fut, or linux --fut) that is configured for the GroupWise GWIA.


This is working as designed.  Do not use both the /mh and /fut switches on the same GWIA.   If you must use a mail relay, do not also use the /fut switch.

When the GWIA is configured to use a Mail Relay, this takes precedence over the Forward Undeliverable host configuration, so ALL mail is sent to the Mail Relay, including the original mail message that was sent to the undeliverable user.

When you have a mail relay, you can configure it to know how to more intelligently route messages in different situations including an undeliverable situation.  This can help then avoid mail loops between the GWIA and the mail relay.


Use of the /mh switch overrides the /fut switch.

Additional Information

The GWIA was also configured to use a Mail Relay (/mh or linux --mh)