Defects fixed in the IDM 4.5.0 release

  • 7016414
  • 10-Apr-2015
  • 10-Nov-2015


NetIQ Analyzer 4.5.0
NetIQ Designer 4.5.0
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5.0
NetIQ Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.5.0


Defects fixed in NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5.0 Engine and Drivers:

Defect ID Component Description
862460 AD Password Sync-Password Agent ENH: Include the password sync troubleshooting tool as part of Pegasus
866107 AD Password Sync-Password Agent AD pwFilter status is reported as "Installed - Needs Reboot" when static port is used
848056 Audit Integration Audit events are not generated for .NET RL
859236 Audit Integration IDM's Audit Instrumentation certificate ssl Handshake issues
859596 Audit Integration EAS updated collectors for eDir and iManager no longer start
894551 Audit Integration Latest IDM Collector not rebraned to NetIQ
865478 Builds Oracle EBS Configuration scripts needs to be built as an rpm
867359 Builds Few files are missing from IDM_4.5_Linux_Framework_Build, when compared with IDM 4.0.2
867361 Builds Few files are missing from IDM_4.5_Windows_Framework_Build, when compared with IDM 4.0.2
867897 Builds Latest MSGW rpm needs to be included in 4.5 build
868130 Builds .Net driver instance failed to start through .net RL, few config files are missing
872673 Builds IDM 4.5 Framework build should not include 32 bit Engine binaries (as only 64 bit Engine is supported)
873357 Builds .NET RL fails to invoke on Windows 2008 32 bit server
877250 Builds Remove RMA folder from products folder
877251 Builds Remove unnecessary files from products/RBPM folder
877586 Builds Integrated installer fails to install iManager if SLES11 patch level greater then "3"
879009 Builds IDM4.5 - Could not install Analyzer successfully
883804 Builds II: Integrated Installer is bundled with old 402 EAS binary
884717 Builds 64-bit Ndsrep for linux missing from the 4.5 build.
884956 Builds Openssl security vulnerability hotfix needs to be consumed into IDM 4.5
885261 Builds Integrated Installer is not bundled with the latest version of Designer
885298 Builds II:EAS Install: RPM Information still refers to Novell
885584 Builds mapdb files missing from Windows framework iso.
885896 Builds IDM 4.5 Framework Installer does not have UAD and RnR driver rpms
887665 Builds To include JRE version 1.7u65 in IDM 4.5
888682 Builds Soap driver is not starting with https configured with KMO
888692 Builds dirxmllib.dll is missing from changelog x64 and x86 folders in II build
888703 Builds IDM 4.5 II build to include CLE released version (3.7.3)
888763 Builds RACF rpm needs to be removed from the ISO
888779 Builds Manual task driver missing couple of files from the Windows ISO
890134 Builds Incorporate new metamap replacement to generate HRMD files
893419 Builds SAP UM and HR drivers utilities readme files (JCOTest.txt and readme_jco3.txt) are missing on Windows platform
893453 Builds novell-DXMLsentl-3.6.1-20090721 rpm need to remove from IDM 4.5 build
893610 Builds GroupWise REST driver need to remove from IDM 4.5 ISO
898585 Builds opencsv-2.1.jar is  not part of Windows ISO
899378 Builds MD5 checksum for few JAR files are mismatching when compared between Windows and Linux Platform
489611 Documentation How to make the remote loader auto start on linux isn't properly documented for the Notes Driver.
616471 Documentation update DTD documentation
774225 Documentation Need to add steps to make asamcdrvd start at boot time
788880 Documentation There are no docs for the Banner driver under the IDM 4.0.2 driver doc page
792213 Documentation MSGW Driver SSL Configuration is incomplete
793983 Documentation Question asked during the installation of the secondary fan-out driver is not present in the documentation.
795380 Documentation REST end point /idvdata/accounts/rule is not usable in a production environment
800926 Documentation 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 Documentation page are missing the quick start guides for Fanout/Linux/Unix drivers
813008 Documentation Soap Driver documentation is incorrect on how to configure Operation-data commands
815943 Documentation Publisher channel mutual Auth  steps are missing
819675 Documentation InitatorUserDomain is being set incorrectly for eDir user events
822012 Documentation Need to document the details of BUG#804765
823735 Documentation Generate Password Noun does not follow password policy setting for disallowing Extended characters.
830895 Documentation IDM Discarding events while a sync from move occuring
836256 Documentation Exception thrown in trace randomly
841947 Documentation eDir to eDir document needs addition for Identity Tracking
841948 Documentation Bi directional driver documentation needs addition for Identity Tracking best practices
854596 Documentation Documentiation is wrong for IDM XDAS iManager configuration
854631 Documentation Bi-Dir EDir driver : NDStrace shows Unable to load extension module dxldap, err = -5984 (0xffffffffffffe8a0)
