Defects fixed in the IDM 4.5.0 release

  • 7016414
  • 10-Apr-2015
  • 10-Nov-2015


NetIQ Analyzer 4.5.0
NetIQ Designer 4.5.0
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5.0
NetIQ Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.5.0


Defects fixed in NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5.0 Engine and Drivers:

Defect ID Component Description
862460 AD Password Sync-Password Agent ENH: Include the password sync troubleshooting tool as part of Pegasus
866107 AD Password Sync-Password Agent AD pwFilter status is reported as "Installed - Needs Reboot" when static port is used
848056 Audit Integration Audit events are not generated for .NET RL
859236 Audit Integration IDM's Audit Instrumentation certificate ssl Handshake issues
859596 Audit Integration EAS updated collectors for eDir and iManager no longer start
894551 Audit Integration Latest IDM Collector not rebraned to NetIQ
865478 Builds Oracle EBS Configuration scripts needs to be built as an rpm
867359 Builds Few files are missing from IDM_4.5_Linux_Framework_Build, when compared with IDM 4.0.2
867361 Builds Few files are missing from IDM_4.5_Windows_Framework_Build, when compared with IDM 4.0.2
867897 Builds Latest MSGW rpm needs to be included in 4.5 build
868130 Builds .Net driver instance failed to start through .net RL, few config files are missing
872673 Builds IDM 4.5 Framework build should not include 32 bit Engine binaries (as only 64 bit Engine is supported)
873357 Builds .NET RL fails to invoke on Windows 2008 32 bit server
877250 Builds Remove RMA folder from products folder
877251 Builds Remove unnecessary files from products/RBPM folder
877586 Builds Integrated installer fails to install iManager if SLES11 patch level greater then "3"
879009 Builds IDM4.5 - Could not install Analyzer successfully
883804 Builds II: Integrated Installer is bundled with old 402 EAS binary
884717 Builds 64-bit Ndsrep for linux missing from the 4.5 build.
884956 Builds Openssl security vulnerability hotfix needs to be consumed into IDM 4.5
885261 Builds Integrated Installer is not bundled with the latest version of Designer
885298 Builds II:EAS Install: RPM Information still refers to Novell
885584 Builds mapdb files missing from Windows framework iso.
885896 Builds IDM 4.5 Framework Installer does not have UAD and RnR driver rpms
887665 Builds To include JRE version 1.7u65 in IDM 4.5
888682 Builds Soap driver is not starting with https configured with KMO
888692 Builds dirxmllib.dll is missing from changelog x64 and x86 folders in II build
888703 Builds IDM 4.5 II build to include CLE released version (3.7.3)
888763 Builds RACF rpm needs to be removed from the ISO
888779 Builds Manual task driver missing couple of files from the Windows ISO
890134 Builds Incorporate new metamap replacement to generate HRMD files
893419 Builds SAP UM and HR drivers utilities readme files (JCOTest.txt and readme_jco3.txt) are missing on Windows platform
893453 Builds novell-DXMLsentl-3.6.1-20090721 rpm need to remove from IDM 4.5 build
893610 Builds GroupWise REST driver need to remove from IDM 4.5 ISO
898585 Builds opencsv-2.1.jar is  not part of Windows ISO
899378 Builds MD5 checksum for few JAR files are mismatching when compared between Windows and Linux Platform
489611 Documentation How to make the remote loader auto start on linux isn't properly documented for the Notes Driver.
616471 Documentation update DTD documentation
774225 Documentation Need to add steps to make asamcdrvd start at boot time
788880 Documentation There are no docs for the Banner driver under the IDM 4.0.2 driver doc page
792213 Documentation MSGW Driver SSL Configuration is incomplete
793983 Documentation Question asked during the installation of the secondary fan-out driver is not present in the documentation.
795380 Documentation REST end point /idvdata/accounts/rule is not usable in a production environment
800926 Documentation 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 Documentation page are missing the quick start guides for Fanout/Linux/Unix drivers
813008 Documentation Soap Driver documentation is incorrect on how to configure Operation-data commands
815943 Documentation Publisher channel mutual Auth  steps are missing
819675 Documentation InitatorUserDomain is being set incorrectly for eDir user events
822012 Documentation Need to document the details of BUG#804765
823735 Documentation Generate Password Noun does not follow password policy setting for disallowing Extended characters.
830895 Documentation IDM Discarding events while a sync from move occuring
836256 Documentation Exception thrown in trace randomly
841947 Documentation eDir to eDir document needs addition for Identity Tracking
841948 Documentation Bi directional driver documentation needs addition for Identity Tracking best practices
854596 Documentation Documentiation is wrong for IDM XDAS iManager configuration
854631 Documentation Bi-Dir EDir driver : NDStrace shows Unable to load extension module dxldap, err = -5984 (0xffffffffffffe8a0)
855316 Documentation Documentation for using ECMA Scripts in Health Jobs needs more information.
855328 Documentation using regular expression pattern in local variable is not escaping special characters.
857645 Documentation Unable to import ActiveDirectory Module using powershell when IDM exchange Service is installed.
857660 Documentation IDM 402 online documentation to include support for Windows 2012 R2 OS
860183 Documentation Clarification on JMS Driver installation
860184 Documentation Mismatch in JMS driver parameters
860403 Documentation Instructions for generating CLE Log files are hard to find
860980 Documentation Group dynamic resource does not get created when enable permission reconciliation for group entitlement - GCV is set to No
861578 Documentation Missing information in Bidirectional eDirectory driver documentation
862153 Documentation IDENTITY MANAGER 4.0.2 Documentation - System Requirements - OES11sp2
862304 Documentation Doc: Disabling Jade gcv will disable all the resource assignments for custom entitlement
865895 Documentation IDM 4.0.2 LDAP driver Implementation guide contains references to 4.0.1 DVD's instead of 4.0.2
865903 Documentation Discrepency in LDAP driver documentation on supported Sun Directory versions for PWD sync.
866869 Documentation DOC: IDM PowerShell Service cannot find cmdlets
869544 Documentation Rule engine does not honor mode specified in set/add destination attribute value
870131 Documentation Documentation update for sharepoint 2013 setup
870393 Documentation DOC: DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus
870524 Documentation Uninstall log reports UNINSTALL_COMPLETE=INCOMPLETE
873695 Documentation The do-add-role and do-remove-role IDM actions do not support all entities(Doc changes)
873773 Documentation AD driver power shell command execution fails on windows 2012
874088 Documentation SAP UM documentation addition for troubleshooting password sync
874984 Documentation Trace file permissions forced to 600 on Linux.
875165 Documentation Incorrect information in Office 365 driver guide.
875906 Documentation Doc Production - (Identity Manager 4.0.2 Driver Docs) “Implementation Guide Identity Manager Driver for Mainframes: RACF* 4.0.2"
876031 Documentation AD Password resets are setting eDir passwordExpiration
876418 Documentation Dibclone copies across DirXML-DriverSetDN on PseudoServer Object.
876782 Documentation Explanation of future dated IDocs for the SAP HR driver is confusing.
876914 Documentation Job documentation is missing any mention of tracing
877194 Documentation Allow or Force the location of TAO files to a subfolder of 'dib' param should be ECV
877195 Documentation New cache flush parameter should be ECV
877217 Documentation IDM 4.5 should have ECV for DirXML-UseNoRefAssoc
877370 Documentation Documentation: Lotus Notes Driver
878822 Documentation JMS driver doc needs to be updated for Websphere 7.5 support
878966 Documentation A new section to update PL/SQL scripts needs to be added to the documentation
879260 Documentation Link to CLE documentation is broken
879272 Documentation CLE installation steps are unclear
879631 Documentation JMS driver not coming with JBOSS 6.2
879975 Documentation IDM framework installer fails on RHEL 6.5 64-bit
880312 Documentation AD driver password sync troubleshooting update in the doc
881086 Documentation Start Workflow action does not allow to send multiple values to a PRD field
881686 Documentation Bi-Directional Driver needs stop/start functionality
882753 Documentation Documentation of FanOut driver say that's possible to use "polling" on RUNMODE on mainframes, but not say anything about "POLLRAND" and "POLLINT".
882754 Documentation Version of the ACF2 described IDM driver documentation doesn't exists.
883842 Documentation Document minimal space requirements for EAS
884260 Documentation DCSSubscriberShim: Could NOT persist Event
884266 Documentation Adding DomainConnectionPwd to Peoplesoft Driver
884487 Documentation Need to document dirxml script action do-generate-xdas-event
884924 Documentation Silent install section of II has details of silent configuration
884945 Documentation Uninstall of identity manager components shows install this should be documented
888103 Documentation Older rpms of remedy driver are present even after upgrading IDM to 4.5
888108 Documentation Avaya rpm need to be removed on Upgrade to 4.5
888111 Documentation RSA driver rpm needs to be removed on upgrade to 4.5
888476 Documentation JMS driver fails to reconnect to WebMQ if restarted
888750 Documentation DCS Driver configuration -- SSO parameters display names for ip address and port needs to updated.
888920 Documentation Silent upgrade of 64-bit RL fails
889225 Documentation Document that Top secret driver to be removed manually
889472 Documentation JDBC Package upgrade does not retain old values
890367 Documentation Single sign on password documentation updates for IDM 4.5
890399 Documentation Enhancement to validate the II SSO password complexity before starting the installation
890522 Documentation 4.5 readme needs to mention the need to choose password that meets SUSE requirements
890637 Documentation Document the ndsrep utility location.
891042 Documentation Identity Manager readme
891224 Documentation 4.5 remove all references of Telemetry
891225 Documentation Remove telemetry job during upgrade
891558 Documentation Update SAPHR Documentation about new metamap replacement to generate HRMD files
891587 Documentation SAP HR driver - Infotype 0105 (Communication) and Infotype 0032 (Internal Data) delete operation at publisher channel is not working
891658 Documentation Remedy driver 7.5 supported versions incorrect
892250 Documentation Single user password usage changed
892465 Documentation Documentation required for Bug 848807
893280 Documentation Office 365 driver prerequisite files unclear
893325 Documentation DCS driver default driver parameter(time interval) change.
893486 Documentation Publisher channel in secure channel using keystore  not working
893847 Documentation 4.5 migration and upgrade guide needs to link to SSPR doc
894561 Documentation Random IP for OSP server value during configure on Red Hat (117)
895095 Documentation Need to remove Novell branding from NetIQ Identity Manager architecture diagram in Setup Guide
896173 Documentation Event source is not created at EAS Server live view - Document Update
896177 Documentation A warning thrown while installing Novell platform agent asking for reboot - Doc update
896182 Documentation Office 365 - Cannot add multiple licenses in one operation
896269 Documentation IDM45 - What's new doc
896275 Documentation IDM45 - Requirements doc
896407 Documentation Upgrade on SLES has warning for iManager plugins
896637 Documentation Doc - Certificate created during installation is invalid with FireFox 31
897068 Documentation Platform Agent warning message prompt when upgrading only .NET RL
897240 Documentation README: Manual task driver : Links in the email generated do not work after IDM36x to  401 upgrade
897401 Documentation Second server added to the tree is not provided a copy of all partitions
897511 Documentation Few old rpm/files left out after IDM uprade - doc update
898216 Documentation Password policy needs change to allow SSPR to read users password
898236 Documentation DOC: Documentation needs to reflect that IDM4 entitlements are not supported
898365 Documentation DOC: How to get ndsrep implemented correctly the first time
899060 Documentation Setup guide incorrectly states that AD can be used as the Identity Vault
900241 Documentation README: II Install Config summary(config completion) page freeze.
900256 Documentation README: After installing via the Integrated Installer on Linux one must reboot the O/S
900263 Documentation Sharepoint RL instance failed to start with Windows command prompt Width set to 197 - require documentation update
900283 Documentation README - defect # 900170 -  iManager no longer sending audit events
900371 Documentation PUM Driver installation process references wrong package names
900372 Documentation PUM driver manual add note to activation section
900373 Documentation Adjust IDM 4.5 upgrade note related to GroupWise
900375 Documentation IDm 4.5 upgrade section should note to uninstall RMA
900428 Documentation Doc defect for Bug #900427
900542 Documentation PUM driver change note in section 1.1.5
900547 Documentation Office 365 driver manual needs exact location of prerequisite files
900548 Documentation Office 365 driver manual needs exact location of prerequisite files
900629 Documentation DOC: Integrated Installer Guide needs to outline that TAG does not provide Support for ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL, and  Tomcat
900781 Documentation IDM 4.5 Framework silent installation displayed a pop up GUI (Platform Agent install progress dialog) - require documentation under know issue
900809 Documentation Understanding the Java Remote Loader section is confusing
900943 Documentation README: Build 147 (GM1) install on Windows does not get set-up as AE
901219 Documentation Doc: Post IDM upgrade uninstall, IDM entry listed in the control panel.
901561 Documentation Doc: Post upgrade , Re-branding and version mismatch under control panel.
901580 Documentation Need note on known issues about Analyzer and Designer install on RH
902960 Documentation The README for IDM 4.5 is not clear about those areas that are deprecated or removed
903289 Documentation (Identity Manager 4.5 Drivers) / Action: Publish To Novell Doc Site
907031 Documentation Driver fails to initialize while processing an incoming event when PCRS is enabled
908539 Documentation rpm  version changes in upgraded environment
911025 Documentation IDM 4.5 SE build includes releasenotes which refers to "Identity Manager Advanced Edition"
915139 Documentation Upgrade: Engine not moved to AE mode after applying IDM 4.5 AE activation on IDM 4.5 Standard Edition
916174 Documentation Outdated "jersey-bundle-" retained post IDM SE 4.5 upgrade.
764268 Driver-Active Directory AD Powershell support needs access to response
831051 Driver-Active Directory ADDriver.dll 64bit has to support ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization)
854970 Driver-Active Directory xds query failed because of wrong LDAP filter
855291 Driver-Active Directory IDM 402C - Could not synchronize with AD driver
863220 Driver-Active Directory Exchange Service does not honor the Exchange Tools version when selecting server
863279 Driver-Active Directory Surname is not handled correctly during merge
870807 Driver-Active Directory Coverity changes in AD Driver Exchange service projects
870881 Driver-Active Directory Possible memory leak in the Remote Loader / ADDriver Shim.
872788 Driver-Active Directory DOC: Documentation for psExcecute should be explicitly mention that scripting is not supported
873359 Driver-Active Directory DirXML-Accounts attribute does not created during a match operation
876512 Driver-Active Directory novell-DXMLadeng rpm displays incorrect copyright info
888700 Driver-Active Directory password filter cpl showing wrong status of the filter
891051 Driver-Active Directory IDM Exchange service description needs to be rebranded
757218 Driver-Active Directory - Config Exchange entitlement does not return useful info
873153 Driver-Active Directory - Config Move to the base container fails to sync on the subscriber channel
876524 Driver-Active Directory - Config Documentation : Provide Exchange Server FQDN if there are multiple in the environment
880190 Driver-Active Directory - Config Jade package policy NOVLADENTEX-itp-StripgroupAssociationRef is too broad
880662 Driver-Active Directory - Config Loopback detection fails randomly for Jade AD driver.
884488 Driver-Active Directory - Config Catalog does not get updated with proper assignments when users that exist on both eDir and LDAP server are migrated into IdVault
886177 Driver-Active Directory - Config Getting error on selecting 'Driver Configuration' tab in driver properties window for AD
