How to enable support for Office 365 mailboxes in DRA

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  • 12-May-2015
  • 24-Oct-2018


Directory and Resource Administrator 9.0.x
Directory and Resource Administrator 9.1.x


Directory and Resource Administrator 9.0 (DRA), and newer now supports managing off premise Microsoft Cloud hosted mailboxes. When attempting to manage these specific mailboxes, DRA will verify if the required Microsoft support tools are installed. If these tools are not installed, DRA will be unable to manage the hosted mailboxes.


Before configuring DRA to manage hosted mailboxes, you must install the following tools from Microsoft

  1. Microsoft Online Services Sign-In Assistant
    • Download Link --
  2. Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell 
    • Download Link --


DRA requires certain tools to be installed in order to interface with the Microsoft Hosted Cloud services. These tools are provided by Microsoft as a way to manage the mailboxes hosted in the cloud. DRA is unable to include these tools with the application installer, as they are provided directly by Microsoft.

Additional Information

Please see the NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator documentation ( ) for the most up to date software requirements

DRA versions prior to 9.0 do not have support for cloud mailboxes.