855316 Documentation Documentation for using ECMA Scripts in Health Jobs needs more information.
855328 Documentation using regular expression pattern in local variable is not escaping special characters.
857645 Documentation Unable to import ActiveDirectory Module using powershell when IDM exchange Service is installed.
857660 Documentation IDM 402 online documentation to include support for Windows 2012 R2 OS
860183 Documentation Clarification on JMS Driver installation
860184 Documentation Mismatch in JMS driver parameters
860403 Documentation Instructions for generating CLE Log files are hard to find
860980 Documentation Group dynamic resource does not get created when enable permission reconciliation for group entitlement - GCV is set to No
861578 Documentation Missing information in Bidirectional eDirectory driver documentation
862153 Documentation IDENTITY MANAGER 4.0.2 Documentation - System Requirements - OES11sp2
862304 Documentation Doc: Disabling Jade gcv will disable all the resource assignments for custom entitlement
865895 Documentation IDM 4.0.2 LDAP driver Implementation guide contains references to 4.0.1 DVD's instead of 4.0.2
865903 Documentation Discrepency in LDAP driver documentation on supported Sun Directory versions for PWD sync.
866869 Documentation DOC: IDM PowerShell Service cannot find cmdlets
869544 Documentation Rule engine does not honor mode specified in set/add destination attribute value
870131 Documentation Documentation update for sharepoint 2013 setup
870393 Documentation DOC: DirXML-PasswordSyncStatus
870524 Documentation Uninstall log reports UNINSTALL_COMPLETE=INCOMPLETE
873695 Documentation The do-add-role and do-remove-role IDM actions do not support all entities(Doc changes)
873773 Documentation AD driver power shell command execution fails on windows 2012
874088 Documentation SAP UM documentation addition for troubleshooting password sync
874984 Documentation Trace file permissions forced to 600 on Linux.
875165 Documentation Incorrect information in Office 365 driver guide.
875906 Documentation Doc Production - (Identity Manager 4.0.2 Driver Docs) “Implementation Guide Identity Manager Driver for Mainframes: RACF* 4.0.2"
876031 Documentation AD Password resets are setting eDir passwordExpiration
876418 Documentation Dibclone copies across DirXML-DriverSetDN on PseudoServer Object.
876782 Documentation Explanation of future dated IDocs for the SAP HR driver is confusing.
876914 Documentation Job documentation is missing any mention of tracing
877194 Documentation Allow or Force the location of TAO files to a subfolder of 'dib' param should be ECV
877195 Documentation New cache flush parameter should be ECV
877217 Documentation IDM 4.5 should have ECV for DirXML-UseNoRefAssoc
877370 Documentation Documentation: Lotus Notes Driver
878822 Documentation JMS driver doc needs to be updated for Websphere 7.5 support
878966 Documentation A new section to update PL/SQL scripts needs to be added to the documentation
879260 Documentation Link to CLE documentation is broken
879272 Documentation CLE installation steps are unclear
879631 Documentation JMS driver not coming with JBOSS 6.2
879975 Documentation IDM framework installer fails on RHEL 6.5 64-bit
880312 Documentation AD driver password sync troubleshooting update in the doc
881086 Documentation Start Workflow action does not allow to send multiple values to a PRD field
881686 Documentation Bi-Directional Driver needs stop/start functionality
882753 Documentation Documentation of FanOut driver say that's possible to use "polling" on RUNMODE on mainframes, but not say anything about "POLLRAND" and "POLLINT".
