NDSD segfaults after minutes of uptime on May 2015 OES11 SP2 Scheduled Maintenance patches.

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  • 02-Jun-2015
  • 29-Jul-2015


Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 (OES 11) Linux Support Pack 2
NetIQ eDirectory


After applying the May 2015 OES11 SP2 Scheduled Maintenance update for OES11 SP2, it has been reported that some customers are seeing repeated NDSD crashes after only minutes of uptime.


Solution :
The problem has been fixed with the public release of the July 2015 OES 11 SP2 Scheduled Maintenance Update - 10820

Workaround :
The May 2015 OES11 SP2 Scheduled Maintenance update contains novell-ncpenc-5.2.2-

A workaround for the crash behavior is to back-rev this novell-ncpenc-5.2.2- version from May 2015 OES11 SP2 Scheduled Maintenance update with the novell-ncpenc-5.2.2- version as shipped with the March 2015 OES11 SP2 Scheduled Maintenance update available here.

Since this novell-ncpenc module has a lower version, this should be installed as:
rpm -ihv novell-ncpenc-5.2.2- --force
And after installation, subsequently please perform a 'rcndsd restart'


NCP server was crashing when trying to de-reference the connection object.

Additional Information

Backtrace of the crash :

#0  0x00007fd95f741f7c in Case87(unsigned int, int, svc_request*, int) () from /933038/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-modules/libncpengine.so
#1  0x0000000000000016 in ?? ()
#2  0x0000000000000001 in ?? ()
#3  0x00007fd95f75622f in DiagnosticsRPCHandler () from /933038/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-modules/libncpengine.so
#4  0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

Checking /var/log/messages the following type entries where observed that belong to this crash :

May 31 20:20:01 oesserver kernel: [  341.729329] ndsd[4496]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f8608684f7c sp 00007f85f29d7640 error 4 in libncpengine.so.0.0.0[7f86085f5000+11e000]
May 31 21:00:02 oesserver kernel: [ 2740.705818] ndsd[9746]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f5c64546f7c sp 00007f5c4c669640 error 4 in libncpengine.so.0.0.0[7f5c644b7000+11e000]
May 31 21:20:02 oesserver kernel: [ 3939.936857] ndsd[10341]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f38ab86bf7c sp 00007f389534e640 error 4 in libncpengine.so.0.0.0[7f38ab7dc000+11e000]
May 31 22:00:01 oesserver kernel: [ 6338.309103] ndsd[18194]: segfault at 50 ip 00007f0dfbbd3f7c sp 00007f0de46b3640 error 4 in libncpengine.so.0.0.0[7f0dfbb44000+11e000]