"Create Printer Driver Profile Failure" from Windows Server

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  • 18-Jun-2015
  • 18-Jun-2015


Novell iPrint for Linux


The following messages are returned when attempting to create a printer driver profile from a Windows server.
Error: Create Printer Driver Profile Failure
Error occurred configuring driver.


Create the printer driver profile from a Windows workstation with the same architecture (32 bit vs 64 bit).  When doing so, keep in mind the following equivalence:

Windows 2003 = Windows XP
Windows 2008 = Windows 7
Windows 2012 = Windows 8


iPrint does not have the ability to upload printer drivers or create printer driver profiles from Windows servers.  However, that ability is not necessary as those administrative operations can be performed from Windows workstations.  Once the driver is upload and/or the profile is created, the iPrint printer can be installed to the equivalent Windows server.