887733 Driver-Active Directory - Config Exchange assignments are not getting reconcilled in the pub channel
890742 Driver-Active Directory - Config With entitlement ON regranting the entitlement disables the account in IDV
893249 Driver-Active Directory - Config AD group entitlement description incorrect
894313 Driver-Active Directory - Config AD driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
897645 Driver-Active Directory - Config AD driver migrate linkages & weight issues
876485 Driver-Avaya PBX Copyright information needs to be changed for avaya driver
876462 Driver-Banner Banner driver rpm info still shows Novell
894508 Driver-Banner - Config Banner driver packages shows policies with the same weight
876507 Driver-Blackboard Blackboard driver rpm requires re-branding changes
894509 Driver-Blackboard Blackboard driver packages shows policies with the same weight
831681 Driver-Changelog Bi-Directional Driver needs stop/start functionality
874982 Driver-Changelog eDirectory cores in multiple places after upgrading to eDir HF1
888709 Driver-Changelog Executing "ndsrepair -R -l yes" is causing ndsd to crash if the Changelog Module is running
895698 Driver-Changelog Bi-directional eDir driver changelog module version should be 4.0.1-2 instead of 4.5.0-0
897324 Driver-Changelog Build failure for Dirxml_Changelog on Solaris
876483 Driver-Composer composer driver rpm needs re-branding changes
771599 Driver-DataCollectionService No data from DCS driver forwarded to Reporting Core Module
865790 Driver-DataCollectionService DCSPublisherShim: Waiting for BatchThread to terminate
867573 Driver-DataCollectionService Upgrade Data colllection Driver shim code to support jdbm 3.0
868174 Driver-DataCollectionService Rebranding changes & Coverity check-ins for DCS Driver shim
870641 Driver-DataCollectionService DCSSubscriberShim: Could NOT persist Event
876945 Driver-DataCollectionService DCS Filter needs to have the attribute nrfStatus added to the NrfRole
884348 Driver-DataCollectionService Unable to start the 'Data Collection Service' driver
888735 Driver-DataCollectionService Modifiy SSO parameters display names for ip address and port
893611 Driver-DataCollectionService Post II Install DCS driver in stopped state.
896427 Driver-DataCollectionService IDM 4.5 DCS driver has incorrect version
629910 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config ENH: Each value for a multivalued attribute, such as email, for user identity should be stored in DB
884258 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config DCSSubscriberShim: Could NOT persist Event
894497 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config DCS driver packages shows policies with the same weight
894770 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config Latest DCS driver package does not have the proper config settings
895939 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config DCS import should not have a loopback address in the SSO address field
898080 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config 4.5 DCS cannot be used with 402 without SSO
835751 Driver-Delimited Text Delimited Text shim inefficiently concatenates strings causing poor CPU performance, huge memory thrashing on long lines
872747 Driver-Delimited Text Java remote loader version  and vendor info needs to be changed to 4.5 in driver trace
875425 Driver-Delimited Text Fail to strart DelimitedText driver if input directory is not empty
881776 Driver-Delimited Text Bug fix in 667863 changes header on XML output docuement causing rejection by receiving app
891770 Driver-Delimited Text Delimited text driver trace does not reflect proper driver version
730251 Driver-eDirectory 64 bit integers are not getting synchronized in the publisher channel
766333 Driver-eDirectory Reports show undefined identifiers in the report
822605 Driver-eDirectory Driver does not re-establish connection if connection is cut by firewall
827809 Driver-eDirectory eDirectory Driver needs to use a more unique value for Identity Mapping
828095 Driver-eDirectory Bi directional driver fails during group adds when there are no attributes present
833117 Driver-eDirectory eDir Bi-Directinoal, Attribute in Filter set to Ignore on Sub will not sync on Pub
868339 Driver-eDirectory Modifications to a child objectof a just renamed OU fail with LDAP error which references old name of renamed OU
881814 Driver-eDirectory Need to include new deliverables for new ChangeLog utilty for Bi-Directional Driver
891685 Driver-eDirectory eDirectory driver does not get registered as a connected system with 4.5 reporting
850434 Driver-eDirectory - Config Designer prompts for base container in BiDir driverconfiguration
878544 Driver-eDirectory - Config Group Entitlement does not link user to group correctly
894495 Driver-eDirectory - Config Bi-eDir driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
894496 Driver-eDirectory - Config Bi-eDir policy NOVLPWDSYNC-sub-ctp-TransformDistPwd linked to run twice
895309 Driver-eDirectory - Config Legecy EDirecctory driver packages shows policies with the same weight
897648 Driver-eDirectory - Config Potential weight issue with Bi-eDir driver
796175 Driver-Fanout No Platform support for Sparc 64 bit code
838273 Driver-Fanout Invalid User/group causes no users or groups after that to process in a trawl.
876446 Driver-Fanout Fanout driver does not have the re-branding changes
765368 Driver-GoogleApps IDM GoogleApps driver documentation misspells 'Primary'
776107 Driver-GoogleApps Change default matching behavior for users without an entitlement
777274 Driver-GoogleApps Unable to set both NickNames and GmailSettingsSendAs using the Google Apps IDM driver
806587 Driver-GoogleApps Wants ability to have group paging supported by the google apps driver
810079 Driver-GoogleApps google driver makes no attempt to ensure that the target object name is created
824952 Driver-GoogleApps Google Apps drivers had terminated with a Fatal status processing an event instead of a Retry status
876517 Driver-GoogleApps Googleapps driver rpm requires re-branding changes
894506 Driver-GoogleApps Google driver packages shows policies with the same weight
894505 Driver-GroupWise - Config GroupWise driver packages shows policies with the same weight
891180 Driver-ID Provider ID provider driver versions are wrong
862508 Driver-JDBC JDBC Events are being processed out of order
876504 Driver-JDBC Copyright info needs to be changed for JDBC driver
878772 Driver-JDBC Oracle 11g(and earlier) intended SQL install script for schema, user, sample tables creation throwing errors for Oracle 12c database deployment.
879151 Driver-JDBC Error in starting the IDM 4.5 JDBC MySQL driver and as a result, absence of synchronzation activity in either of the channels.
884078 Driver-JDBC Internal information in the JDBCConfig.jar
887656 Driver-JDBC JDBC shim version not updated on IDM upgrade
887881 Driver-JDBC JDBC driver for Oracle DB fails to stop
806997 Driver-JDBC - Config Designer does not preserve driver configurations over Package upgrade/downgrade for JDBC drivers
824949 Driver-JDBC - Config Identity Manager package for JDBC (Sybase) has page of bad text
882139 Driver-JDBC - Config mistake in the dependencies of the JDBC packages
884723 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver fails to start in triggerless mode
887456 Driver-JDBC - Config Install SQL script for MS SQL 2014 needs to be modified
887475 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver for Oracle DB needs to provide an option to select the latest version - 12c, while creating driver using designer
887480 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver for MS SQL server needs to provide an option to select the latest version - SQL server 2014, during driver creation using designer
887546 Driver-JDBC - Config 2_install_8.sql fails to install triggers on DB2 database version 10.5
888299 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC Driver entitlements are not being listed on the RBPM
889577 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver Group Entitlement revoke not working.
890167 Driver-JDBC - Config DB2 JDBC driver needs to provide an option to select the latest version of DB2 database -v10.5
890799 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver MSSQL user add fails in direct  synchronisation  mode publisher channel
892306 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC Driver PostGres SQL Base package shows 'oracle' during driver configuration.
892665 Driver-JDBC - Config Rebranding was not done for certain JDBC packages.
893801 Driver-JDBC - Config For Oracle JDBC Driver (Direct synch) while assigning group entitlement, groups are not being listed under Entitlement values
894458 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver preconfig  scripts have to be bundled with  the iso.
894500 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
894981 Driver-JDBC - Config For JDBC driver post upgrade certain properties are not being preserved
895108 Driver-JDBC - Config For JDBC driver, post upgrade , field "Query Limit (default 10000):" is missing under driver properties.
895255 Driver-JDBC - Config Post Upgrade of Oracle JDBC driver with the latest Indirect/Direct Synchronization packages , new field is getting created.
897869 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC latest packages trying to add additional copies of same rules
862375 Driver-JMS JMS driver fails to reconnect to WebMQ if restarted
876508 Driver-JMS JMS driver rpm requires copyright info update
878015 Driver-JMS JMS driver shows just NetIQ in driver trace
880535 Driver-JMS Under the path ,idm45-007:/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/dirxml/rules/jms/tibco_ems -user description has "Novell Identity Manager"
882777 Driver-JMS JMS publisher throws a timeout error when started for the first time or started after a shutdown
883759 Driver-JMS Time out Error thrown by driver with JBOSS 6.2
892677 Driver-JMS JMS config scripts for Webpshere 7.5 needs to be added to the utilities
895944 Driver-JMS JMS driver version mismatch
862500 Driver-JMS - Config JMS Driver - Fails to process add event due to a faulty query in shipped XSLT
879692 Driver-JMS - Config JMS Driver - Discrepancy in channel "disable" options
855272 Driver-LDAP LDAP Driver 402 driver does not pick up publisher events when connected to Sun LDAP
862999 Driver-LDAP Driver fails to start if it is previously stopped directory tree building
863703 Driver-LDAP Polling stops if the driver is stopped after entry search is over.
871540 Driver-LDAP LDAP driver db file size grows with each polling cycle.
877471 Driver-LDAP LDAP driver version needs to be incremented.
879590 Driver-LDAP New user assignment to a group is not getting onboarded to the group resource
880885 Driver-LDAP Wrong information is written to the driver trace
881819 Driver-LDAP query fails with null pointer exception
881954 Driver-LDAP Driver should honor the sensitive attribute list sent by the engine
882044 Driver-LDAP Using LDAP driver with DSFW breaks the Acount Tracking queries
883316 Driver-LDAP Publisher polling stops if we modify the filter on windows.
888710 Driver-LDAP mapdb files permission should be restricted.
879564 Driver-LDAP - Config Loopback detection fails randomly for Jade LDAP driver.
879610 Driver-LDAP - Config ACLs on certain driver objects are lost upon designer import and deploy
894316 Driver-LDAP - Config LDAP driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
895326 Driver-LDAP - Config NOVLLDAPMSYS package needs to be incremented.
896647 Driver-LDAP - Config keystore password field is visible - LDAP driver
876474 Driver-Linux & Unix novell-DXMLnxpam-4.0-0 rpm requires re-branding changes.
870772 Driver-Loopback - Config Static assignments revocation is not handled properly
893488 Driver-Loopback - Config Group membership assignment is not getting handled by loopback driver
894395 Driver-Loopback - Config Loopback driver: User migration into IdV results in an error
895601 Driver-Loopback - Config Driver synchronization fails to update the catalog with the right assignments
779582 Driver-Lotus Notes adminp move process fails due to search not finding the right NoteID
876513 Driver-Lotus Notes Re-branding changes not done for lotus notes driver rpm
894501 Driver-Lotus Notes - Config Notes driver packages shows policies with the same weight
771887 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Jetty server shipped with IDM is not updated since Dorado
864818 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Upgrade MSgateway Driver shim code to support jetty 9.0
864821 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Upgrade MSgateway Driver shim code to support jdbm 3.0
878523 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Upgrade Servlet container to Jersey 1.18 for REST enabled Drivers
881047 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Data Collection: Endpoing /idvdata/ms throws 503 error.
889308 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway The rest end-point trace is printing in RED.
893250 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Query injected into driver has a problem with the timestamp
894304 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway MSGW driver will not run with the 116 build for IDM 4.5
894353 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Data Collection: Endpoint- /idvdata/ms throws 503 error.
895449 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway - Config MSGW driver reports connection address as
880499 Driver-Manual Task Manual task driver fails to start with no class found exception
881705 Driver-Manual Task https connection with manual taks driver fails
881706 Driver-Manual Task Driver version and driver ID are not correct for manual task driver
896303 Driver-Manual Task Manual task driver not able to start with different password of keystore file and server key
883355 Driver-Manual Task - Config Driver wont start with the shipping version of the preconfig.
781270 Driver-Office365 Yin Yang symbol is not showing in Designer
842596 Driver-Office365 Unable to disable Outlook authentication with Office 365 Driver
844980 Driver-Office365 Adding user to group during add causes endless loop of retry events
877354 Driver-Office365 Office 365 Connector: Unable to assign this license because it is invalid
883141 Driver-Office365 Office365 Driver does not always handle Display Name correct
883385 Driver-Office365 Office 365 Users are forced to change password on next logon after a password change from the Vault
886350 Driver-Office365 Driver comes to retry state after adding group without owner
886401 Driver-Office365 Office 365 - Vanilla shim reporting publisher errors.
886500 Driver-Office365 Office 365 driver does not show polling loop at trace level 3.
887908 Driver-Office365 - Config Errors observed in the "Error Log" tab while launching/restarting Designer
894314 Driver-Office365 - Config Office 365 driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
898333 Driver-Office365 - Config Office 365 driver changed rule order after weight modifications
872951 Driver-OracleEBS_HR User account exception thrown for EBS  HR driver during heartbeat when future start date is set for employee in EBS
872952 Driver-OracleEBS_HR workforceid is not syncing back to IDM after subscriber add
889160 Driver-OracleEBS_HR Exception randomly thrown in trace making the driver unsable
895049 Driver-OracleEBS_HR-Config Create a notification panel for uninstall datacollection common package
838502 Driver-OracleEBS_TCA PATCH - Identity Vault Users with Access to Managed System shows incorrect user status for EBS TCA driver
896195 Driver-OracleEBS_TCA The Oracle EBS driver rpm and shim version mismatch
872827 Driver-OracleEBS_UM Unable to set WSS Header for the SOAP request
896200 Driver-OracleEBS_UM Oracle EBS driver not able to start with different password of keystore file and server key
882466 Driver-Packages Adding PUM driver to Identity Manager
883827 Driver-Packages Add  new gcv  service-account-dn to Common Settings Advanced Edition GCV package
890132 Driver-Packages PUM driver has bad data in RL port area
891456 Driver-Packages Vendor named in all packages for NetIQ need to to changed to reflect NetIQ
894036 Driver-Packages Post II configure "Role and Resource Service" driver in stopped state.
895303 Driver-Packages Jade common package linkage not correct.
895455 Driver-Packages Second driverset added by integrated installer need to add DirXML-PasswordPolicy assignment
838284 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 Adding DomainConnectionPwd to Peoplesoft Driver
876688 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 PeopleSoft Driver is failing to start because of nps-domainconnectpwd-flag
875043 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 - Config PeopleSoft Driver is failing to load
876691 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 - Config COverity changes for peoplesoft and salesforce drivers
894507 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 - Config Peoplesoft driver packages shows policies with the same weight
890270 Driver-PUM PUM driver data collection in 4.5 inop
899790 Driver-PUM PUM ldif reports error on execution
895885 Driver-PUM - Config PUM driver is not deploying common settings GCV's package to driverset
899762 Driver-PUM - Config Password change in eDir locks upo all other operations for PUM driver
876499 Driver-Remedy ARS novell-DXMLremedy75- requires re-branding changes
876642 Driver-Role-Based Entitlements novell-DXMLtlmnt-3.5.2-7288 rpm does not have re-branding changes.
862786 Driver-SalesForce Multiple "Setting up SSL connection" messages in Trace
882444 Driver-SalesForce Driver should use a driver identifiable name for map db database.
882445 Driver-SalesForce SF driver still has reference to old jdbm files.
883147 Driver-SalesForce Comparison of the retrieved user from salesforce with mapDB always returns false.
884682 Driver-SalesForce Incorrect message shown if we add the user in salesforce.
884685 Driver-SalesForce Delete of an attribute value is not getting synced on the publisher channel.
884687 Driver-SalesForce User not added to mapDB database for loopback detected user.
818289 Driver-SalesForce - Config Account tracking attributes getting changed if we update any attribute on Salesforce
881045 Driver-SalesForce - Config Upgrade JDBM3 to MapDb for salesforce driver
884741 Driver-SalesForce - Config Account tracking identifier is not getting changed if we update the Username in SF
884742 Driver-SalesForce - Config Inactivating the account in salesforce is not removing DirXML-Accounts
888855 Driver-SalesForce - Config All driver packages that use notification panel will need to be updated for 4.5
894502 Driver-SalesForce - Config Salesforce driver packages shows policies with the same weight
876500 Driver-SAP GRC Re-branding changes required for SAP GRC driver
862050 Driver-SAP HR SAP HR Driver patch 4 showing incorrect product version (same as Patch 3)
862059 Driver-SAP HR Observed an error "Code(-9208) Error: attribute 'DirXML-sapC-R-A-O-007' not in schema.<application>DirXML</application>" while processing an object type C (JOBS)
890984 Driver-SAP HR SAP HR driver failed to start through RL on Windows 2008 R2
893372 Driver-SAP HR SAP HR driver utility JCOTest.txt readme file is outdated
875446 Driver-SAP HR (JCo 3) Infotype 0105 not correctly processed by SAP HR driver shim
864000 Driver-SAP HR BL WorkOrder objects aren't processed in right order
876510 Driver-SAP HR BL novell-DXMLsapbl-3.6.0-20090520 rpm requires re-branding changes
886361 Driver-SAP HR BL SAP BL driver showing incorrect version 4.0.0-RELEASE
835275 Driver-SAP UME When attaching a tag "operation-data" to any operation on a SAP Portal driver, the return operation (Channel publisher) does not return the operation properties within this tag.