882754 Documentation Version of the ACF2 described IDM driver documentation doesn't exists.
883842 Documentation Document minimal space requirements for EAS
884260 Documentation DCSSubscriberShim: Could NOT persist Event
884266 Documentation Adding DomainConnectionPwd to Peoplesoft Driver
884487 Documentation Need to document dirxml script action do-generate-xdas-event
884924 Documentation Silent install section of II has details of silent configuration
884945 Documentation Uninstall of identity manager components shows install this should be documented
888103 Documentation Older rpms of remedy driver are present even after upgrading IDM to 4.5
888108 Documentation Avaya rpm need to be removed on Upgrade to 4.5
888111 Documentation RSA driver rpm needs to be removed on upgrade to 4.5
888476 Documentation JMS driver fails to reconnect to WebMQ if restarted
888750 Documentation DCS Driver configuration -- SSO parameters display names for ip address and port needs to updated.
888920 Documentation Silent upgrade of 64-bit RL fails
889225 Documentation Document that Top secret driver to be removed manually
889472 Documentation JDBC Package upgrade does not retain old values
890367 Documentation Single sign on password documentation updates for IDM 4.5
890399 Documentation Enhancement to validate the II SSO password complexity before starting the installation
890522 Documentation 4.5 readme needs to mention the need to choose password that meets SUSE requirements
890637 Documentation Document the ndsrep utility location.
891042 Documentation Identity Manager readme
891224 Documentation 4.5 remove all references of Telemetry
891225 Documentation Remove telemetry job during upgrade
891558 Documentation Update SAPHR Documentation about new metamap replacement to generate HRMD files
891587 Documentation SAP HR driver - Infotype 0105 (Communication) and Infotype 0032 (Internal Data) delete operation at publisher channel is not working
891658 Documentation Remedy driver 7.5 supported versions incorrect
892250 Documentation Single user password usage changed
892465 Documentation Documentation required for Bug 848807
893280 Documentation Office 365 driver prerequisite files unclear
893325 Documentation DCS driver default driver parameter(time interval) change.
893486 Documentation Publisher channel in secure channel using keystore  not working
893847 Documentation 4.5 migration and upgrade guide needs to link to SSPR doc
894561 Documentation Random IP for OSP server value during configure on Red Hat (117)
895095 Documentation Need to remove Novell branding from NetIQ Identity Manager architecture diagram in Setup Guide
896173 Documentation Event source is not created at EAS Server live view - Document Update
896177 Documentation A warning thrown while installing Novell platform agent asking for reboot - Doc update
896182 Documentation Office 365 - Cannot add multiple licenses in one operation
896269 Documentation IDM45 - What's new doc
896275 Documentation IDM45 - Requirements doc
896407 Documentation Upgrade on SLES has warning for iManager plugins
896637 Documentation Doc - Certificate created during installation is invalid with FireFox 31
897068 Documentation Platform Agent warning message prompt when upgrading only .NET RL
897240 Documentation README: Manual task driver : Links in the email generated do not work after IDM36x to  401 upgrade
897401 Documentation Second server added to the tree is not provided a copy of all partitions
897511 Documentation Few old rpm/files left out after IDM uprade - doc update
898216 Documentation Password policy needs change to allow SSPR to read users password
898236 Documentation DOC: Documentation needs to reflect that IDM4 entitlements are not supported
898365 Documentation DOC: How to get ndsrep implemented correctly the first time
899060 Documentation Setup guide incorrectly states that AD can be used as the Identity Vault
900241 Documentation README: II Install Config summary(config completion) page freeze.
900256 Documentation README: After installing via the Integrated Installer on Linux one must reboot the O/S
900263 Documentation Sharepoint RL instance failed to start with Windows command prompt Width set to 197 - require documentation update
900283 Documentation README - defect # 900170 -  iManager no longer sending audit events
900371 Documentation PUM Driver installation process references wrong package names
900372 Documentation PUM driver manual add note to activation section
900373 Documentation Adjust IDM 4.5 upgrade note related to GroupWise
900375 Documentation IDm 4.5 upgrade section should note to uninstall RMA
900428 Documentation Doc defect for Bug #900427
900542 Documentation PUM driver change note in section 1.1.5
900547 Documentation Office 365 driver manual needs exact location of prerequisite files
900548 Documentation Office 365 driver manual needs exact location of prerequisite files
900629 Documentation DOC: Integrated Installer Guide needs to outline that TAG does not provide Support for ActiveMQ, PostgreSQL, and  Tomcat
900781 Documentation IDM 4.5 Framework silent installation displayed a pop up GUI (Platform Agent install progress dialog) - require documentation under know issue
900809 Documentation Understanding the Java Remote Loader section is confusing
900943 Documentation README: Build 147 (GM1) install on Windows does not get set-up as AE
901219 Documentation Doc: Post IDM upgrade uninstall, IDM entry listed in the control panel.
901561 Documentation Doc: Post upgrade , Re-branding and version mismatch under control panel.
901580 Documentation Need note on known issues about Analyzer and Designer install on RH
902960 Documentation The README for IDM 4.5 is not clear about those areas that are deprecated or removed
903289 Documentation (Identity Manager 4.5 Drivers) / Action: Publish To Novell Doc Site
907031 Documentation Driver fails to initialize while processing an incoming event when PCRS is enabled
908539 Documentation rpm  version changes in upgraded environment
911025 Documentation IDM 4.5 SE build includes releasenotes which refers to "Identity Manager Advanced Edition"
915139 Documentation Upgrade: Engine not moved to AE mode after applying IDM 4.5 AE activation on IDM 4.5 Standard Edition
