Clientless iCM doesn't deliver printers

  • 7016605
  • 12-Jun-2015
  • 18-Jun-2015


Novell iPrint Appliance 1.1
LDAP Import from Active Directory


After configuring the iPrint Appliance with clientless iCM (iPrint Client Management) to deliver iPrint printers to workstations, the printers are not installed after the workstation restarts.

Note: "Clientless" means the Novell Client for Windows is not installed on the workstation, or is not logging into an eDirectory tree.


Ensure all the criteria are met to cause this to work.
  • Compare and read rights for specific iPrint attributes must be added.
    • See the documentation for a list of the attribute names and steps to accomplish this.
  • Register the workstation to the Appliance address
    • At each workstation which needs iCM, run the following command within a CMD prompt:
      • Syntax:
        • iprntcmd -S <iPrintAppliance IP Address>
      • Example:
        • iprntcmd -S
  • Import users from Active Directory to the Appliance using the LDAP Import feature.
  • Add a printer to the imported user, group, or OU using iPrint Client Management
    • In iManager, click iPrint > iPrint Client Management.
    • Browse to and select the Organization, Organizational Unit, Group, or User object you want to automatically configure iPrint Client Settings for.
    • Click Client Configuration.
    • Configure the attributes you want for the iPrint Client on the workstation.
    • Click OK to save the changes.
  • Ensure iCM is enabled at the server.
    • See the /var/opt/novell/iprint/htdocs/iprint.ini
      • iCMEnabled = 1
      • iCMScope = DEFAULT
        • Note: There is a bug which will cause iCM to fail to deliver printers to workstation if the iCMScope is set to anything other than DEFAULT.
      • iCMDirServer =
  • Log off and log onto the workstation using the imported configured for iCM.  The printer will install.