873783 Driver-SAP UME SAP UM Fanout driver & 2 non-cua clients - resource assigned to incorrect SAP instance
784990 Driver-SAP User SAP UM Driver: Publisher channel is not working for the user created at ID Vault
886356 Driver-SAP User SAP Portal Driver version displayed as 3.6.2
888978 Driver-SAP User Check SAP Account (SR# 10898616181)
889974 Driver-SAP User SAP UM driver using RL failed to rename the processed idoc to .done
890785 Driver-SAP User Few Data Collection API's are getting failed using SAP UM Driver in fanout mode
891032 Driver-SAP User IDM 4.5 SAP UM driver showing incorrect version
891719 Driver-SAP User NOVLSAPUBASE.feature_2.1.0.20140807074027.jar doesn't include read-me and re-branded vendor information
892269 Driver-SAP User SAP UM driver "Migrate into Identity Vault" operation failed
892495 Driver-SAP User SAP User Management Driver Base Package version is not updated
892509 Driver-SAP User SAP User Management Entitlements and Fanout Support Package showing improper readme contents
892510 Driver-SAP User NOVLSAPUXMPL.feature_2.0.0.20140724050414.jar doesn't include read-me and re-branded vendor information
893321 Driver-SAP User SAP UM driver utility readme_jco3.txt referring Novell documentation, instead of NetIQ
839080 Driver-SAP User - Config SAP UM driver fan-out missing association.
893070 Driver-SAP User - Config SAP issue malformed query for non-cua
894315 Driver-SAP User - Config SAP UM driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
895513 Driver-SAP User - Config NOVLSAPUATRK.feature_2.1.0.20140903165014.jar package version, read-me and Vendor information is not updated
820036 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) SAP logical system is not getting synchronized during user add operation at IDV, with entitlement options disabled
873551 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) SAP Fanout out driver : modify-password events are not processed for all CUA clients
885849 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) Using IDM 4.5 the SAP UM Driver failed to start, the driver shim included in the build seems to be incorrect
893597 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) SAP UM utilities folder should not include schema files (sapuserjco3.sch), which is getting included on Linux OS
896604 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) SAP UM driver calling illegal ECMA function
702764 Driver-Scripting Identity Manager Scripting driver documentation only supports Mac OS X 10.5
853326 Driver-Sharepoint SharepointDriver_2013 Remote Loader instance failed to start as a Service
873098 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver instance failed to start after applying Engine Patch 5
873172 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver build should not include .Net Remote Loader binaries
875464 Driver-Sharepoint The Sharepoint user's Distinguished name gets changed from claims based format to classic when the user's PrincipalName modified at AD
875487 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver displayed incorrect value for "src-dn", using sharepoint 2013 server
876663 Driver-Sharepoint Observed an error "You cannot invalidate the SPRequest object while it's in use.", during multiple sharepoint driver operations
876761 Driver-Sharepoint User Description delete operation is not getting synchronized from IDV to Sharepoint (Subscriber Channel)
883410 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver with LDAP as identity provider using sharepoint server 2010 is not working
884020 Driver-Sharepoint Group member synchronization from Sharepoint server to IDV failed, using Sharepoint server 2010 with LDAP as identity provider
884583 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver associating user account incorrectly to Sharepoint server 2010 with LDAP as identity provider
884597 Driver-Sharepoint Group member delete operation at sharepoint server does not synchronizing to IDV properly
885960 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver re-branding is not done
887575 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint Driver subscriber channel user add operation failed to synchronize with latest build
887920 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver showing incorrect version
887895 Driver-SOAP Soap driver is not starting with https configured with KMO
887930 Driver-SOAP Sending a specific soap payload to the driver hangs the driver
891181 Driver-SOAP Rebranding changes needs to be done for the soap driver shim
891182 Driver-SOAP Mismatch of soap driver version in the shim and the rpm
896141 Driver-SOAP SOAP driver not able to start with different password of keystore file and server key
862275 Driver-SOAP - Config Publisher Add fails since the matching policy is not converting to the slash format
876654 Driver-SOAP - Config Data Collection  SOAP Jade driver is not listing the matching rules
876681 Driver-SOAP - Config Data Collection: Cannot get the entitlement values for SOAP Driver using MSGW endpoints
878582 Driver-SOAP - Config Readme needs to be updated for DSML and MSInfo packages
894504 Driver-SOAP - Config SOAP driver packages shows policies with the same weight
896636 Driver-SOAP - Config Publisher password configuration is not hidden in the driver configuration
884970 Driver-User Application - Config Unable to start UAD on 4.5 IDM
849092 Driver-Work Order WorkOrder driver's DoItNow flag doesn't work properly for work orders that have a due date in the past
871604 Driver-Work Order WorkOrder driver does not process "nwoDoItNowFlag" WorkOrders
876490 Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF) Top secret rpm requires re-branding changes
876443 Engine-Credential Provisioning Credential provisioning rpm does not reflect Netiq in rpm info
809211 Engine-DirXML Script Start Workflow action does not allow to send multiple values to a PRD field
862314 Engine-DirXML Script DirXML-GlobalConfigDef objects assigned incorrect precedence order when corresponding DirXML-ConfigValues attribute is absent.
757230 Engine-Filters Bi-eDir driver does optimize modify on object class
768117 Engine-Filters When IDM is running on an eDirectory server, LDAP adds/deletes/modifies slow down drastically
794279 Engine-Filters ~gcv~ in filter works only for publisher, but catches no events on subscriber
862465 Engine-Functionality Engine Optimization Issue
865521 Engine-Functionality Starting the driver configured with priority sync brings down the server.
867276 Engine-Functionality Failed priority event sync are not processed from the normal cache.
874721 Engine-Functionality Enabling a priority sync enabled driver crashes eDirectory
874747 Engine-Functionality Enabling priority sync on OU stalls the subscriber channel
875232 Engine-Functionality DirXML JVM interface initialization failed
875442 Engine-Functionality Synchrinization stalls while adding users with PS attributes
876120 Engine-Functionality PS event is not getting associated with the right src-dn
877933 Engine-Functionality eDirectory crashes when PS is enabled for the first time.
878330 Engine-Functionality PS status cache purge interval is not honoured.
878758 Engine-Functionality event-priority not available in all modify operations for driver configured in fan out.
878964 Engine-Functionality PS caching stops on a Jade enabled driver.
879316 Engine-Functionality Sometimes events are processed from normal cache before processing from PS cache.
879965 Engine-Functionality Driver creation fails with Unable to get schema ID for attribute 'DirXML-CacheLocation' error
880874 Engine-Functionality Association migration utility is not fanout aware
882163 Engine-Functionality Priority sync cache file name is wrong.
882219 Engine-Functionality Enabling the driver with clear cache is not clearing the PS cache.
882391 Engine-Functionality DirXML-CacheLocation should be made DS_PER_REPLICA attribute
883532 Engine-Functionality ndsd crashes when Get cache statistics from a non PS configured driver.
883929 Engine-Functionality Event loss if there is any change in the GCV used in filter
883961 Engine-Functionality Driver hangs if it could not find the gcv referred in the filter.
885443 Engine-Functionality Not able to get the named password list using dxcmd or iManager
885594 Engine-Functionality PS status cache permission should be restricted.
888491 Engine-Functionality Engine does not optimize 64 bit integer values correctly
890997 Engine-Functionality Events are processed from normal cache after processing from PS cache.
891226 Engine-Functionality Removed engine code that auto config telemetry job
895046 Engine-Functionality Drivers are not starting automatically after IDM migration.
895067 Engine-Functionality Unable to start DCS driver on Migrated setup with II #120 build
898442 Engine-Functionality 'Unable to determine value of attribute nspmDistributionPassword for object' Error observed while adding user on IDV
890732 Engine-Job Scheduler Jade onboarding job should be manual start only.
712657 Engine-NCP Calls GetNamedPasswordRequest() does not find named passwords in driverset
759914 Engine-Other eDirectory Referential Integrity severely hampers IDM performance with millions of Associations
759920 Engine-Other Allow or Force the location of TAO files to a subfolder of 'dib'
762909 Engine-Other NEW: IDM install 4.0.1 breaks language display for iMonitor.
816288 Engine-Other Identity Manager engine should upgrade Rhino for current functionality
824398 Engine-Other Trace file permissions forced to 600 on Linux.
836901 Engine-Other A single valued dynamic resource allows same user assignment multiple times
841555 Engine-Other sendDriverCommand to a non running driver will send the error to another drivers log
847653 Engine-Other 'Could not parse certificate, Illegal footer' error thrown while setting ua-password using dxcmd
848384 Engine-Other The do-add-role and do-remove-role IDM actions do not support all entities
848447 Engine-Other PermissionOnboarding job looks for Group values from CSV file
852550 Engine-Other Loopback detection fails randomly
854930 Engine-Other MSGW driver does not stop when commanded
856702 Engine-Other Windows 32 bit IDM not loading VRDIM using patch4 build
857687 Engine-Other IDM .Next to include updated schema for Designer defect fixes (policy linkage)
864209 Engine-Other External driver jar files should be copied by the engine
865473 Engine-Other dxcmd version needs to changed on Windows
867393 Engine-Other IDM Engine on Windows causes getValueForNamedPassword exception
867929 Engine-Other Rebranding Novell IDM to NetIQ IDM in IDM 4.5
868604 Engine-Other DOC: GetNamedPasswordResponse and GetNamedPasswordRequest do not outline that SSL is required
871539 Engine-Other Latest version JRE,Jetty and JDBM not included in 4.5 build
872678 Engine-Other SSL using KMO for Jetty 9
873585 Engine-Other All driver and engine rpms should have NETIQ displayed in the rpm details
873850 Engine-Other Product name, product version and company details needs to be changed on Windows
876496 Engine-Other novell-DXMLbasex-4.5.0-0 rpm 's copyright info needs to be changed.
876647 Engine-Other Copyright information needs to be changed for dxcmd utility
877723 Engine-Other Under the path C:\Novell\NDS\dirxmllib.dll  copyright is not re-branded to NETIQ
877729 Engine-Other Under the path C:\Novell\NDS\dirxmllib.dll  product version needs to be changed
878593 Engine-Other Under the path C:\Novell\remoteloader\32bit dll info is not re-branded
879407 Engine-Other dxcmd priority sync functionality missing in the build.
879971 Engine-Other Get priority sync cache statistics not available in dxcmd
879988 Engine-Other dxcmd in ldap mode is showing wrong cache information
880321 Engine-Other association operations are missing from dxcmd in ldap mode.
881805 Engine-Other Starting the driver throws an exception
882220 Engine-Other Relocation of cache path should be removed from dxcmd in ldap mode.
882513 Engine-Other GetDriverGCVRequest does not retrieve the* GCVs
885661 Engine-Other Engine won't generate event for Octet List type
890603 Engine-Other Increase the min activation level of engine for IDM 4.5
891439 Engine-Other IDM 4.5 missing schema
905487 Engine-Other Disblae PCRS functionality in IDM Standard Edition
908487 Engine-Other IDM 4.5 SE: PCRS not supported trace message needs modification
784809 Engine-Password Sync IDM engine should use typed DNs while calling NMAS password management APIs
708991 Engine-Reporting Add the trace level setting value to the trace screen (list it every time the engine version is listed)
850297 Engine-Rules Wrong object-dn in status document when input doc has multiple operations
888732 Framework - configure Framework Install -on the License screen user is able to accept without scrolling to the end
673260 II - Configure II configure should install the available package for DirXML Policy creation while creating a new driver/driverset
877595 II - Configure 4.5 II configure conflicts with iManager default port of 8080
880691 II - Configure Configure button text is displayed as 'Install' in pre-configuration summary screen
881976 II - Configure Input Minimization for Integrated Installer during Configuration
885589 II - Configure Input Minimization for Integrated Installer during Installation
887047 II - Configure II: Unable to access RBPM Apps
887129 II - Configure Reporting application deployment goes into an invalid directory
887248 II - Configure SSO Service Support is not enabled on the II created DCS driver
887292 II - Configure II #65: OSP Configuration failed, Unable to obtain properties for tenant ID 'idm'
887319 II - Configure Reporting Outh redirect URL has "localhost" instead of IP in > SSO Clients
887385 II - Configure II configure is not setting the correct values for the redirect URLS
887422 II - Configure II configure is not asking for or setting the password for the osp.jks
887426 II - Configure Security: II configure is writing the password in the
887427 II - Configure Security: II configure - rbpm_userapp_admin.ldif file in the tmp directory has passwords in the clear
887428 II - Configure Security: II configure is writing the password in the
887446 II - Configure IDM4.5 - Some components are not configured correctly in NON English sles11sp3 platforms
887637 II - Configure II configure is failing when running the osp-sspr configuration
887735 II - Configure password input minimization is not completely substituting in all the password fields
887795 II - Configure User App initialization fails because the objects under AuthTypes are not created
887934 II - Configure II configure is setting database create to now instead of at startup
888133 II - Configure II 74: Reporting application installation failed
888152 II - Configure II 74: IDV admin user password is not set in the
888206 II - Configure password input while ll Configuration is allowing single character as it is mentioned mininum 6 chars
888258 II - Configure password input while ll Configuration is allowing single character as it is mentioned mininum 6 chars
888340 II - Configure II configure is not correct for the Tomcat configuration
889077 II - Configure II configure is setting the wrong base value for user and group container dn
889239 II - Configure IDM4.5_LOC :ALL_LANGS: Integrated Installer install fails on localized sles system
889251 II - Configure IDM4.5_LOC :ALL_LANGS:Placeholders appearing instead of text in Component Configuration dialog in Integrated Install
889257 II - Configure IDM4.5_LOC ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text 'True/False' in Pre-Configuration Summary in Integrated Install
889259 II - Configure IDM4.5_LOC :FR:Unexpected full stop in Select Components dialog in Integrated Install
889261 II - Configure IDM4.5_LOC :DE:Possible untranslated text in Select Components dialog in Integrated Install
889292 II - Configure 4.5 integrated installer should make password policy additions for Jade
889523 II - Configure II on windows - not configurable for RBPM and Reporting
889693 II - Configure Default password policy needs UAADMIN for SSPR Proxy
889903 II - Configure Input Minimization for Integrated Installer during Installation/configuration in GUI mode
890263 II - Configure RBPM silent install via Integrated Installer is failing with exitvalue as 1
890547 II - Configure INSTALLER_TITLE in idmconfigure.log shows 4.0.2
890620 II - Configure SSPR: User cannot save Challenge response questions in SSPR
891270 II - Configure osp_sspr configure happens on wrong install path
891433 II - Configure Reporting section needs to specify database server in more detail
891534 II - Configure II configure is asking for too many SSO Client secrets
891537 II - Configure II configure has an incorrect label for Audit server
891540 II - Configure II configure has an incorrect label for OSP
891544 II - Configure II configure needs to have the RBPM area renamed
891730 II - Configure The silent properties file used by II needs to be changed for the osp-sspr installer
891874 II - Configure Tomacat is not starting automatically.
891949 II - Configure com.novell.nds.dirxml.util.DxCommand results in exitValue = -1 during II configure.
892063 II - Configure RBPM tomcat service not started after configure
892290 II - Configure 4.5 missing notification templates
892362 II - Configure Reporting Module is not available on Windows after using the II
892656 II - Configure MSGW driver connection setting is "localhost" and should be changed to ip/dns
892691 II - Configure Component Install of reporting via II fails with exitValue=127
892952 II - Configure Difference in prerequisites rpm list between documentation and script
893117 II - Configure Windows II is copying and renaming the incorrect install logs
893319 II - Configure Absence of II Silent installtaion parameter "IA_REPORTING_NOVL_DB_PORT".
893322 II - Configure Absence of II Silent installtaion parameter "IA_IDVAULT_IP_ADDRESS".
893354 II - Configure EAS Server field name should exits under identity Application in configure property file
893986 II - Configure Corrections needed to the Vault section in the II Configure
893991 II - Configure Corrections needed to the Identity Applications section in the II Configure
893997 II - Configure Corrections needed to the EAS section in the II Configure
894000 II - Configure Corrections needed to the Tools  section in the II Configure
894019 II - Configure Corrections needed to the Reporting section in the II Configure
894212 II - Configure II configure fails to properly configure OSP as a result Identity Apps and Reporting fail to be configured