916174 Documentation Outdated "jersey-bundle-" retained post IDM SE 4.5 upgrade.
764268 Driver-Active Directory AD Powershell support needs access to response
831051 Driver-Active Directory ADDriver.dll 64bit has to support ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization)
854970 Driver-Active Directory xds query failed because of wrong LDAP filter
855291 Driver-Active Directory IDM 402C - Could not synchronize with AD driver
863220 Driver-Active Directory Exchange Service does not honor the Exchange Tools version when selecting server
863279 Driver-Active Directory Surname is not handled correctly during merge
870807 Driver-Active Directory Coverity changes in AD Driver Exchange service projects
870881 Driver-Active Directory Possible memory leak in the Remote Loader / ADDriver Shim.
872788 Driver-Active Directory DOC: Documentation for psExcecute should be explicitly mention that scripting is not supported
873359 Driver-Active Directory DirXML-Accounts attribute does not created during a match operation
876512 Driver-Active Directory novell-DXMLadeng rpm displays incorrect copyright info
888700 Driver-Active Directory password filter cpl showing wrong status of the filter
891051 Driver-Active Directory IDM Exchange service description needs to be rebranded
757218 Driver-Active Directory - Config Exchange entitlement does not return useful info
873153 Driver-Active Directory - Config Move to the base container fails to sync on the subscriber channel
876524 Driver-Active Directory - Config Documentation : Provide Exchange Server FQDN if there are multiple in the environment
880190 Driver-Active Directory - Config Jade package policy NOVLADENTEX-itp-StripgroupAssociationRef is too broad
880662 Driver-Active Directory - Config Loopback detection fails randomly for Jade AD driver.
884488 Driver-Active Directory - Config Catalog does not get updated with proper assignments when users that exist on both eDir and LDAP server are migrated into IdVault
886177 Driver-Active Directory - Config Getting error on selecting 'Driver Configuration' tab in driver properties window for AD
