Error: "Unable to contact Admin Console on <ip>" installing Access Gateway in NAM 4.1

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  • 05-May-2015
  • 02-Jul-2015


NetIQ Access Manager 4.1
Access Gateway Service Installation on Linux


Installing Access Manager 4.1. Admin Console (AC) installation on SLES 12 works fine, but Access Gateway Service (AG) installation on SLES 12 fails. The ACs and AGs are separated by a firewall, and the installation stops after admin entered the credentials for the admin console with the error "Unable to contact Admin Console on <ip>"

Looking into the install logs under /tmp/novell_access_manager/ directory,  one can see an error message that curl cannot to connect to the host. Checking the scripts, we can see that the install does a check whether the AC is in Appliance mode or not, and to execute a rest call with curl. Curl is trying to connect on 2443 and 8443, which are of course blocked by the firewall. Because curl cannot deliver any result, the installation fails


Make sure that the Firewall separating the AC and AG has TCP 2443 (assuming AC and IDP server running on same host) or TCP 8443 (AC only) opened.