894514 II - Configure II configure fails to extend the IDM schema
894684 II - Configure odd phrasing in II configuration failure
894951 II - Configure IDM45 Integrated Installer fails during OSP/SSPR configuration phase
895208 II - Configure IDM Installers is providing 1.7.0_45 and II is making it the default jre
895493 II - Configure Identity Apps are not available with the 122 build of IDM 4.5 on Windows
895497 II - Configure MSGW driver missing GCV's on build 122
895694 II - Configure RPT reports no identity vaults configured (122)
895709 II - Configure II#123: SSPR Syslog Server parameter should be configured by default.
897524 II - Configure Password policy needs change to allow SSPR to read users password
898053 II - Configure Password policy is not aligned with OSP login
898273 II - Configure idmrpt naudit logging is off by default in ii
900411 II - Configure common.CheckForNMAS.install() runtime exception:
771779 II - Install Add the jar file for the new Oracle EBS User Management to II
792569 II - Install IDM Integrated installer to support Windows Server 2012 OS
854366 II - Install Integrated Installer is using the wrong path for PostgreSQL
865479 II - Install Oracle EBS configuration script for windows needs to be part of the utilities
866447 II - Install II install can't differentiate windows 2012 from windows 2012 r2
873665 II - Install II: Change the default folder name created by the Integrated Installer
877717 II - Install UID_RMA should be removed from install and uninstall properties file
877994 II - Install Installation of IDM 4.5 via Integrated Installer fails to install the IDM iManager plugins by default
878285 II - Install imanager 277 patch does not install patch silently in silent mode.
878546 II - Install Remote loader 32 and remote loader 64 bit install log file is not available
878799 II - Install EULA in Non-English language complete information is not avialable
879833 II - Install Modify Post Install and Configure Summary Screen
879972 II - Install II install fails on RHEL 6.5 64-bit
880064 II - Install IDM 4.5 Integrated Installer displayed Analyzer version 4.0.2
881707 II - Install IDM 4.5 Integrated Installer should install iManager 2.7.7 patch 1 on RHEL 6.5 OS, without any manual modifications to the build
882448 II - Install II fails to configure idm
883492 II - Install EAS installer is still copying the old JRE under /opt/novell/sentinel_eas/
883527 II - Install IDM 4.5 Integrated installer copying the old JRE under /opt/novell/idm/jre/
886346 II - Install II#56: Failed to install Roles Service Driver for Novell Identity Manager exception in log file
887330 II - Install RBPM folder requires restructuring
887387 II - Install II is providing two different old versions of Java 1.7
887646 II - Install II Install and Configure components screen shows EAS as version 4.0.2 and not 4.5.0
887761 II - Install II install - on the License screen user is able to accept without scrolling to the end
888910 II - Install The tomcat server for Apps is being started before the configure completes
889306 II - Install 4.5 EAS no event sources connected for iManager, eDir, & NMAS using build 80
889481 II - Install #82: Missing properties in II
890681 II - Install User Application install fails with copying the Postgres jar
891684 II - Install Integrated installer on Windows 2012R2 install duration too long
892156 II - Install Security: II is leaving the password for installing in the clear
892920 II - Install RBPM and Reporting  configuration fails in silent mode
895062 II - Install IDM4.5_LOC : All Langs: OSP Install New unlocalized Screen SSPR Forwarding
895391 II - Install II Installer from the RC1 build (#121) does not have the correct EULA
895479 II - Install Integrated install on Windows does not appear to be using latest eDir audit instrumentation from patch
895715 II - Install IDM4.5 - The Eulas are displayed in Tradinional Chinese on the Simplified Chinsese platforms
898433 II - Install idm_install.log (Error :ABORT_INSTALLATION : Unsupported eDirectory version.)
898891 II - Install IDM4.5 I18N - The Non English label for Install does not display on II #136 build
899113 II - Install Latest II build 137 - Remote Loader installs at 2 locations
899265 II - Install build 138 fails to install Identity Manager Server
879592 II - Uninstall Uninstall of identity manager components shows install
865472 Install - Driver Oracle EBS TCA and UM driver jars are not installed by 4.5 installer
632570 Install-Framework IDM installation leaves Admin password clear text in log file
757932 Install-Framework dxcmd.bat file copied when RL is installed
797430 Install-Framework Installing .NET RL  also installs the sharepoint driver.
839201 Install-Framework IDM 4.0.2 will not install on SLES11 SP3
840258 Install-Framework IDM Framework installer showing incorrect install path for .Net Remote loader on Windows 2012 OS
843163 Install-Framework IDM Framework uninstallation failed with only .Net Remote loader being installed
857334 Install-Framework Not able to invoke .Net RL console, if IDM 402 is installed with only .Net RL selected
860813 Install-Framework IDM installer downgrade xdas/expat rpms on 888 setup
865489 Install-Framework .Net rlconsole.exe failed to start
865502 Install-Framework Meta Directory installed with 5 Warning message
865506 Install-Framework Showing wrong Engine version
865512 Install-Framework IDM installer does not have latest DelimitedText Driver
865515 Install-Framework IDM installer does not have latest GroupWise Driver
865522 Install-Framework PA need to updated in IDM installer
865523 Install-Framework GW driver not included in Remote Loader
865527 Install-Framework IDM 4.5 does not have novell-DXMLRsrcProv.rpm
865529 Install-Framework IDM 4.5 does not have the 402fp4 changes
865551 Install-Framework 32 bit RL does not installed with 4.5 Framework
865724 Install-Framework IDM Product version showing incorrectly at many places (Install Screen, Uninstall screen, File version)
865803 Install-Framework Not able to invoke IDM 4.5 on RHEL 6.3
867536 Install-Framework Framework installer is not installing novell-NOVLjvmlx-4.0.2-10.x86_64.rpm
868672 Install-Framework IDM Framework uninstallation displayed few warnings
868691 Install-Framework Install log has execute permission
868895 Install-Framework IDM Framework installation displayed few "Non Fatal Errors"
868910 Install-Framework IDM Framework installer failed to copy 64 bit and 32 bit RL files, when metadirectory, 32 bit RL and 64 bit RL are selected
868918 Install-Framework IDM Framework installer failed to copy driver shim files under 32 bit RL path, when metadirectory, 32 bit RL and 64 bit RL are selected
869384 Install-Framework Customizing install screen does not show the list of components selected in the pre-installation summary
870077 Install-Framework Installing metadirectory without selecting any drivers is throwing few non-fatal errors
870509 Install-Framework IDM Framework installer EULA showing incorrect information
870518 Install-Framework IDM Framework installer to bundle latest Identity Manager iManager plugins with re-branded and version changed
870568 Install-Framework Customize option should be disabled when IDM plugins are selected
870802 Install-Framework Non-root installer shows IDM version as 4.0.2
871582 Install-Framework IDM Uninstall not removing 2 directories
871751 Install-Framework Metadirectory option is not enabled on RHEL 6.5 32-bit
871990 Install-Framework Few of the audit related components not getting installed during RL install
872458 Install-Framework Groupwise 32-bit driver needs to be removed from the non-root installer
872938 Install-Framework IDM 4.5 Framework installer re-branding is not done for Non-English langauge
873396 Install-Framework Utilities does not get installed when customize option is chosen
873635 Install-Framework Copyright information needs to be change for non-root installer
874947 Install-Framework Trace file permissions forced to 600 on Linux.
877243 Install-Framework Remove metemap.exe and associated files from ISO
877244 Install-Framework Remove SAP schema files from the tools folder
877246 Install-Framework Remove samples XML configuration for Notes driver in tools folder
877248 Install-Framework Remove Notes tools from ISO
877249 Install-Framework Update to latest Visual C++ Redistributable
880285 Install-Framework IDM 4.5 Framework Installer initial splash screen should disply an apropriate information
880342 Install-Framework IDM 4.5 Framework Installer custom components screen displayed incorrect supported connected system versions
884499 Install-Framework Usability Review Comments Not Fixed in Installers
884905 Install-Framework Framework install - "NetIQ Certificate Server Plug-ins for iManager" is not installed by default with IDM super npm
885842 Install-Framework Remove old versions of remedy driver from the ISO
885855 Install-Framework IDM plugins are not getting upgraded while upgrading IDM from 4.0.2 to 4.5
885875 Install-Framework Custom check box not showing in Install screen
885964 Install-Framework Upgrading IDM 402 plugins to IDM 4.5 plugins on 277 patch1 iManager shows older icons
886165 Install-Framework IDM schema is not compatible with User Application
886649 Install-Framework Getting java error trying to install IDM on 2012r2 with new 2012 IDM iso with eDir8882
886842 Install-Framework Windows: IDM schema is not compatible with User Application
887543 Install-Framework IDMPowershellService not getting installed by the FW installer
887876 Install-Framework A warning thrown while installing Novell platform agent asking for reboot.
888165 Install-Framework IDM Framework installer should extend OSP schema
888481 Install-Framework Office 365 driver is not listed when selecting all RLs for upgrade
889019 Install-Framework After Upgrade Remote Loader Driver instance is not coming up
889530 Install-Framework IDM 4.0.2 upgrade  to 4.5 fails to update novell-edirectory-xdaslog rpm.
890879 Install-Framework SAP utilities are not getting installed on Windows OS, when only SAP Utilities are selected
891336 Install-Framework Need to introduce new driver named ACF2
891338 Install-Framework Need to remove driver named "Linux/UNIX Bidirectional Driver"
891722 Install-Framework Installer checks for Top secret driver which has been removed from 4.5 ISO
892666 Install-Framework Audit events are not generated for Engine on Windows
892881 Install-Framework IDM fails to install with Framework installer.
893477 Install-Framework IDM4.5 I18N zh_CN:Unable to locate the license agreement file during Framework installation
893489 Install-Framework IDM4.5 click Select All button will deselect NetIQ Identity Manager Connected System Server(.NET) component
893523 Install-Framework IDM4.5  Some components are lost when use "Customize selected components"option
897697 Install-Framework IDM installs with Error if only Meta Directory selected
898899 Install-Framework org.mortbay.jetty.jar is getting bundled on windows
898952 Install-Framework Setting INSTALL_ONLY=true by default is making the installer to skip configuration on re-run
900938 Install-Framework Post upgrade , Re-branding and version mismatch under control panel.
636417 Install-IDM "Turn off logging to Driver Set, Subscriber and Publisher logs" should be set by default
728973 Install-IDM Identity Manager engine fails to install when TMP/TEMP are set to non-C drive
848023 Install-IDM .Net RL Un-installation  fails
848078 Install-IDM Empty folder created when installing .NET RL
853472 Install-IDM Console installation reports that NMAS version is lower than the required on eDir 8.8.8
865469 Install-IDM .Net remote loader is not getting installed on Console mode
870526 Install-IDM novell-DXMLeventx-4.5.0-0 is not getting removed on uninstall
870810 Install-IDM IDM 4.5 non-root install is placing older jars and many of the new driver jars are missing
872472 Install-IDM Old groupwise driver needs to be removed from 64-bit RL and engine in 4.5
876645 Install-IDM Publisher information should be changed for Windows installation in Add/Remove programs
878974 Install-IDM Legal and Copyright information
879892 Install-IDM IDM Upgrade failed - After upgrade few 4.0.2 rpms exists
880710 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC:ALL_LANGUAGES, English: Brand logo is low-res and pixelized in IDM Installer
880713 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC : All Langs: Incorrect text on the Introduction screen of the IDM install
880716 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC:ALL_LANGUAGES: Incorrect Branding for Identity Manager on 'Select Components' dialog in install
880721 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC: DE, TC: Untranslated text on Installation Steps Panel
880727 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC: ALL_LANGUAGES: Untranslated text in Activation Notice pop-up in Install
880729 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC: ALL_LANGUAGES: Untranslated text in Invalid Credentials pop-up in Install
880752 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC : All Langs: Incorrect Branding on the Pre-Installation Summary screen of the IDM install
880760 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC : All LAngs: Unlocalised text on the Install Locations for Utilities screen
887219 Install-IDM Empty folders in IDM 4.5 ISO
887657 Install-IDM Remove RSA and PBX drivers from the installer and build
890137 Install-IDM jms.jar is being copied by the IDM installer to jre folder which is breaking JMS driver.
891725 Install-IDM Utilities installer tries to look for Notes driver files which have been removed from the 4.5 build.
892943 Install-IDM IDM Framework install is not installing and configuring SAML
893500 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC :All Langs, English : The default install path should be to NetIQ and not Novell
893545 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC : All Langs: Placeholder text been used on the Install configuration screen (Tomcat Port)
893880 Install-IDM IDM 4.5 installs with error on Linux
894171 Install-IDM IDM4.5_LOC :DE : Unable to log into the landing page URL after Reporting has been installed
895029 Install-IDM IDM4.5 : MS C++ error appears during IDM install on Swedish
876456 NDK License info for Driver development kit needs to be changed
867728 Password Expiration Notification Job Password Expiration Template is wrong
876495 Password Expiration Notification Job Password Expiration Job rpm copyright info needs to be changed
899077 Password Expiration Notification Job novell-DXMLpxjob rpm version is not correct
757212 Plugins-DirXML Administration Plugins should not display alert when editing a driver configuration
816973 Plugins-DirXML Administration IDM plugin for iManager broken after applying 2.7.6 Patch 1
868812 Plugins-DirXML Administration Driver overview page fails to open with IDM 4.5
889411 Plugins-DirXML Administration iManager IDM Activation points to Novell
890758 Plugins-DirXML Administration Upgrade entitlements functionality  in IDM Administration page needs to be removed
894312 Plugins-DirXML Administration Filter on 4.0.2 server attr shows yes/no with no description where priority sync is for 4.5
780427 Plugins-Inspector Regression. Tasks missing altogether in IT, ES & PT
879567 Plugins-Inspector iManager plugin for priority sync functionality missing in the build.
892661 Plugins-Inspector Priority sync referrences in iManager needs to be renamed.
785624 Plugins-Other Non-ref-Association: Migrate from IDV is adding the reference association
828664 Plugins-Other Version Discovery showing wrong version for UA Driver
881648 Plugins-Other Few IDM 4.5 plugins are displayed with "Novell" branding
881960 Plugins-Other Driver set dashboard is giving "no drivers contained in the driver set" error when some drivers exist
882937 Plugins-Other "NetIQ Certificate Server Plug-ins for iManager" is not installed by default with IDM super npm
884090 Plugins-Other Migrate into Identity Vault is broken after patching to 2.7.7 iManager
885821 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC :IDM plug-ins untranslated for ES,IT,pt_BR
886246 Plugins-Other Unable to create driverset in iManager
886461 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : IT,ES,pt_BR : Driver entitlement - Advanced - Policy - Unlocalized error message
886465 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : IT : Driver Set Overview : Migrate : Migrate from identity Vault : Add button is very long compared to the remove button.
886468 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : ES,IT : Close option appears as a link and not as a button
886469 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : IT : Driver Set Overview : Migrate : Migrate into identity Vault : Buttons are not consistent
886577 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : ES, pt_BR,IT : New Challenge Set\Unlocalized button in dialog
886611 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : pt_BR: Language options in the Add Language Specific Question dialog should be Capitalised
886625 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : IT : Password Policy Created Page : Reduce space between Icon and Text
886656 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : ES, pt_BR - Modify Email Template - Untranslated button
886706 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : IT, pt_BR :Driver Overview/ Modify Driver Object :Inconsistent Buttons in 'Excluded Objects' dialog
890311 Plugins-Other IDM4.5 I18N - There are truncations in Driver Configuration window
891727 Plugins-Other Throws java.lang.NullPointerException  when try to open preconfig Driver properties file
893549 Plugins-Other IDM4.5_LOC : Identity Manager Overview section is untranslated for IT, ES, PT_BR
894543 Plugins-Other Edit driver filter fails on pre-configured driver
898904 Plugins-Other 'Import Multiple Drivers' plugin throws  plugin error.
790804 Plugins-Password Administration Generate Password Noun does not follow password policy setting for disallowing Extended characters.