887733 Driver-Active Directory - Config Exchange assignments are not getting reconcilled in the pub channel
890742 Driver-Active Directory - Config With entitlement ON regranting the entitlement disables the account in IDV
893249 Driver-Active Directory - Config AD group entitlement description incorrect
894313 Driver-Active Directory - Config AD driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
897645 Driver-Active Directory - Config AD driver migrate linkages & weight issues
876485 Driver-Avaya PBX Copyright information needs to be changed for avaya driver
876462 Driver-Banner Banner driver rpm info still shows Novell
894508 Driver-Banner - Config Banner driver packages shows policies with the same weight
876507 Driver-Blackboard Blackboard driver rpm requires re-branding changes
894509 Driver-Blackboard Blackboard driver packages shows policies with the same weight
831681 Driver-Changelog Bi-Directional Driver needs stop/start functionality
874982 Driver-Changelog eDirectory cores in multiple places after upgrading to eDir HF1
888709 Driver-Changelog Executing "ndsrepair -R -l yes" is causing ndsd to crash if the Changelog Module is running
895698 Driver-Changelog Bi-directional eDir driver changelog module version should be 4.0.1-2 instead of 4.5.0-0
897324 Driver-Changelog Build failure for Dirxml_Changelog on Solaris
876483 Driver-Composer composer driver rpm needs re-branding changes
771599 Driver-DataCollectionService No data from DCS driver forwarded to Reporting Core Module
865790 Driver-DataCollectionService DCSPublisherShim: Waiting for BatchThread to terminate
867573 Driver-DataCollectionService Upgrade Data colllection Driver shim code to support jdbm 3.0
868174 Driver-DataCollectionService Rebranding changes & Coverity check-ins for DCS Driver shim
870641 Driver-DataCollectionService DCSSubscriberShim: Could NOT persist Event
876945 Driver-DataCollectionService DCS Filter needs to have the attribute nrfStatus added to the NrfRole
884348 Driver-DataCollectionService Unable to start the 'Data Collection Service' driver
888735 Driver-DataCollectionService Modifiy SSO parameters display names for ip address and port
893611 Driver-DataCollectionService Post II Install DCS driver in stopped state.
896427 Driver-DataCollectionService IDM 4.5 DCS driver has incorrect version
629910 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config ENH: Each value for a multivalued attribute, such as email, for user identity should be stored in DB
884258 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config DCSSubscriberShim: Could NOT persist Event
894497 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config DCS driver packages shows policies with the same weight
894770 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config Latest DCS driver package does not have the proper config settings
895939 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config DCS import should not have a loopback address in the SSO address field
898080 Driver-DataCollectionService - Config 4.5 DCS cannot be used with 402 without SSO
835751 Driver-Delimited Text Delimited Text shim inefficiently concatenates strings causing poor CPU performance, huge memory thrashing on long lines
872747 Driver-Delimited Text Java remote loader version  and vendor info needs to be changed to 4.5 in driver trace
875425 Driver-Delimited Text Fail to strart DelimitedText driver if input directory is not empty
881776 Driver-Delimited Text Bug fix in 667863 changes header on XML output docuement causing rejection by receiving app
891770 Driver-Delimited Text Delimited text driver trace does not reflect proper driver version
730251 Driver-eDirectory 64 bit integers are not getting synchronized in the publisher channel
766333 Driver-eDirectory Reports show undefined identifiers in the report
822605 Driver-eDirectory Driver does not re-establish connection if connection is cut by firewall
827809 Driver-eDirectory eDirectory Driver needs to use a more unique value for Identity Mapping
828095 Driver-eDirectory Bi directional driver fails during group adds when there are no attributes present
833117 Driver-eDirectory eDir Bi-Directinoal, Attribute in Filter set to Ignore on Sub will not sync on Pub
868339 Driver-eDirectory Modifications to a child objectof a just renamed OU fail with LDAP error which references old name of renamed OU
881814 Driver-eDirectory Need to include new deliverables for new ChangeLog utilty for Bi-Directional Driver
891685 Driver-eDirectory eDirectory driver does not get registered as a connected system with 4.5 reporting
850434 Driver-eDirectory - Config Designer prompts for base container in BiDir driverconfiguration
878544 Driver-eDirectory - Config Group Entitlement does not link user to group correctly
894495 Driver-eDirectory - Config Bi-eDir driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
894496 Driver-eDirectory - Config Bi-eDir policy NOVLPWDSYNC-sub-ctp-TransformDistPwd linked to run twice
895309 Driver-eDirectory - Config Legecy EDirecctory driver packages shows policies with the same weight
897648 Driver-eDirectory - Config Potential weight issue with Bi-eDir driver
796175 Driver-Fanout No Platform support for Sparc 64 bit code
838273 Driver-Fanout Invalid User/group causes no users or groups after that to process in a trawl.
876446 Driver-Fanout Fanout driver does not have the re-branding changes
765368 Driver-GoogleApps IDM GoogleApps driver documentation misspells 'Primary'
776107 Driver-GoogleApps Change default matching behavior for users without an entitlement
777274 Driver-GoogleApps Unable to set both NickNames and GmailSettingsSendAs using the Google Apps IDM driver
806587 Driver-GoogleApps Wants ability to have group paging supported by the google apps driver
810079 Driver-GoogleApps google driver makes no attempt to ensure that the target object name is created
824952 Driver-GoogleApps Google Apps drivers had terminated with a Fatal status processing an event instead of a Retry status
876517 Driver-GoogleApps Googleapps driver rpm requires re-branding changes
894506 Driver-GoogleApps Google driver packages shows policies with the same weight
894505 Driver-GroupWise - Config GroupWise driver packages shows policies with the same weight
891180 Driver-ID Provider ID provider driver versions are wrong
862508 Driver-JDBC JDBC Events are being processed out of order
876504 Driver-JDBC Copyright info needs to be changed for JDBC driver
878772 Driver-JDBC Oracle 11g(and earlier) intended SQL install script for schema, user, sample tables creation throwing errors for Oracle 12c database deployment.
879151 Driver-JDBC Error in starting the IDM 4.5 JDBC MySQL driver and as a result, absence of synchronzation activity in either of the channels.
884078 Driver-JDBC Internal information in the JDBCConfig.jar
887656 Driver-JDBC JDBC shim version not updated on IDM upgrade
887881 Driver-JDBC JDBC driver for Oracle DB fails to stop
806997 Driver-JDBC - Config Designer does not preserve driver configurations over Package upgrade/downgrade for JDBC drivers
824949 Driver-JDBC - Config Identity Manager package for JDBC (Sybase) has page of bad text
882139 Driver-JDBC - Config mistake in the dependencies of the JDBC packages
884723 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver fails to start in triggerless mode
887456 Driver-JDBC - Config Install SQL script for MS SQL 2014 needs to be modified
887475 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver for Oracle DB needs to provide an option to select the latest version - 12c, while creating driver using designer
887480 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver for MS SQL server needs to provide an option to select the latest version - SQL server 2014, during driver creation using designer
887546 Driver-JDBC - Config 2_install_8.sql fails to install triggers on DB2 database version 10.5
888299 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC Driver entitlements are not being listed on the RBPM
889577 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver Group Entitlement revoke not working.
890167 Driver-JDBC - Config DB2 JDBC driver needs to provide an option to select the latest version of DB2 database -v10.5
890799 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver MSSQL user add fails in direct  synchronisation  mode publisher channel
892306 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC Driver PostGres SQL Base package shows 'oracle' during driver configuration.
892665 Driver-JDBC - Config Rebranding was not done for certain JDBC packages.
893801 Driver-JDBC - Config For Oracle JDBC Driver (Direct synch) while assigning group entitlement, groups are not being listed under Entitlement values
894458 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver preconfig  scripts have to be bundled with  the iso.
