After a server reboot cannot login to the Webadmin for GroupWise Mobility Service

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  • 12-May-2015
  • 29-May-2015


Novell GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1


After a linux server reboot the administrator cannot login to the GroupWise Mobility Server webadmin console.  The error received is "AttributeError - Could not connect to the ConfigEngine".

Also the /var/log/datasync/configengine/configengine.log showed this error in the log many times :

  "2015-03-15 17:10:23.141 ERROR [MainThread] [configEngine:26] [userID:] [eventID:] [objectID:] [] Unable to listen on, there is either another Config Engine running or something else using this port."


The immediate solution and test for a more permanent solution is:
1. On the GMS server open a Terminal window as root.
2. Give the command: rcgms stop
3. Next, give the command: ps -eaf |grep python
If there are any Python processes running, then those have to be stopped.
4. Give the command: killall python
5.  Do the ps -eaf |grep python again and see if they are gone.
6.  If all the Python processes are gone (you may still see "grep python" but that is ok), then restart GMS with the command: rcgms start
7.  Do the command rcgms status and check to see if all is running.
8.  If all is running, check to see you can login to the Mobility Server Web admin console.

If all is working correctly after that, then the server still needs to be fixed so that the whole server can be rebooted without the problem coming back.
This is done by doing the following:
1.  From the Terminal window as root.
2.  Change to the /etc/init.d directory with the following command: cd /etc/init.d
3.  Stop the GMS script from loading on startup with the following command: chkconfig gms off
4.  Stop GMS with the command: rcgms stop
5.  Reboot the whole server
The GroupWise Mobility Server Webadmin should work fine now.


Development is aware of this issue and plans to have a fix in a future patch of the product.

Additional Information

There are two sets of scripts that load GroupWise Mobility Server.  They are:



Only one set of these is needed on boot up of the server.
The gms script will still work for starting, stopping and getting the status of the Mobility Server, it just will not be used on boot up.