837428 Plugins-Password Administration Password Policy plugin needs to re-branded
699977 Plugins-Policy Builder "Unique Name" Noun only queries single object class
833516 Plugins-User Password Management Documenting password-length limitations
838417 Plugins-User Password Management OES11SP2_LOC:Beta1.5:pt_BR,ES: Untranslated "Passwords" section in iManager
891652 Plugins-Work  Order IDM4.5 I18N - Help of Work Order Management is displayed as garbage chars
889787 Plugins-Workflow Remove "Provisioning Team Task"
889789 Plugins-Workflow IDM 4.5 Workflow Administration, Workflow plugin throws exception
870943 Rebranding Rebranding IDM 4.5 Product Images
878782 Rebranding NetIQ logo resolution is not good in installer
879601 Rebranding Under the path C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\II build 29\products\IDM\windows\setup\utilities\ad_disc\x86-utitiles are not rebranded
879619 Rebranding Unable to open the notes tool under the path C:\Novell\NDS\Dirxmlutilities\notes_disc
883170 Rebranding IDM Plugins  : Driver overview page has "" link for Activation required button
884700 Rebranding IDM 4.5 Integrated installer for Analyzer shows Novell, inc and version as in add/remove programs
884705 Rebranding IDM 4.5 Integrated installer for Designer shows version as in add/remove programs
884712 Rebranding IDM 4.5 Integrated installer for Identity Manager components publisher has to be added  in add/remove programs
887258 Rebranding EAS version in IDM 4.5 Integrated installer is showing the older version
887936 Rebranding IDM iManager plugin -> Driver -> Edit properties -> Help -> displayed "Novell eDirectory"
895453 Rebranding usage.html has Novell referances
898929 Rebranding Data Flow (Table View ) plugin in iManager shows Novell in plugin description message.
871439 Remote Loader-Engine DirXML-DriverStorage not persisted if the Remote Loader is stopped before stopping the driver
872370 Remote Loader-Engine DOC: Remote Loader requires the same version of JRE as the product does.
876818 Remote Loader-Engine Remote Loader help files on Linux not re-branded
878229 Remote Loader-Engine Under the path C:\Novell\RemoteLoader  details tab is empty
840421 Remote Loader-GUI x32 and x64 Remote Loader consolts conflict with each other
791929 RemoteLoader - .Net Office 365 driver not seen in RL console driver selector
695934 Sentinel Collector (orion): Have the Audit activities for workflow activities when in Proxy Mode be consistent
764663 Sentinel Collector collision on TargetDataName field
802459 Sentinel Collector Vault name not being removed from InitiatorUserDomain
840067 Sentinel Collector fix inconsistencies between audit events send and dirxml.lsc file
854599 Sentinel Collector XDAS events from IDM 4.0.2 not parsed
878776 Sentinel Collector Report Unparsed Events parameter should be added in the Collector
882333 Sentinel Collector New Resource Status codes need to be added to IDM Collector
882349 Sentinel Collector ENH: add new audit events for provisioning workflow start, complete success, complete failed
886495 Sentinel Collector idm collector is not adding Process ID to ei for resource assigment activity audit record
887153 Sentinel Collector missing Text3 title for Role Request (00031538, 00031539, 0003153E, 0003153F) events
887182 Sentinel Collector missing Text3 title for Role Request (00031610) event
887343 Sentinel Collector dirxml.lsc has incorrect value for Target for record type 00031647
887346 Sentinel Collector fix typos in dirxml.lsc file
887350 Sentinel Collector incorrect mapping for 0003153D, 00031541
888437 Sentinel Collector PATCH - All Access Request reports should display comments for Reassigned Approval state for a resource
890746 Sentinel Collector "dirxml4.lsc" files are not having the same contents.
890525 Telemetry 4.5 telemetry job points to Novell
848807 Utilities Create package install script for Red Hat
852722 Utilities dxcmd - Resync option date format needs to be consistent between interactive and cmd modes
876672 Utilities Re-branding not done for utilities on Windows
876813 Utilities Utilities have not been re-branded on linux
892492 Utilities Priority sync referrences in dxcmd needs to be renamed.

Defects fixed in NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5.0 Roles Based Provisioning Module:

Defect ID Component Description
855366 Documentation DOC: New settings for controlling Code Map Refresh
900827 Documentation DOC: WebSphere deployment of the landing and dash wars needs to outline a few items
901017 Documentation DOC: Outline how to customize the UI for HPD via css
902950 Documentation README: The 4.5 README outlines issues for HPD that are no longer valid
903412 Documentation DOC: [User Guide] [Section 1.1] Names of Identity Manager Home Page items have to be changed
821354 Framework DOC: REST: DELETE /rest/access/featuredItems; when incorrect payload is passed success response is obtained
854797 Framework Misconfiguration of TLS/SSL with OSP results in flashing web page when attempting to login
860673 Framework Remove four unused configuration items from configupdate.
860677 Framework Mislabeled configuration item in configupdate.
864014 Framework PermissionIndex is not working correctly with Delegated Provisioning Admins
868064 Framework i18n-validator-plugin does not fail build when files are invalid
876803 Framework Send to the log file the Build information of the Provisioning Dashboard
876804 Framework Send to the log file the Build information of the Landing Page
877070 Framework OSP attempts to verify all hosts name and fails to start tenant if one of the non specified IP is unknown
877667 Framework PRD with restrict view = true are not showing in aqua but they are coming in rbpm
883435 Framework Unable to submit a workflow from the Provisioning Dashboard
884395 Framework When user session times out before user can submit workflow provisioning request, exception is thrown but not handled properly.
886648 Framework Logout action does not work in Home and Dashboard pages
887739 Framework Creating Roles, Resource, PRD in RBPM are not reflecting immediately in Aquamarine dashboard search
891067 Framework stack trace is shown on browser if system is misconfigured
876408 Installation Allow configupdate dialog to be resized.
881519 Installation Landing and Dash wars not coming up properly
882416 Installation Getting Exception while deploying dash.war
893375 Installation Landing and Dash does not work when UserApp is installed with Custom context
856203 UI ICFG is returning sentences ending in exclamation points which is against the NetIQ UI policies
860323 UI msie.css can't be loaded on IE 11
873692 UI (cygnus): The Provisioning Dashboard does not render with IE9
876799 UI Add an "About" link in Provisioning Dashboard
876800 UI Add an "About" link in Landing Page
887473 UI Roles and Resources tiles in the Landing page are not redirecting to RRA
890334 UI [Locale] Manage Roles & Manage Resources : Title and description are not coming in preferred locale
890338 UI [Locale] Alignment issue on dashboard > Make a Request
891007 UI Edit Featured Items's page Fav-icon showing apache tomcat icon instead of NetIQ icon
891462 UI [Landing] Change My Password tile's description alignment issue and image looks smaller.
892275 UI The items on the Home Page are not in the correct order
892276 UI The iOS and Access Review items are missing
892278 UI The User Application PwdMgt item does not have the correct text
892280 UI Set Password Responses item is not correct
892281 UI Password Status and Policy has the incorrect icon
894844 UI [Locale] Approvals iOS App tile's : Title and description are not coming in preferred locale
898379 UI [Landing] Error message in the page bottom is not coming and also the Error message label is cut off.
886849 Administration - Administrator Assignments Administrator Assignment: Assign: Nothing is displayed on clicking 'All Permissions' info icon.
774510 Administration - Administrator/Team Permissions Read only team detail: permission obsolet sort icon not cleared after sort on different column
888969 Administration - Application Configuration Userapp: unable to export portal data, because of references to SSOConf and SSOConfig
890891 Administration - Application Configuration Unable to configure SSPR "Forgot Password" URL with configupdate
890990 Administration - Application Configuration IDM4.5 I18N There are some untranslated strings in APP Config -> login page
897120 Administration - Application Configuration IDM4.5_LOC :ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in Certificate section on 'Authorization' tab in Configuration Editor
884724 Administration - Driver Status Failed to run the portlet: 'DriverStatus'
883520 Administration - Navigation Access Navigation Access Permissions: Error message is not showing when user try to access a Tab/Page without Trustee rights on the page
891469 Administration - Page Admin IDM4.5 I18N "PAGE PERMISSIONS" for page admin task is untranslated.
891477 Administration - Page Admin IDM4.5 I18N Title"PAGE DEFAULTS" for"'Set As Default' Page admin task is untranslated.
875716 Administration - Portlet Admin Unable to Unregister/remove the instance of any portlet in the RBPM user Application (Oracle)
889805 Administration - RBPM Provisioning and Security IDM4.5_LOC : ALL Lang :  RBPM - User Application - Administration : RBPM Provisioning and Security : Navigation Area : Home Page some unlocalized text
891476 Administration - RBPM Provisioning and Security Userapp: Login Page is throwing SAML communication error
892347 Administration - RBPM Provisioning and Security Userapp:Tomcat startup is throwing adress already in used error
895301 Administration - RBPM Provisioning and Security User Application SQL file import fails on Oracle
876896 Administration - Single Sign On (SSO) Simplify OSP configuration by eliminating exposure of OSP endpoint URLs
884713 Administration - Single Sign On (SSO) Failed to run the portlet: 'SSOConf'
886882 Administration - Single Sign On (SSO) SSO new windows page showing tomcat's icon instead of netiq icon
887181 Administration - Single Sign On (SSO) RBPM 4.5 needs to land somewhere other than "Guest" page when SAML auth fails.
897762 Administration - Single Sign On (SSO) NetIQ Access Manager SSO fails for reporting module and catalog administrator
899159 Administration - Single Sign On (SSO) NAM SSO: Login post logout from IDM apps, goes to NIDP page
774259 Administration - Team Configuration Filter not show correct domains with team mananger
900212 Administration - User App. Admin. Assignment RBPM: Error Occurred  retrieving permissions in RBPM Administrator Assignments.
757163 Administration - Web Services Administration->Web Services links all throw NPE on WebSphere 7
835003 Compliance - View Requests Status aquamarine dashboard allocates too much space to permissions
867488 Dashboard - Make Process Request Unable to deep link to start a workflow
877792 Dashboard - Make Process Request timeout on "Make a Process Request" screen causes entire dashboard screen to be drawn in that popup
895733 Dashboard - Make Process Request IDM4.5_I18N_IE: Failed to search some extended characters on Dashboard
886431 Dashboard - Manage Mode Safari: Misalignment of drop-down list box in Reassign Task window screen.
766056 Dashboard - Request Status Users are unable to see the full list of comments and history if the list contains 50+
802586 Dashboard - Request Status User name with ‘&’ character gets workflow error for a role/resource requests
865135 Dashboard - Request Status Error message is not fully localized in the Request Status area
875458 Dashboard - Request Status A NPE is thrown in the server.log when a user tries to view the status of a request they do not have full rights to
875557 Dashboard - Request Status Unable to filter or view requests in the Request Status area after hitting a size limit exceeded exception
889584 Dashboard - Request Status IDM4.5_LOC : NL \ SV \ DA \ DE : Landing Page  - Make a request - Permissions text box - Over lapping text appearing
889594 Dashboard - Request Status IDM4.5_LOC : NL :  Landing Page  - Make a request - Edit Featured Items - Add an Item - Add an uncategorized item - Overlapping search icon
890572 Dashboard - Request Status IDM4.5 I18N - the date is not displayed in local format in Work Dashboard page
893035 Dashboard - Request Status rbpm request status on work dashboard says "terminated" vs "pending provisoning" for resources with provisoning workflows
774229 Dashboard - Resource Assignments ENH: Improve the assign resource functionality on the Work Dashboard
869031 Dashboard - Role Assignments (cygnus): Filter for Role Assigments does not work correctly when there are more then 500 assignments
876797 Dashboard - Settings Remove the "Access Reporting Module" button
889772 Dashboard - Settings IDM4.5_LOC : RU : RBPM - User Application - Work Dashboard is broken when you log in
604063 Dashboard - Task Notifications IDM4_LOC:  Extra colons in Form Detail dialog
883215 Dashboard - Task Notifications ENH: Do not allow the JUICE Refresh button to be active while a Refresh is happening
893966 Dashboard - Task Notifications IDM4.5 - Recipient user image overlaps with full name in task detail page
743644 Documentation Changes to the doc proposed by a partner to enhance comprehension
767345 Documentation Document which special attributes are not allowed in the user's login attribute
772303 Documentation Sever Error "administration credentials can not be decrypted, and can not be used"
780409 Documentation DOC: RBPM documentation specifies incorrect location for uninstallation files
786523 Documentation DOC: Reference to old versions of "Audit"
792237 Documentation REST samples to start workflow omit required information
802388 Documentation Update RBPM Documentation for Restricting eDirectory Rights for Workflows
826434 Documentation Liquibase fails to perform RBPM 3.7 to 4.0.2 Oracle database upgrade when write SQL to file is selected
856342 Documentation Database table creation is documentation needs to be updated
872681 Documentation DOC: Migrating the User Application Driver section is outdated
874794 Documentation README: Outline that all "Portal" pages are deprecated in the User Application
874797 Documentation README: Outline that all "Portlets" are deprecated in the User Application
874800 Documentation README: Outline that Password Self Service and Forgot Password are Deprecated in the User Application
874802 Documentation README: Outline that the RIS.war is Deprecated
875976 Documentation DOC: SAP Logon Ticket SSO Provider
875977 Documentation DOC: Custom SSO Provider
875978 Documentation DOC: Kerberos SSO Provider
875979 Documentation DOC: OSP Configuration Guide is required
875981 Documentation DOC: Remove section 6.9.2 "Setting up the Workflow for a Manager to Use" from the Design Guide
875983 Documentation DOC: Typo in section 6.8.3 "Changing Log Levels" of the Design Guide
878864 Documentation DOC: New ECMA script functions for %LocaleFormattedFullName% in IDVault.get
881297 Documentation DOC: The "Access Reporting Module" button has been removed
885489 Documentation Obsolete steps for "Using a SQL Script to Update the PostgreSQL Schema"
888331 Documentation README: Header navigation items sometimes do not appear with Safari on the iPad
888368 Documentation DOC: Grant Privileges on USERS tablespace to Oracle-idmuser.
888384 Documentation README: Database create/update with Oracle will take a significant amount of time
889340 Documentation README: Outline that Compliance/Attestation is deprecated in the User Application
889793 Documentation README: Outline that starting workflows automatically via schema mapping is deprecated in the User Application
892585 Documentation DOC: permission index does not support a user added language
895477 Documentation DOC: SSPR does not adhere to the Forgot Password action as defined in the Password Policy
896265 Documentation README: The Installers will provide Linux path examples
896299 Documentation README: The Installers will not present the EULA in all Languages
896321 Documentation DOC: Manual intervention required for executing a SQL file on Oracle to create RBPM schema
896880 Documentation DOC: IDM integration with SSPR requires preventFraming to be disabled
896919 Documentation README: When creating tables from a sql file duplicate databasechangelog tables will be created
898228 Documentation README: One will see "log4j:WARN No appenders" error in the NetIQ-Custom-Install.log
898945 Documentation README: Restarting tomcat server throws 'java.lang.IllegalStateException'
898991 Documentation DOC: WebSphere: Need to outline where the eDirectory certificates will be
899323 Documentation DOC: [Component Installation] UserApp installer is not overwriting/updating "JRE_HOME" path in
899361 Documentation DOC: How to control where the Permission Index is created
899362 Documentation DOC: Outline the change in behavior with Kerberos
899478 Documentation DOC: Need to document the "Application server connection" panel
899503 Documentation DOC: System Requirements for the Application server versions is incorrect
899504 Documentation DOC: System Requirements for the Browsers is incorrect
899505 Documentation DOC: System Requirements for the Database servers is incorrect
899648 Documentation DOC: Will need to update the URL for the SSPR Home page Items in a distributed environment
899931 Documentation DOC: Remove sys-configuration-xmldata.xml from the documentation
899933 Documentation DOC: IDMApps - WebSphere section 29.6.2 (JVM System Properties) needs updating
899938 Documentation DOC: IDMApps - Websphere section 29.6.3 (Shared Library) needs updating
899942 Documentation DOC: IDMApps - WebSphere - update and move the JMS configuration
899988 Documentation DOC:  How to lock sspr configuration using admin users created via II
900248 Documentation README: master-key.txt will not be created for Tomcat and WebSphere installs
900272 Documentation DOC: Console mode installation is not creating NMAS certificate automatically.
900284 Documentation README:  Launching configupdate right after install can cause tables to not be created
900550 Documentation User Application administration documentation needs changes for server.log references
900565 Documentation User Application administration manual needs to account for Tomcat tuning
900566 Documentation User Application admin guide should remove "Novell" references if possible
900613 Documentation README: Identity Apps will not display Postal Address Syntax correctly
900628 Documentation DOC: Must outlined that TAG will not provide Enterprise support for the applications in the convenience installer
900772 Documentation README: IDMProv.war file path is wrong in the NetIQ-Custom-Install.log for the liquibase command for Tomcat and JBoss installs
900843 Documentation DOC: WebSphere section 29.6.3 does not have the note about the version of common-logging jar
900844 Documentation README: The server.log fill will be truncated with a WebSphere deployment
900855 Documentation DOC: Section 30.5 has a reference to WebLogic in the Setup guide
900856 Documentation DOC: SSO configuration is still in the Administration Guide
900857 Documentation DOC: Section 2.6 "Clustering" in the Administration Guide has  WebLogic information
900858 Documentation DOC: Section 18.1.2 of the Administration Guide has Weblogic information
900859 Documentation DOC:  Small references to WebLogic in the Administration Guide
900865 Documentation Troubleshooting the User Application and RBPM Installation section has wrong paths
901019 Documentation DOC: Outline the new Provisioning Request functionality of a Resource
901074 Documentation DOC: Section 29.3.3 of the Setup Guide has incorrect step for JBoss
901225 Documentation Doc: Need to add steps to re-assign permissions to normal user on Password Management Shared pages , if Customer rolls back to Legacy Password Provider
901293 Documentation README: SSPR only install will include a copy of configupdate
901462 Documentation DOC: Section 29.2 of the Setup Guide has incorrect step for JBoss
901463 Documentation DOC: Section 29.2 of the Setup Guide has incorrect step for WebSphere
902948 Documentation DOC: Section 6.14.2 of the Setup guide has wrong information
902952 Documentation README: The 4.5 README outlines uninstalling JBoss and PostgreSQL
902953 Documentation README: The 4.5 README outlines the issue for "Database Schema is Updated every time"
903155 Documentation DOC: Netiq-Custom-Install.log path is wrong in Admin guide section 2.10
903159 Documentation DOC: [Admin Guide] [Section 4.3 - Accessing the Administration Tab]  Still points to  "Welcome Guest page.."