894500 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
894981 Driver-JDBC - Config For JDBC driver post upgrade certain properties are not being preserved
895108 Driver-JDBC - Config For JDBC driver, post upgrade , field "Query Limit (default 10000):" is missing under driver properties.
895255 Driver-JDBC - Config Post Upgrade of Oracle JDBC driver with the latest Indirect/Direct Synchronization packages , new field is getting created.
897869 Driver-JDBC - Config JDBC latest packages trying to add additional copies of same rules
862375 Driver-JMS JMS driver fails to reconnect to WebMQ if restarted
876508 Driver-JMS JMS driver rpm requires copyright info update
878015 Driver-JMS JMS driver shows just NetIQ in driver trace
880535 Driver-JMS Under the path ,idm45-007:/opt/novell/eDirectory/lib/dirxml/rules/jms/tibco_ems -user description has "Novell Identity Manager"
882777 Driver-JMS JMS publisher throws a timeout error when started for the first time or started after a shutdown
883759 Driver-JMS Time out Error thrown by driver with JBOSS 6.2
892677 Driver-JMS JMS config scripts for Webpshere 7.5 needs to be added to the utilities
895944 Driver-JMS JMS driver version mismatch
862500 Driver-JMS - Config JMS Driver - Fails to process add event due to a faulty query in shipped XSLT
879692 Driver-JMS - Config JMS Driver - Discrepancy in channel "disable" options
855272 Driver-LDAP LDAP Driver 402 driver does not pick up publisher events when connected to Sun LDAP
862999 Driver-LDAP Driver fails to start if it is previously stopped directory tree building
863703 Driver-LDAP Polling stops if the driver is stopped after entry search is over.
871540 Driver-LDAP LDAP driver db file size grows with each polling cycle.
877471 Driver-LDAP LDAP driver version needs to be incremented.
879590 Driver-LDAP New user assignment to a group is not getting onboarded to the group resource
880885 Driver-LDAP Wrong information is written to the driver trace
881819 Driver-LDAP query fails with null pointer exception
881954 Driver-LDAP Driver should honor the sensitive attribute list sent by the engine
882044 Driver-LDAP Using LDAP driver with DSFW breaks the Acount Tracking queries
883316 Driver-LDAP Publisher polling stops if we modify the filter on windows.
888710 Driver-LDAP mapdb files permission should be restricted.
879564 Driver-LDAP - Config Loopback detection fails randomly for Jade LDAP driver.
879610 Driver-LDAP - Config ACLs on certain driver objects are lost upon designer import and deploy
894316 Driver-LDAP - Config LDAP driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
895326 Driver-LDAP - Config NOVLLDAPMSYS package needs to be incremented.
896647 Driver-LDAP - Config keystore password field is visible - LDAP driver
876474 Driver-Linux & Unix novell-DXMLnxpam-4.0-0 rpm requires re-branding changes.
870772 Driver-Loopback - Config Static assignments revocation is not handled properly
893488 Driver-Loopback - Config Group membership assignment is not getting handled by loopback driver
894395 Driver-Loopback - Config Loopback driver: User migration into IdV results in an error
895601 Driver-Loopback - Config Driver synchronization fails to update the catalog with the right assignments
779582 Driver-Lotus Notes adminp move process fails due to search not finding the right NoteID
876513 Driver-Lotus Notes Re-branding changes not done for lotus notes driver rpm
894501 Driver-Lotus Notes - Config Notes driver packages shows policies with the same weight
771887 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Jetty server shipped with IDM is not updated since Dorado
864818 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Upgrade MSgateway Driver shim code to support jetty 9.0
864821 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Upgrade MSgateway Driver shim code to support jdbm 3.0
878523 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Upgrade Servlet container to Jersey 1.18 for REST enabled Drivers
881047 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Data Collection: Endpoing /idvdata/ms throws 503 error.
889308 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway The rest end-point trace is printing in RED.
893250 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Query injected into driver has a problem with the timestamp
894304 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway MSGW driver will not run with the 116 build for IDM 4.5
894353 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway Data Collection: Endpoint- /idvdata/ms throws 503 error.
