Filr Desktop client missing overlay icons

  • 7016504
  • 18-May-2015
  • 12-Dec-2017


Micro Focus Filr 3.0
Micro Focus Filr Desktop client for Windows


After installing the Filr Desktop client the overlay icons, indicating if a file or directory is synced, are incomplete or completely missing. However, the folders show contents and add/modify/delete operations work fine.


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 3.3 Update. If you're still seeing this issue in Filr 3.3 or with an older version of Filr, such as Filr 1.2 or Filr 2.0 you may want to consider the workaround specified below in the 'Additional Information' section.


The workstation has exceeded the Windows limit of 11 custom Explorer overlay icons. 

This is a issue for any application that use overlay icons (such as Novell Filr, Vibe Desktop, Dropbox, TortoiseCVS, TortoiseSVN, etc.). For example, Filr registers 3 overlay icons, while TortoiseCVS registers 10.  

It's really easy to use up to the 11 overlay icons that Windows allows for. A more detailed explanation can be found here:

Additional Information

In some instances, simply quitting and re-starting the Filr Desktop client should resolve this issue. You may also want to try rebooting your PC.

If the issue still persists, you may have run into the Windows limitation of allowing 11 custom icons which can be worked around as follows:

Windows has a limitation of being able to displaying a maximum of 11 overlay icons, and any number beyond that will not be displayed.

Please check the following Microsoft Windows registry key :

Verify the number of entries listed here.
Windows sorts these entries alphabetically, and only loads the first 11 and ignores the rest. 

A possible workaround could be to delete the OverlayIdentifiers that are not of interest, but another less destructive workaround is to rename the OverlayIdentifiers which do not have to be displayed so they are being loaded after Filr.

For example to add a 'Z' in front of the OverlayIdentifier.