903185 Documentation DOC:RBPM user guide:section 1.1.1: A note is required
903186 Documentation Section 21.0: Components installed by Convenience installer needs to be changed
903192 Documentation Doc: SetupGuide:Section: Installing the Identity Information Warehouse : IDM reporting path need to be changed
903194 Documentation DOC:User Guide:1.1.3:Forgot Password recovery from Identity self service needs a note
903196 Documentation Section 21.4: installation files directory needs to be corrected for windows ISO
903198 Documentation Chapter VI: OSP-SSPR component available directory in .ISO file needs to be corrected
903199 Documentation DOC: [Setup Guide] [Section - 6.9.1] default KornShell location is "/bin/ksh" not "/bin/kshis"
903200 Documentation Doc: Setup Guide:Section 34.0 : Installing Identity Reporting
903202 Documentation DOC:UserGuide:2.3:Exploring the Tab’s Features:snapshot need to be changed
903203 Documentation Section 23.1:  OSP-SSPR Silent install reference link is referring to an incorrect doc
903206 Documentation DOC: The term 'role' has to replaced with 'SOD' in the SOD sections 16.1.3 and 16.1.4
903214 Documentation DOC: Setup Guide:Section 34.1: Step 10 has a reference of IDMRPT-AUTH
903215 Documentation DOC:User Guide:2.4:Identity Self-Service Actions You Can Perform:a note should be added for password management
903237 Documentation Doc: Setup Guide:Section 34.1 : Remove Reference of IDMRPT-AUTH.war
903238 Documentation Section 23.1: Tomcat connection parameter description needs to be updated
903244 Documentation Doc: Setup Guide:Section 34.1: Wrong example location of tomcat  webapps directory
903249 Documentation DOC:User Guide:6.1:Using Self-Service Password Management in Identity Manager:Description need to be modified
903263 Documentation DOC:User Guide:6.2.3:Change Password:under description some line need to be modified
903266 Documentation Section 23.1: Enable Auditing for OSP and Enable Auditing for SSPR information is missing
903267 Documentation DOC:User Guide:'Figure 8-1 Work Dashboard' snapshot need to be updated with most recent
903270 Documentation DOC: [User Guide] Figure-19.4 and Table-19.3 have to be updated - Compliance Legend is missing three (3) legend icons
903410 Documentation DOC:User Guide:10.1:Selecting a User, Group, Container, Role, or Team:Manage mode snapshot need to be changed
903419 Documentation DOC:User Guide:11.2:Acting as a proxy:Update snapshot with IDM 4.5
903538 Documentation DOC: Section 2.2.1 Security Overview of the Administration has an incorrect statement
903760 Documentation DOC: [Admin Guide] [Section 9.3.1 - Selecting the Driver] Screenshots need to be changed
903761 Documentation DOC: [Admin Guide] [Section 10.2 - Managing Workflows] Screenshots need to be changed
903763 Documentation DOC: [Admin Guide] [Section 10.3 - Configuring the E-Mail Server] Screenshots need to be change
903765 Documentation DOC: [Admin Guide] [Section 10.4.2 & 10.4.3] Screenshots need to be change
904744 Documentation Clarification needed on Tomcat PostGreSQL install section
905195 Documentation DOC: System Requirements do not outline the restriction for Access Manager
905200 Documentation DOC: IDM 4.5 documentation is missing the information about "Enabling Localized User Names in Typeahead Fields"
905201 Documentation DOC: Section 2.2.5 of the Admin Guide needs to be revised
905202 Documentation DOC: The 4.5 Administration guide as incorrect information about removing the  Administrator Credential Restrictions
905205 Documentation DOC: Outline that the OSP certificate is only good for two (2) years
905206 Documentation DOC: Outline the steps necessary to configure HTTPS with version 4.5
905279 Documentation DOC: The 4.5 Setup Guide outlines MS SQL 2008 in the prerequisites
905281 Documentation DOC: The 4.5 Setup Guide outlines MySQL in the prerequisites
905284 Documentation DOC: The 4.5 setup Guide does not outline the JDBC driver version and that we support the vendor's version
905287 Documentation DOC: Section 28.2.3 of the Setup guide outlines DB2 for WebSphere
915800 Documentation DOC: SE role is still present for the report administrator user after upgrading from 4.5SE to 4.5AE
916732 Documentation README: WebSphere: Identity Apps installation does not complete successfully against version
917024 Documentation DOC: is no longer present in the installation media
917171 Documentation configupate not respecting the "Server Needs Authentication" option under the Reporting tab
917837 Documentation README: Unable to use a console install when utilizing JBoss and the Identity Apps
843698 Driver - Role and Resource Service Too many workflows are started for a Resource Grant/Revoke
849199 Driver - Role and Resource Service JClient throws NPE while stopping the Roles and Resource service Driver
865214 Driver - Role and Resource Service Deleting a parent role can cause incorrect behavior with child roles
661449 Driver - User Application A new GCV should be added to the UserApp driver
773946 Driver - User Application xwb-wsdl-uddi.jar is compiled incorrectly with a bad case in one of the classes
875754 Driver - User Application User application driver should provide support for the latest JDBM
892897 Driver - User Application User Application Driver displayed a Warning Message "Code(-8003) Unable to synchronize reference to ..\Profile from attribute nrfEntitlementRef." while adding a new SAP resource through RBPM
836918 Endpoints - SOAP Abstraction Layer SOAP requestResourceGrantRequest allows multiple value assignments on a single valued dynamic resource
793775 Endpoints - SOAP Provisioning/Workflow getTeams endpoints throws IndexOutOfBoundsException
796688 Endpoints - SOAP Provisioning/Workflow wf soap involving process retrieval should not filter records if the caller is an approver
792449 Framework - Abstraction Layer (cygnus): DateUtil is using SimpleDateFormatter in an unthreadsafe manner
809170 Framework - Abstraction Layer Support %LocaleFormattedFullName% in IDVault.get
885441 Framework - Abstraction Layer RBPM is not compatible with 4.5 User Application Driver
808621 Framework - Audit Aquamarine RBPM: Build #765 fails to deploy on Jboss throws Novell Audit Exceptions
887160 Framework - Audit incorrect mapping for 0003153D, 00031541
887176 Framework - Audit fix typos in dirxml.lsc file
887295 Framework - Audit dirxml.lsc has incorrect value for Target for record type 00031647
889144 Framework - Audit IDM 4.5 should not rename nauditpa.jar
897877 Framework - Audit log4j:ERROR Logging to Novell Sentinel failed.
842080 Framework - Delegation/Availability/Proxy Team Availability shows the full DN of a "Roles" type Workflow
527259 Framework - Directory Attribute warning does not match what appears in Designer for the entity/attribute info
851921 Framework - General ENH: Log when an Entitlement is being refreshed via the SOAP endpoint
858516 Framework - General PermissionIndex has an issue with large bulk loaded Permissions
862470 Framework - General ENH: Add SSPR Support to OSP/SSO UI
892647 Framework - General RBPM will not start after reboot SLES11SP3
895476 Framework - General Tomcat does not go down cleanly on SLES (121)
895679 Framework - General Tomcat is not automatically re-connecting to the database server
898058 Framework - General Help page link points to 4.0.2.
898078 Framework - General WebSphere: configupdate fails to connect to the vault post install
899573 Framework - General WebSphere:  configudpate after the install can not re-create the SAML objects
729864 Framework - Localization (orion) Several classes use ResourceBundle.getBundle() directly instead of LocalizationHelper class
873795 Framework - Localization Remove obsolete ResourceBundleGenerator source from RBPM
875523 Framework - Localization References to Novell Audit in XLIFF files should be changed to NetIQ Sentinel
875709 Framework - Localization RBPM xliff files contain references to Novell Identity Manager
880352 Framework - Localization unable to use User App in at least french or german, other languages not tried
881887 Framework - Localization L10N: Polish dates not displaying correctly
892584 Framework - Localization can't get into landing or dashboard page if browser is set to user provided supported locale
893084 Framework - Localization IDM4.5 I18N - Some default items in the Identity Manager Home page are unlocalized.
894151 Framework - Localization IDM4.5 I18N - The "Delete" is not localized in the Edit items page
897403 Framework - Localization Property keys in installer custom_en files get out of sync with localized versions
816808 Framework - Logging Enhancement - Log   IP address of logged in User
868016 Framework - Logging logging framework subject does not handle concurrent access
872821 Framework - Logging Logging framework does not print specified prefix for trace & debug messages
893670 Framework - Logging unable to turn xdas logging on in rbpm
893862 Framework - Logging Login Failure messages are no longer sent to naudit during UI interactions
893907 Framework - Logging Debug log messages not displayed in JBoss console
899636 Framework - Logging Logging differences between SLES and Windows (140)
899948 Framework - Logging WebSphere: See error about datePattern in the SystemErr.log
900005 Framework - Logging WebSphere: Identity Apps do not show more information when enabling DEBUG or TRACE
880200 Framework - Migration Field Patch (400): migration fails during execution RemoveObsoletePortlets.xml
863273 Framework - Persistence Liquibase fails to perform RBPM 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 Oracle database upgrade when create tables at application startup is selected
875692 Framework - Persistence Error when creeting database schema, some Liquibase files use version 2.0 schema rather than 3.1
888189 Framework - Persistence NullPointerException thrown on Oracle12c when creating RBPM database schema
888190 Framework - Persistence All tables created in SYSTEM schema on Oracle 12c
858855 Framework - Security login dialog changes from add email flavor to no email flavor upon wrong password
877127 Framework - Security IPv6 address aren't handled correctly by osp-conf or OSP
877858 Framework - Security Duplicate user names not resolvable when OSP kerberos enabled and non-kerberos login occurs
880341 Framework - Security Remove obsolete SSO code from RBPM
887431 Framework - Security OSP: Security  Internal Vault information contained within OSP.war
889518 Framework - Security Security: SSPR init config script contains IDV password in clear text.
892727 Framework - Security login dialog for rbpm/dash/landing/reporting is not branded
893915 Framework - Security Inconsistent versions of log4j.jar in IDM apps
897090 Framework - Security osp.jks password is in plain-text when user enables OSP trace
837532 Framework - Web Application gwt does not use global blacklist
884377 Framework - Web Application RBPM on Tomcat fails to start properly.
774196 Framework - Workflow Engine workflow grant/revoke activities are not symmetrical
793907 Framework - Workflow Engine (cygnus): viewing workflow comments throws Entitlement_Grant not found in server log
832634 Framework - Workflow Engine SOAP getDataItem calls susceptible to thread safety issues
852476 Framework - Workflow Engine workflow engine gets java.lang.StackOverflowError in looping workflow
852676 Framework - Workflow Engine getGuidFromDn and getDnFromGuid throw "is not a function" error when used in a form
863530 Framework - Workflow Engine With Home and Provisioning Dashboard the Date function changed.
866825 Framework - Workflow Engine ENH: Have DAL Lists display the default locale label entry if there is not an entry for the accessing locale
879524 Framework - Workflow Engine error trying to publish gcv
880162 Framework - Workflow Engine startup indicates problem with final method in ProcessImpl
887843 Framework - Workflow Engine add ability to filter on process type
763146 Identity Self-Service - Directory Search Normal user is not able to view Group members in Directory Search page
819169 Identity Self-Service - Directory Search The Search Term field is not reflecting the correct value of a revised then modified date
830821 Identity Self-Service - Entity Detail Format Type - Image URL attribute is not appearing in My Profile
760716 Identity Self-Service - Org Chart Images are not displayed on  Print Page Window  under Organization Chart
779090 Identity Self-Service - Org Chart Org Chart does not display Groups properly of a direct report
882012 Identity Self-Service - Org Chart Empty page displayed on Print Page Window under Organization Chart
605445 Installation/Build Roles service driver is not getting installed when DISPLAY variable is set
755482 Installation/Build ENH: remove xc-iway jars from build
768916 Installation/Build ENH: Add ability to configure the Custom Theme War context in config update utility
773820 Installation/Build ENH: User Application installer in console mode does not ask for Engine ID
786418 Installation/Build (cygnus): RemoveObsoletePortlets requires Internet access to validate against the xsd
786579 Installation/Build Invalid entries are added to the securitypermissions table
789462 Installation/Build JBossPostgreSQL.bin always creates the /opt/novell/idm/Postgres directory
790347 Installation/Build Building does not rebuild resource bundles without a clean
790614 Installation/Build User Application is enabling Audit even though the user selects not to enable
790781 Installation/Build The sql file that is created by the install will only create "portal" related tables
792410 Installation/Build RBPM console mode installation on JBoss-JDK7 halts, throws Invalid Java version error.
798492 Installation/Build Invalid object name 'pg_class' JDBC exceptions in server log for non-Postgres DBs.
806559 Installation/Build Unused variables in
825909 Installation/Build JBoss is not running as novlua on Linux
853663 Installation/Build configupdate: when eDir connection info is invalid at invocation some settings are lost
853678 Installation/Build configupdate: Unable to remove notification SMTP host and from address
869003 Installation/Build test for Steve
869005 Installation/Build Test for Steve 2
869010 Installation/Build Test for Steve 3
869012 Installation/Build Test for Steve 4
869796 Installation/Build GWT in the User Application does not load correctly when deployed on Tomcat
873669 Installation/Build Change the default path for the Tomcat/Postgre Installer
873798 Installation/Build Obsolete targets in build-language-resources.xml for downloading localized files
877511 Installation/Build Development build resets JAVA_HOME env variables after each target run
878958 Installation/Build Update RBPM build for Cygnus Package
881109 Installation/Build Failed to complete PostgreSQL installation on windows if another PostgreSQL is already installed
881186 Installation/Build Some services are missing from the aquamarine.conf
881361 Installation/Build TomcatPostgre Convenience Installer has the password in clear text in the installation log file
881963 Installation/Build OSP-SSPR Installer from the RC1 build (#121) does not have the correct EULA
881964 Installation/Build OSP SSPR Installer: Install log file says Access_Review_InstallLog
881965 Installation/Build OSP SSPR Installer: Installation fails with errors.
882628 Installation/Build LDAP Admin DB clear text Password in osp_sspr_configure_log.log
882939 Installation/Build OSP SSPR Installer: SSPR Configuration Updater: Error in IATomcatServerResource code
882975 Installation/Build Tomcat-Postgres Installer: Remove Oracle Weblogic from Introduction page
883353 Installation/Build OSP SSPR Installer:Installer should support secure SSL with LDAP
883363 Installation/Build Tomcat-Postgres Installer: 'Choose Install Set' icons should be re-branded
883372 Installation/Build Tomcat-Postgres Installer:Error Message should be modified.
884263 Installation/Build Tomcat-Postgres Installer: Change Sun Micorsystems to Oracle Weblogic in the Introduction page
885274 Installation/Build Unable to install, configure and run OSP enabled Roles Modules (RBPM, Aquamarine and Garnet) with IDM 4.5 RBPM installer
885438 Installation/Build User application installation fails when installed with default settings
885472 Installation/Build Unable to access the User Application
885614 Installation/Build Configupdate does not store IDV admin details
885848 Installation/Build RBPM SSO configuration failed
885853 Installation/Build Uninstaller for TomcatPostgre should not include the jre
886183 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS,ENG:Error appears when trying to log into RBPM and cant access UI
886191 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Java error and installer fails to start when running TomcatPostgreSQL installer on non english locale
886204 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:RBPM User Application installer mostly untranslated