895449 Driver-ManagedSystemGateway - Config MSGW driver reports connection address as
880499 Driver-Manual Task Manual task driver fails to start with no class found exception
881705 Driver-Manual Task https connection with manual taks driver fails
881706 Driver-Manual Task Driver version and driver ID are not correct for manual task driver
896303 Driver-Manual Task Manual task driver not able to start with different password of keystore file and server key
883355 Driver-Manual Task - Config Driver wont start with the shipping version of the preconfig.
781270 Driver-Office365 Yin Yang symbol is not showing in Designer
842596 Driver-Office365 Unable to disable Outlook authentication with Office 365 Driver
844980 Driver-Office365 Adding user to group during add causes endless loop of retry events
877354 Driver-Office365 Office 365 Connector: Unable to assign this license because it is invalid
883141 Driver-Office365 Office365 Driver does not always handle Display Name correct
883385 Driver-Office365 Office 365 Users are forced to change password on next logon after a password change from the Vault
886350 Driver-Office365 Driver comes to retry state after adding group without owner
886401 Driver-Office365 Office 365 - Vanilla shim reporting publisher errors.
886500 Driver-Office365 Office 365 driver does not show polling loop at trace level 3.
887908 Driver-Office365 - Config Errors observed in the "Error Log" tab while launching/restarting Designer
894314 Driver-Office365 - Config Office 365 driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
898333 Driver-Office365 - Config Office 365 driver changed rule order after weight modifications
872951 Driver-OracleEBS_HR User account exception thrown for EBS  HR driver during heartbeat when future start date is set for employee in EBS
872952 Driver-OracleEBS_HR workforceid is not syncing back to IDM after subscriber add
889160 Driver-OracleEBS_HR Exception randomly thrown in trace making the driver unsable
895049 Driver-OracleEBS_HR-Config Create a notification panel for uninstall datacollection common package
838502 Driver-OracleEBS_TCA PATCH - Identity Vault Users with Access to Managed System shows incorrect user status for EBS TCA driver
896195 Driver-OracleEBS_TCA The Oracle EBS driver rpm and shim version mismatch
872827 Driver-OracleEBS_UM Unable to set WSS Header for the SOAP request
896200 Driver-OracleEBS_UM Oracle EBS driver not able to start with different password of keystore file and server key
882466 Driver-Packages Adding PUM driver to Identity Manager
883827 Driver-Packages Add  new gcv  service-account-dn to Common Settings Advanced Edition GCV package
890132 Driver-Packages PUM driver has bad data in RL port area
891456 Driver-Packages Vendor named in all packages for NetIQ need to to changed to reflect NetIQ
894036 Driver-Packages Post II configure "Role and Resource Service" driver in stopped state.
895303 Driver-Packages Jade common package linkage not correct.
895455 Driver-Packages Second driverset added by integrated installer need to add DirXML-PasswordPolicy assignment
838284 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 Adding DomainConnectionPwd to Peoplesoft Driver
876688 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 PeopleSoft Driver is failing to start because of nps-domainconnectpwd-flag
875043 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 - Config PeopleSoft Driver is failing to load
876691 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 - Config COverity changes for peoplesoft and salesforce drivers
894507 Driver-PeopleSoft 5 - Config Peoplesoft driver packages shows policies with the same weight
890270 Driver-PUM PUM driver data collection in 4.5 inop
899790 Driver-PUM PUM ldif reports error on execution
895885 Driver-PUM - Config PUM driver is not deploying common settings GCV's package to driverset
899762 Driver-PUM - Config Password change in eDir locks upo all other operations for PUM driver
876499 Driver-Remedy ARS novell-DXMLremedy75- requires re-branding changes
876642 Driver-Role-Based Entitlements novell-DXMLtlmnt-3.5.2-7288 rpm does not have re-branding changes.
862786 Driver-SalesForce Multiple "Setting up SSL connection" messages in Trace
882444 Driver-SalesForce Driver should use a driver identifiable name for map db database.
882445 Driver-SalesForce SF driver still has reference to old jdbm files.
883147 Driver-SalesForce Comparison of the retrieved user from salesforce with mapDB always returns false.
884682 Driver-SalesForce Incorrect message shown if we add the user in salesforce.
884685 Driver-SalesForce Delete of an attribute value is not getting synced on the publisher channel.
884687 Driver-SalesForce User not added to mapDB database for loopback detected user.
818289 Driver-SalesForce - Config Account tracking attributes getting changed if we update any attribute on Salesforce
881045 Driver-SalesForce - Config Upgrade JDBM3 to MapDb for salesforce driver
884741 Driver-SalesForce - Config Account tracking identifier is not getting changed if we update the Username in SF
884742 Driver-SalesForce - Config Inactivating the account in salesforce is not removing DirXML-Accounts
888855 Driver-SalesForce - Config All driver packages that use notification panel will need to be updated for 4.5
894502 Driver-SalesForce - Config Salesforce driver packages shows policies with the same weight
876500 Driver-SAP GRC Re-branding changes required for SAP GRC driver
862050 Driver-SAP HR SAP HR Driver patch 4 showing incorrect product version (same as Patch 3)
862059 Driver-SAP HR Observed an error "Code(-9208) Error: attribute 'DirXML-sapC-R-A-O-007' not in schema.<application>DirXML</application>" while processing an object type C (JOBS)
890984 Driver-SAP HR SAP HR driver failed to start through RL on Windows 2008 R2
893372 Driver-SAP HR SAP HR driver utility JCOTest.txt readme file is outdated
875446 Driver-SAP HR (JCo 3) Infotype 0105 not correctly processed by SAP HR driver shim
864000 Driver-SAP HR BL WorkOrder objects aren't processed in right order
876510 Driver-SAP HR BL novell-DXMLsapbl-3.6.0-20090520 rpm requires re-branding changes
886361 Driver-SAP HR BL SAP BL driver showing incorrect version 4.0.0-RELEASE
835275 Driver-SAP UME When attaching a tag "operation-data" to any operation on a SAP Portal driver, the return operation (Channel publisher) does not return the operation properties within this tag.
