Pop-up message received when uninstalling SecureLogin

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  • 06-May-2015
  • 06-May-2015


NSL 8.0.1
Adobe Acrobat Pro 11
Windows 7 64 bit


Uninstalling or updating SecureLogin 8.0.1 results in a pop-up message box
Acrotray.exe or a blank message shows in popup:    
Uninstall continues and completes successfully after user clicks OK in the pop up.
Problem occurs with both silent command line uninstall and when uninstalling through control panel.
Upgrading from SecureLogin 8.0.1 results in same pop-up during uninstall of 8.0.1.
Problem occurs with Adobe Acrobat Pro 11 installed, but does not occur with just Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Popup is NOT presented when uninstalling NSL 8.0.2 or later.


Prior to uninstalling NLS 8.0.1 delete the following registry key(s):


And if present:


Replace after uninstalling if Citrix is installed on the workstation.


The SecureLogin  8.0.1 uninstall  includes a debug messagebox that shows the content of LogoffCheckSysModule.

The Acrobat Pro installer adds a value of  acrotray.exe  to  LogoffCheckSysModule.  This occurs even without Ctitrix on the workstation.

A blank message box will be presented if   LogoffCheckSysModule is present but empty.

Additional Information

This debug messagebox was removed from the uninstall beginning with SecureLogin 8.0.2.