886227 Installation/Build RBPM installer does not have the working RRA war
886344 Installation/Build User Application installation fails
886876 Installation/Build Windows: RBPM Apps startup failed on Tomcat
887092 Installation/Build Getting Exception while starting
887154 Installation/Build Tomcat convinience installer should provide option to configure port tomcat is running on.
887313 Installation/Build Tomcat-Postgres Installer: Installer set the ActiveMQ port to +100
887362 Installation/Build Have the Apps Installer ask for Tomcat connection
887388 Installation/Build TomcatPostgre Installer is providing JRE when it should not
887429 Installation/Build Security: OSP-SSPR init-configs.script has passwords in the clear
887430 Installation/Build Security: OSP-SSPR initall-config.script has passwords in the clear
887432 Installation/Build Security: osp-sspr installer is leaving  Vault Admin ID & Password as well as the OSP client password are in the clear
887445 Installation/Build bydefault launching in console mode
887485 Installation/Build UserApp installation failed.
887512 Installation/Build configupdate is set to be in debug mode by default
887516 Installation/Build configupdate is set to allow the admins to be edited by default
887518 Installation/Build The Apps installer is not providing all of the Property Strings jars in the l10n-resources folder
887521 Installation/Build The osp-sspr installer is not providing all of the Property Strings jars in the l10n-resources folder
887579 Installation/Build Upgrade the Java 1.7 version that is provided in the TomcatPostgre Installer
887610 Installation/Build MSSQL: Database schema creation failed
887724 Installation/Build RBPM does not work on Tomcat-Oracle12c environment.
887865 Installation/Build Data file ui_item_categories_45.csv was not found
888092 Installation/Build RBPM Installer: Installer should display "Creating DB Schema" text on the panel during DB schema creation
888098 Installation/Build creates a new TrustedRoot object each time it gets saved.
888115 Installation/Build Tomcat Installer: Intro screen has wrong text for Build Version
888116 Installation/Build Tomcat Installer: extra characters in the license agreenment
888148 Installation/Build Engine Id is populated with Arguments when moved between screens during Install
888164 Installation/Build Starting the EAS server throws
888535 Installation/Build Identity Vault DNs values are hard coded in configupdate
888536 Installation/Build RBPM installer should not copy MSSQL jdbc jar to tomcat/lib
888538 Installation/Build UserApp Installer is not writing the driver dn to the install log
888542 Installation/Build MasterKey error seen during the UserApp install
888545 Installation/Build RBPM instillation summary shows localhost as the url for UserApp, but we can not access with localhost
888706 Installation/Build OSP SSPR Installer: Installer should not install CLE on Linux.
888712 Installation/Build osp-sspr installer doesn't take the password from environment via II configure
888716 Installation/Build rbpm installer doesn't take the password from environment via II configure
888743 Installation/Build SSPR OSP re-direction fails.
888753 Installation/Build JBoss-EE: RBPM installation fails and throws NPE
888756 Installation/Build Remove SSOConfig portlet from ISS
888783 Installation/Build OSP installer needs to set the validity to two years
888921 Installation/Build Enable audit service from RBPM throwing error
888945 Installation/Build RBPM installation with Custom UA context fails
888957 Installation/Build Unable to configure RBPM with Configure Later option
889143 Installation/Build IDM 4.5 logevent.conf not properly configured
889148 Installation/Build OSP SSPR Installer: Does not launch on Windows 2012
889410 Installation/Build JRE_HOME overrides JAVA_HOME set in tomcat
889464 Installation/Build Need configupdate to show the SSPR redirect URL configuration field
889467 Installation/Build Security: User Application installer is leaving OSP Admin Password in clear
889485 Installation/Build Tomcat installer log file name should not contain timestamps
889559 Installation/Build The Apps installer log file name should not contain timestamps
889593 Installation/Build OSP_SSPR: 'enable SSL' for LDAP during OSP_SSPR installation is not working.
889917 Installation/Build Installation:TomcatPostgreSQL-Introduction Page is not properly alligned.
890192 Installation/Build RBPM with external authentication server does not work
890548 Installation/Build RemoveSSOPortlet45.xml does not exist - UserApp is not working
890683 Installation/Build TomcatPostgre Installer is not consistent on the Postgre location
890757 Installation/Build IDM II installer: Tomcat server is not starting due to invalid jre path.
890786 Installation/Build Migration failed for change set ProvisioningViewValueConstraint
891428 Installation/Build OSP-SSPR is not properly configuring the SSPRConfiguration file during a silent install
891444 Installation/Build Tomcat service for RBPM set to manual start
891572 Installation/Build start-up script for tomcat needs to be renamed
891835 Installation/Build configupdate must allow empty values for OAuth client properties for SSPR
891839 Installation/Build Setting Identity Vault keystore path via file chooser button isn't reflected in connection parameters
891954 Installation/Build Windows SSPR: Typo in SSPR Configuration.xml
892103 Installation/Build RBPM uninstallation: Installer does not clean database connection pool entries in server.xml
892309 Installation/Build SSPR install only does not ask about the authentication server (OSP)
892313 Installation/Build The silent properties files provided with osp-sspr are not named correctly
892314 Installation/Build OSP-SSPR installer requires a change on the Authentication details panel
892317 Installation/Build OSP-SSPR and the Reporting installers need to install the eDirectory certificate
892807 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : English:RBPM User Application fails to start after install
893019 Installation/Build install is missing email templates for new resource provisoning workflow
893073 Installation/Build The Enable External Web services should be enabled in the IDM Integrated Installer for forcing the user to set response page upon login.
893164 Installation/Build Forgot Password is not enabled by default
893410 Installation/Build SSPR Syslog Server parameter not configured
893446 Installation/Build SSPR needs certificate in java keystore to support syslog over SSL
893494 Installation/Build II windows: "oauth.idserver.dnAttributeName" was set as "dn" instead of "name" in SSPRConfiguration.xml
893562 Installation/Build Identity Apps is not creating the connection pools the same
893587 Installation/Build Java Home needs to have the default value changed in the Identity Apps installer
893679 Installation/Build OSP-SSPR installer is not configuring the environment for Audit
893792 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Build version number not appearing in Introduction dialog in TomcatPostGreSQL Install on linux
893794 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : DE:Wrapping issue in Introduction dialog in TomcatPostGreSQL Install on linux
893798 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated License Agreement in TomcatPostGreSQL Install on linux
893802 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in 'Tomcat details' dialog in TomcatPostGreSQL Install on linux
893816 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC :ALL_LANGS: Incorrect Introduction text in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893822 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC :ALL_LANGS: Untranslated text in titlebar of  OSP-SSPR Installer on linux
893823 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Incorrect entries in left pane of  OSP-SSPR Installer on linux
893828 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated License agreement in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893837 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Incorrect text in 'Select install location' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893839 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : All_Langs:Missing text in 'Tomcat Details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893843 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : All_Langs:Untranslated 'Tomcat connection' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893846 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Missing Java references in 'Tomcat Java home' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893848 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated'Authentication Details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893858 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated'Authentication Details-Keystore Password' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893860 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated 'SSPR Details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893861 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated 'Authentication server details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893864 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in 'Pre-installation summary' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893867 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Localized Text looks incorrect in 'Install Complete' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
893897 Installation/Build Identity Apps is not validating the correct Java
893913 Installation/Build log4j-boot.jar interferes with logging on JBoss
893984 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Missing text in 'Database User Name and Password' in User Application Install on linux
893988 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Untranslated 'Application Server Connection' dialog in User Application Install on linux
893992 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in 'Pre –Install Summary' dialog in User Application Install on linux
894007 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : zh_CN: landing and IDMProv URLs not displaying the correct enteries after Integrated build install
894026 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC :ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in dropdown menu on 'SSO Clients' tab in Configuration Editor on linux
894104 Installation/Build "Stopping" misspelled as "Stoping" in  /etc/init.d/idmapps_tomcat_init
894110 Installation/Build Build #114 fails during the configuration of osp-sspr
894123 Installation/Build IDM 4.5 configupdate script has Java debug options.
894198 Installation/Build The novlua account is not set-up correctly
894380 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Wrapping issue in Introduction dialog in TomcatPostGreSQL Windows
894383 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated License Agreement in TomcatPostGreSQL Install on Windows
894386 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in 'Tomcat details' dialog in TomcatPostGreSQL Install on Windows
894392 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Incorrect Introduction text in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894396 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Untranslated text in titlebar of OSP-SSPR Installer on Windows
894398 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Incorrect entries in left pane of OSP-SSPR Installer on Windows
894405 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Untranslated License agreement in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894407 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in 'Select install sets' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894410 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Incorrect text in 'Select install location' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894411 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : All_Langs:Missing text in 'Tomcat Details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894413 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC :  All_Langs: Untranslated 'Tomcat connection' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894416 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Missing Java references in 'Tomcat Java home' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894418 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated'Authentication Details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894423 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : Untranslated'Authentication Details-Keystore Password' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894424 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated 'SSPR Details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894425 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated 'Authentication server details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894426 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in 'Pre-installation summary' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894427 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Localized Text looks incorrect in 'Install Complete' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on linux
894434 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : zh_TW,zh_CN,pt_BR:OSP-SSPR Installer completely in English  for Chinese and pt_BR locales on linux
894438 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : RU:Missing colon in 'IDM Configuration –Workflow Engine' dialog in User Application Install on linux
894445 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Missing text in 'Database User Name and Password' in User Application Install on Windows
894452 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Untranslated 'Application Server Connection' dialog in User Application Install on Windows
894489 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Incorrect Introduction text in Reporting Install on Windows
894490 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated text in titlebar of Reporting Installer on Windows
894491 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Incorrect entries in left pane of Reporting Installer on Windows
894492 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Unlocalised Licence Agreement of Reporting Installer on Windows
894494 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS:Untranslated dialogs in Reporting Install on Windows
894577 Installation/Build "IDMReport URL" field should be removed from
894659 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC :  zh_TW,zh_CN,pt_BR:OSP-SSPR Installer completely in English for Chinese and pt_BR locales on Windows
894663 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : All Langs: Unlocalised text in left pane in User Application Install on Windows
894827 Installation/Build start-up script for tomcat needs to be renamed
894835 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_LANGS: Untranslated 'Auditing Details' dialog in OSP-SSPR Install on Windows
894870 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC :ALL_LANGS,ENG:Invalid Java error message in User Application Install on Windows and cannot complete install
894941 Installation/Build Ownership/permissions of some directories/files created by installer are incorrect
895056 Installation/Build RBPM Installation in cosole mode with default value throwing login Error
895066 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : All Langs: OSP Install New unlocalized Screen SSPR Auditing details
895661 Installation/Build for rbpm email, unable to configure non standard smtp port or force to use tls
895813 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC :.ALL_LANGS,ENG : OSP_SSPR_installer : There is a  errors installing OSP installer in NL and English
896114 Installation/Build default email values are misleading
896133 Installation/Build OSP-SSPR Installer need to change the protocol for the SSPR Audit logging
896134 Installation/Build OSP-SSPR Installer need to change the forgot password login attribute
896421 Installation/Build DOC: Unable to start JBoss EAP 5.2 after installing the Identity Applications on Windows
896465 Installation/Build DOC: OSP-SSPR - Requires juli jars to enable Tomcat for proper log4 logging
896486 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC :NL,RU :Invalid Java error message in OSP-SSPR Install and cannot complete install
896488 Installation/Build Identity Apps - Requires juli jars to enable Tomcat for proper log4 logging
896538 Installation/Build osp_sspr configure fails when NETIQ_SSPR_USE_AUDIT set to true in Integrated Installer
896634 Installation/Build Identity Apps and Reporting fail to install via the Integrated Installer
896651 Installation/Build Installer unable to write to sql file when MSSQL data base is selected
896693 Installation/Build Getting errors while executing the SQL file created by the UserApp installer.
896752 Installation/Build Batch file configupdate.bat runs LdapConfig class twice.
896922 Installation/Build OSP_SSPR: Description is incomplete for 'SSPR forward url' option in the installer screen
896951 Installation/Build Add code in pom.xml files that fixes license/eula file names in the custom_* files
897002 Installation/Build WebSphere: Unable to have configupdate connect to a remote Vault during the install
897062 Installation/Build WebSphere:  Not prompted for the Application server connection information
897074 Installation/Build OSP_SSPR: installation completes with some non-fatal errors if EAS is installed on a remote machine.
897128 Installation/Build start-jboss.bat file does not have the all the required properties
897133 Installation/Build Identity Apps: ejb3-persistence.jar needs to be removed from JBoss lib directories
897233 Installation/Build Identity Apps: hibernate-jpa-2.0-api-1.0.1.Final.jar needs to be copied to %jbossinstall%/ client directory
897266 Installation/Build Identity Apps: remove the the ' initSQL="SET TIME_ZONE='UTC' from the connection settings in Tomcat
897491 Installation/Build Identity Apps: Installer needs to be modified to find the jbosssx.jar for JBoss EAP
897582 Installation/Build configupdate on Windows displays warning message indicating log4j not properly initialized
897962 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : ALL LANGS,ENG: Windows Reporting Server cannot connect to EAS Server
898007 Installation/Build IDM4.5_LOC : RU:User Application fails to start for Russian in Component Install on Linux
898175 Installation/Build WebSphere: unable to find hibernate.cfg file
898467 Installation/Build RBPM: checksum validation fail after restarting Tomcat
898922 Installation/Build configupdate is resetting the RBPM context to IDMProv
898961 Installation/Build OSP-SSPR installer is not providing configupdate
898986 Installation/Build Identity Apps: Installer is setting the wrong path for OAuth keystore file
898988 Installation/Build WebSphere:  Installer is providing both versions of the idmuserapp logging configuration file
899019 Installation/Build WebSphere: The build is including the wrong version of the idmuserapp_logging.xml in the war
899038 Installation/Build configupdate does not properly change context for RBPM on tomcat
899042 Installation/Build WebSphere: IDMProv.war contains log4j.xml in the war -- it should be on the file system instead.
899130 Installation/Build configupdate: Error storing PKCS8 configuration
899321 Installation/Build OSP_SSPR: Invalid 'default' location for JRE Trust Store file in OSP authentication details page.
