How to configure a new preferred Internet Domain while retaining the old

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  • 22-Apr-2015
  • 22-Apr-2015


Novell GroupWise 2014


How to configure a new Internet Domain
Adding another domain, switching the preferred internet domain for GWIA
Changing the preferred domain address globally
Adding preferred domain while keeping or retaining (ability to receive emails


GroupWise Configuration:
Add into GW Internet Addressing Setup and set that as default or preferred when you are ready to make the change:
See Configuring Internet Addressing: Adding Internet Domain Names from the GroupWise 2014 Administration Guide for more details.
Note: As long as the old domain name from Internet Addressing config isn't deleted, the GWIA will continue to accept mail for the old email addresses. Also, the System Address Book should show the updated address, but frequent contacts or personal Address Books might continue to show the old addresses.

DNS Configuration:
Configure DNS so that the MX records for point to GWIA.

Note: Verify there are MX records for and that both point to the preferred GWIA server.