Editing Global Signature causes images to be formatted improperly

  • 7016545
  • 28-May-2015
  • 18-Jun-2015


Novell Groupwise 2014
Novell Groupwise 2012
ConsoleOne v1.3.6


Editing a Global Signature in Groupwise 2014 originally created in Groupwise 2012 causes improper formatting when sending emails.


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Currently there is no fix for this issue. Whenever creating or editing a Global Signature with several hyperlinks and images, it causes unexpected spacing, strange hyperlink behavior, and in Internet Explorer Webaccess has a blue/purple hyperlink border. All of these behaviors are being addressed by Engineering.

There is a workaround. This is not usually recommended, but if a resolution is needed right away, you can access ConsoleOne and connect to your domain. If you edit the Global Signature in Console One, none of these issues are available. Also note that you will want to create the signature from scratch in Console One, and not edit your current signature, as it can also cause some unexpected behavior.