899347 Installation/Build [Console Mode] Getting BatchUpdateException: ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("ORACLE"."AFENGINESTATE"."ENGINEID")
899498 Installation/Build Identity Apps: Installer is not setting Tomcat as the default App Server
899964 Installation/Build Installer: Upgrade logging module to log4j 1.2.16 for compatibility with Hibernate 3.6.5-Final
900004 Installation/Build WebSphere: idmuserapp_logging is not correct in the war or on the filesystem
900053 Installation/Build WebSphere: IDMProv war contains log4j-src.jar
900054 Installation/Build WebSphere: IDMProv war contains hibernate3-src.jar
900060 Installation/Build WebSphere: Update the build to include the jstl.jar
900063 Installation/Build [Component Installation] [Windows] Test database connection failed when database IP address is provided during UserApp installation
889747 Localization - Administration Tab IDM4.5_LOC : ALL_Languages : Untranslated string in Application Configuration/Login Settings dilalog
889748 Localization - Administration Tab IDM4.5_LOC : All_Languages : Untranslated string in Application Configuration/Forgot Password dialog
837631 Localization - Identity Self-Service Tab (pegasus): i18n defaulting to the incorrect locale for the Identity Self Service and Administration Tabs
856168 Localization - Roles and Resources Tab User Application is returning sentences ending in exclamation points which is against the NetIQ UI policies
782084 Localization - Work Dashboard Tab Message in Spanish is incorrect when a task is completed - Workdashboard
886124 Login Remove login pages and code made obsolete by OAuth SSO in IDM 4.5
889618 Login IDM4.5_LOC : All Lang : Branding missing from product name on logon screen
890856 Login Userapp:Logout is Throwing error
891004 Login IDM4.5 I18N Fail to login when userid is named with DBCS charactors
891005 Login IDM4.5 I18N Warning message for logining with DBCS userid is untranslated
894812 Login IDM4.5_LOC : All Languages: Unable to log into the Identity Applications on Win2012R2 on non-English servers
897768 Login IDM4.5_LOC : All Lang, English : SSPR error message appearing after logging into the landing page after user app installation
825931 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On Aquamarine REST APIs do not support kerberos or other SSO protocols
868447 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On (cygnus): User Application does not forward to calling page with Kerberos SSO enabled
878338 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On Add NetIQ and Registered symbol to product name in Login screen for copyright compliance
889457 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On OSP: Unable to redirect correctly when using a Grace Login
889459 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On OSP: Challenge Response enrollment still points to User Application
889698 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On OSP: Logout process needs option to redirect to SSPR Logout
891574 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On OSP needs to be able to support SSPR
892119 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On IDM login sequence stops with landing/dash when SSPR is setup and no challenge questions exist
894805 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On SSPR: IDM4.5_I18N: User with extended characters failed to change password
896781 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On OSP logging does not work under Windows
897420 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On Enterprise SSO Kerberos does not work on tomcat
898206 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On RBPM:Unable to login after session time out
898755 Login - Enterprise Single Sign On First login of user goes to landing page after SSPR sets up security questions
843544 Notification All email notifications will have UA Context and not dash
894744 Password - Challenge Response SSPR: First time enrollment is not forwarding correctly
898052 Password - Challenge Response Identity Apps still shows two (2) PwdMgt shared pages by default
831935 Password - Forgot Password NMAS is not responding in a reasonable amount of time
864034 Password - Forgot Password Threads sometimes do not get  properly cleaned up from Forgot Password's challenge-response
892981 Password - Forgot Password Userapp:Unable to reset password using Forgotten Password
886574 Password - Password Change Getting Portlet Error in Change Password and in Edit Preferred Locale
893550 Password - Password Change SSPR OSP Integration: Clicking on continue after Setup Response stays on same page.
896138 Password - Password Change Password change takes you to SSPR password change page after password change
773227 Resources - Audit ENH: Have the removal of a Resource Association provide the user who performed the action
755655 Resources - Service Invalid HTTP error code returned for Invalid Authentication
786117 Resources - Service (cygnus): Support subcontainers for resources
797100 Resources - Service RBPM does not properly handle Multiple entitlement values
821234 Resources - Service Create Resource endpoint is not validating Entitlements
863084 Resources - Service RBPM Resource Service "setResourceLocalizedStrings" service should be enhanced
876795 Resources - Service ENH: Create a new endpoint to set both Localized Name and Description
876796 Resources - Service ENH: Create a new endpoint to clear/remove values for Localized Name and Description
773444 Resources - UI ENH: Filter of Entitlements values should also utilize default locale and not just the passed in one
853909 Resources - UI Label for an Entitlement will not appear correctly when utilizing non UTF-8 encoding
889171 Resources - UI Userapp: Entitlement value under resource entitlement association showing even after deleting the entitlement value
889908 Resources - UI Resource with Entitlement is not showing the Request Status
889936 Resources - UI Resource catalog: Edit resource: 'Data Value' option is not showing in 'Request Form' when 'Data Type' is 'Boolean'
893857 Resources - UI Correction for LIID
653639 Roles - Audit missing Text3 title for Role Request (00031610) event
877625 Roles - Drivers Copyright is not re-branded
790231 Roles - Installation rbpm driver installer fails to install when TMP/TEMP are set to non-C drive
769506 Roles - Report Roles/SoD/User README: User Application Reports are deprecated
763223 Roles - UI “Add  Resource Association ” page is not editable when given(%^&*><) special characters in IE.
822415 Roles - UI incorrect positioning of Container lookup control with IE10
855684 Roles - UI LOC :DA:Untranslated text in Role/Resource Approval Form
869923 Roles - UI ENH: Do not allow the Refresh button to be active while a Refresh is happening
869935 Roles - UI Role and Resource Assignments tabs do not work correctly with thousands of users assigned
893795 Roles - UI IDM4.5_LOC : zh_TW : Unlocalised text on Data Sources Screen
894003 Roles - UI IDM4.5_LOC : FR: Overlapping text exists on Reports section
895351 Roles - UI IDM4.5_LOC : DA : Text is misaligned in login screen
898924 Roles - UI IDM 4.5: Get 500 Internal Server Error when try to create a new role which ID already exist.
848496 Roles - Vault getRole SOAP endpoint does not return User Assignments
891008 Translation IDM4.5 I18N "About"In landing page is untranslated.
891012 Translation IDM4.5 I18N "All rights Reserved" in about window is not translated.
776200 UI - Forms field.enable/disable does not work on TrueFalseCheckBox control
871290 UI - Forms form with stock refuse button no longer works
893041 UI - Forms debug code exists in form validation
895040 UI - Forms IDM4.5_IE:Two icons are overlapped in search field of Dashboard
883329 UI - Themes/Skins/CSS Change the Mouse hover on link color in UserApp UI and Reporting UI.
888749 Documentation Garnet documentation needs to updated . (below mentioned known issues list need to removed from doc as they are fixed now)
895787 Documentation Clicking on help in Catalog Admin is not opening the CA Documentation Guide
900828 Documentation DOC: WebSphere deployment of the rra war
902949 Documentation README:  The Catalog Admin Release notes from the 4.0.2A version are missing in IDM 4.5
905204 Documentation README: Catalog Admin can not set or adjust the Provisioning Workflow for a Resource
894542 Driver Authorization Listing - UI Only first ten drivers are being listed while creating a resource with entitlements
870297 Entitlements Listing - UI Multiple Entitlement Values should be displayed in entitlement listing UI
887532 Installation/Upgrade Catalog Administrator is not logging out the revision number
882020 Rebranding Add an "About" link in Catalog Administrator
882022 Rebranding Send to the log file the Build information of the Catalog Administrator
891575 Resource Creation from Authorization - UI "Entitlement or Driver" attribute is not properly aligned in Resource create page
866857 Resources Creation - UI "Allow this resource and entitlement to be assigned multiple times with different values" option should not be displayed for User Account Entitlement
867858 Resources Creation - UI Mapping an entitlement with dynamic values to a role is not possible on iOS 7
866176 REST Framework ResourceService has many areas that will not properly handle exceptions
866196 REST Framework Excessive and duplicate amount of REST calls while navigating around
887926 Role-Resource Mapping - REST Mapped resources search giving no result
898259 Roles Creation - UI Catalog Admin is not creating a valid Role for IDM 4.5
865908 Roles Listing - UI server.log error "Session already invalidated" using ""Catalog Admin Roles"
892741 Roles Modification - UI clicking apply on role or resource modification wipes out all localized values except for default
888689 Sod Creation - UI Creating multiple SoDs using the same role pair is not throwing any warning message
856221 Sod Editing - UI Invalid SOD's are not handled and hence incorrect SOD's can be shown
864585 UI Framework Duplicate roles are shown in the catalog if the role has a space and is mapped to child roles
883042 UI Framework Catalog Administrator has to be updated to utilize the new properties model
883498 UI Framework New Link for Catalog Administrator User Guide
888091 UI Framework Page Fav icon showing tomcat's icon instead of NetIQ icon
897465 UI Framework About page showing "Garnet" as product name.

Defects fixed in NetIQ Identity Manager Identity Manager 4.5.0 Reporting Tool:

Defect ID Component Description
684525 Configuration IDM401_LOC: RC5: All_Langs: Wrong version appearing on the Report Config Splashscreen
876805 Configuration Send to the log file the Build information of the Reporting Module
884547 Configuration Reporting: Unable to configure, Identity Vault registration fails.
885592 Configuration Cannot launch configuration utility after installing Reporting module
886173 Configuration Launching throws error.
888639 Configuration If the RPT-specific system property that points to configuration properties file is missing, use alternative common system property
910960 Configuration Reporting Console has IDM home link pointing to landing page
912044 Configuration Reporting has naudit permission issue which results in failure of reporting page being loaded.
912251 Configuration In file , property "is_prov" is set to true.
912254 Configuration Under sso clients tab in Reporting Config utility , catalog administrator section exists
912877 Configuration URL link to Landing page field existing in SSO Tab of configupdate as mandatory field
913402 Configuration configupdate in console mode does not retain all the Reporting options after navigating through advanced options of reporting.
913409 Configuration configupdate  allows one to remove all the reportadmin users
913674 Configuration Unable to enable forgotten password via Reporting/osp_sspr config utility
913869 Configuration Able to Modify report administrator field with invalid users details in configupdate.
854254 Documentation DOC: Need to outline all of the events in the Reporting Module that will go to Audit
857532 Documentation DOC – Descriptions needs to be updated for current state and normal report
875313 Documentation Document new data source management feature in RPT web UI
875317 Documentation Document Web UI changes in report definition edit screen
875320 Documentation Document Web UI changes in the completed reports screen
880120 Documentation DOC: Add documentation for downloading and installing Oracle JDBC driver.
891314 Documentation DOC: Upgrading from a prior version some report definitions will have to be manually deleted
896489 Documentation DOC: Reporting - Requires juli jars to enable Tomcat for proper log4 logging
896927 Documentation README: IDM4.5_LOC : NL : Error appears in EAS Install on Dutch Linux
897505 Documentation README: The uninstaller for Identity Reporting will not clean-up the server and context.xml for Tomcat
898271 Documentation Doc: idmrpt token create/failure/revocation messages no longer sent
899356 Documentation DOC: WebSphere: felix jar needs to be added to the Shared Library
899383 Documentation README: Test Database connection in the Reporting installer in console mode will not show success
899888 Documentation README: Reporting installer can have truncated navigation
900021 Documentation DOC:  Reporting - remove all generated/saved reports before running the uninstaller
900184 Documentation README: Manually adjust the Home  URL for Reporting when deployed on WebSphere
900258 Documentation README:  Sometimes have to restart Reporting when EAS has been unavailable
900374 Documentation DOC: Rewrite section "43.5.2 Upgrading the Event Auditing Service"
900590 Documentation README: The log4j.xml for a WebSphere installation of Reporting needs to be updated
900832 Documentation DOC:  WebSphere section 34.5.1 in setup guide has a WebLogic example
900833 Documentation DOC:  WebSphere section 34.5.1 in setup guide has the wrong path for the install
900834 Documentation DOC: The rest api documentation war (rptapi) is not outlined in the documentation
900837 Documentation DOC: Section 34.4  in the Setup guide is completely wrong
900838 Documentation DOC: WebSphere section 34.5 in the setup guide is missing the JVM System Properties
900840 Documentation DOC: WebSphere section 34.5 in the setup guide is missing the Shared Library
900842 Documentation DOC:  WebSphere section 34.5.2 needs to have the Spring Framework removed from the Setup guide
900846 Documentation README: How to set-up configupdate for Reporting with a stand alone deployment
900850 Documentation DOC: Reporting System Requirements for databases includes Oracle 11
900851 Documentation DOC: Wording about running reports on remote Oracle needs to be re-worked
900852 Documentation DOC: Need to clearly outline that Audit data will only be kept for 90 days
900939 Documentation README: Identity Apps silent properties file has incorrect example entry for Microsoft MS SQL
900947 Documentation README:  log4j warning messages in the SystemErr.log for WebSphere from Reporting
901325 Documentation README: Reporting requires additional steps on Linux to enable Auditing
901336 Documentation README: Reporting requires additional steps on Windows to enable Auditing
902985 Documentation DOC: Rename Chapter VIII in the Setup Guide for IDM 4.5
903193 Documentation DOC: Wrong name : Object Provisioning Report name need to change to "Password Resets".
903265 Documentation DOC: [Reporting Guide][Section 9.5] No UDP port field under "Event Auditing Service Settings".
903271 Documentation DOC: [Reporting Guide][Section 9.5] NetIQ Identity Audit Event names need to be changed.
903287 Documentation DOC: [Reporting Guide][Section 11.10] Need to remove deploy section.
914050 Documentation In 45 SE Reporting is not starting correctly related to Auditing being enabled
915551 Documentation DOC: Must delete the reportRunner reference from the database as part of the upgrade process
916183 Documentation README: Receive SSPR 5071 when accessing any  sspr resource directly
916805 Documentation DOC: need to stop the nauditpa thread when upgrading from SE to AE
916854 Documentation DOC:  Identity Apps and Identity Reporting fail to start if entries are not correct in the logevent file
917170 Documentation DOC: iptables not persisted after firewall changes or rebooting
917589 Documentation README: configupdate from an OSP-SSPR install shows/requires IDM Advanced Edition information
919052 Documentation README: Reporting installer is not creating the jboss_init script
919055 Documentation README: Reporting install will change the permission of  the
649486 EAS Profile Need more integration and support of traditional audit events.
762706 EAS Profile EAS not using latest audit connector
773823 EAS Profile (cygnus): Upgrade of EAS from 401 to 402 deletes the two files and
855429 EAS Profile script will not run
885235 EAS Profile II: EAS: in server0.0.log
887941 EAS Profile EAS install - on the License screen user is able to accept without scrolling to the end
888713 EAS Profile II#77: EAS bundles NetIQ OneSSO collector, but does not create its collector instance by default.
889355 EAS Profile EAS  is using Java 1.7.0_55 and needs to be upgraded to _65
889637 EAS Profile EAS missing SSPR connector
890285 EAS Profile Tomcat takes too much time to stop and killed eventually. (easrestapi war)
890327 EAS Profile Getting Error message on clicking the Auditing link.
890409 EAS Profile After Successful II installation,all collectors are not started by default
893255 EAS Profile Syslog connector reporting error in ESM gui
893842 EAS Profile EASRESTAPI.war fails to deploy on JBoss EE
894208 EAS Profile sentinel eas webstart jar security settings
894554 EAS Profile Unable to login to EAS when installed on SLES and all other apps on Windows
895392 EAS Profile EAS Installer from the RC1 build (#121) does not have the correct EULA
895471 EAS Profile #122 SEVERE Exception during easwebstart
896708 EAS Profile The jre is not installed during the EAS install
899626 EAS Profile WebSphere: Unable to access Event Source Manager
759362 Events Data Collection State Report:Collector Description is not displayed in report PDF
762006 Events EAS not using latest IDM collector in RC2
762007 Events EAS not using latest eDir collector in RC2
762008 Events EAS not using latest iManager collector in RC2
762009 Events EAS not using latest Sentinel Link integrator in RC2
762010 Events EAS not using latest Syslog server in RC2
763903 Events ENH: Have the idmrpt_association_hist table have an idmrpt_deleted column and be utilized
776433 Events Reporting is not handling a user being deleted and re-created correctly via a Non-Managed System
782536 Events ENH: Have the idmrpt_ext_item_attr_hist be utilized for additional Attributes
788606 Events Need to support users with naming attribute of uid
849729 Events Reporting can not handle a role with many child roles correctly
887202 Events ENH: Increase the size of the column attribute_value in the Table idmrpt_ext_item_attr
895433 Framework - Data Collection Service DCS holding transactions after long periods of no activity
757127 Framework - Database report with duplicate display named is silently ignored
817048 Framework - Database Onyx::Self Password Change: Proposal to have User ID Range, Department and Order By field in the report generation selection criteria
857257 Framework - Database idmrpt_events_v view uses UNION instead of UNION ALL
857353 Framework - Database Copy table comments to views based on the same table
882879 Framework - Database Remove the "hibernate" configuration files from the IDMRPT-CORE.war
884634 Framework - Database Need ability to disable RPT database schema update on startup.
884914 Framework - Database Data Source: Test Connection success message is not localized.
884918 Framework - Database Security: Data source password is stored in clear text in the database
885993 Framework - Database Incorrect Default Datasource name.
886168 Framework - Database Data Source: Removing the Data Source should prompt before deleting
888034 Framework - Database Liquibase fails to change ownership of databasechangelog to idmrptsrv
892247 Framework - Database Datasource and date range criteria not saved on an update
896308 Framework - Database some report brings back data or no data based upon database connection setting
896335 Framework - Database SSL flag for data soruces inadvertently cached on server
875708 Framework - Localization References to Novell Identity Reporting Module in xliff files
886435 Framework - Localization Data Source: Test Connection Failure message is not localized
630584 Framework - Report Compilation (Jasper) Remove redundant chartcustomizer.jar and TemplateReportScriptlet class
882491 Framework - Report Compilation (Jasper) Date ranges in predefined reports not taking into account what a week is for that locale/location
896641 Framework - Report Compilation (Jasper) JBoss-EAP: Jasper reports compilation failed on Windows
641504 Framework - REST Endpoints ENH: cleanup code in create/update report area
885431 Identity Vaults Reporting: Identity Vault registration fails.
632350 Import Changes to the header and footer report are not reflected when running other reports
887826 Import Upgrade: Report symbolic name changes causing loss of parameters and schedules on import
893993 Import IDM4.5: Failed to import .zip Report Definitions
619491 Installation IDM 4.0_LOC 20100625_0600: All_Lang : Unlocalised text in Sub Container Search
625957 Installation The report configuration tool should be a panel with all the properties, not an install program to be run each time