873783 Driver-SAP UME SAP UM Fanout driver & 2 non-cua clients - resource assigned to incorrect SAP instance
784990 Driver-SAP User SAP UM Driver: Publisher channel is not working for the user created at ID Vault
886356 Driver-SAP User SAP Portal Driver version displayed as 3.6.2
888978 Driver-SAP User Check SAP Account (SR# 10898616181)
889974 Driver-SAP User SAP UM driver using RL failed to rename the processed idoc to .done
890785 Driver-SAP User Few Data Collection API's are getting failed using SAP UM Driver in fanout mode
891032 Driver-SAP User IDM 4.5 SAP UM driver showing incorrect version
891719 Driver-SAP User NOVLSAPUBASE.feature_2.1.0.20140807074027.jar doesn't include read-me and re-branded vendor information
892269 Driver-SAP User SAP UM driver "Migrate into Identity Vault" operation failed
892495 Driver-SAP User SAP User Management Driver Base Package version is not updated
892509 Driver-SAP User SAP User Management Entitlements and Fanout Support Package showing improper readme contents
892510 Driver-SAP User NOVLSAPUXMPL.feature_2.0.0.20140724050414.jar doesn't include read-me and re-branded vendor information
893321 Driver-SAP User SAP UM driver utility readme_jco3.txt referring Novell documentation, instead of NetIQ
839080 Driver-SAP User - Config SAP UM driver fan-out missing association.
893070 Driver-SAP User - Config SAP issue malformed query for non-cua
894315 Driver-SAP User - Config SAP UM driver packages show MANY policies with the same weight
895513 Driver-SAP User - Config NOVLSAPUATRK.feature_2.1.0.20140903165014.jar package version, read-me and Vendor information is not updated
820036 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) SAP logical system is not getting synchronized during user add operation at IDV, with entitlement options disabled
873551 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) SAP Fanout out driver : modify-password events are not processed for all CUA clients
885849 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) Using IDM 4.5 the SAP UM Driver failed to start, the driver shim included in the build seems to be incorrect
893597 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) SAP UM utilities folder should not include schema files (sapuserjco3.sch), which is getting included on Linux OS
896604 Driver-SAP User (JCo 3) SAP UM driver calling illegal ECMA function
702764 Driver-Scripting Identity Manager Scripting driver documentation only supports Mac OS X 10.5
853326 Driver-Sharepoint SharepointDriver_2013 Remote Loader instance failed to start as a Service
873098 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver instance failed to start after applying Engine Patch 5
873172 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver build should not include .Net Remote Loader binaries
875464 Driver-Sharepoint The Sharepoint user's Distinguished name gets changed from claims based format to classic when the user's PrincipalName modified at AD
875487 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver displayed incorrect value for "src-dn", using sharepoint 2013 server
876663 Driver-Sharepoint Observed an error "You cannot invalidate the SPRequest object while it's in use.", during multiple sharepoint driver operations
876761 Driver-Sharepoint User Description delete operation is not getting synchronized from IDV to Sharepoint (Subscriber Channel)
883410 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver with LDAP as identity provider using sharepoint server 2010 is not working
884020 Driver-Sharepoint Group member synchronization from Sharepoint server to IDV failed, using Sharepoint server 2010 with LDAP as identity provider
884583 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver associating user account incorrectly to Sharepoint server 2010 with LDAP as identity provider
884597 Driver-Sharepoint Group member delete operation at sharepoint server does not synchronizing to IDV properly
885960 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver re-branding is not done
887575 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint Driver subscriber channel user add operation failed to synchronize with latest build
887920 Driver-Sharepoint Sharepoint driver showing incorrect version
887895 Driver-SOAP Soap driver is not starting with https configured with KMO
887930 Driver-SOAP Sending a specific soap payload to the driver hangs the driver
891181 Driver-SOAP Rebranding changes needs to be done for the soap driver shim
891182 Driver-SOAP Mismatch of soap driver version in the shim and the rpm
896141 Driver-SOAP SOAP driver not able to start with different password of keystore file and server key
862275 Driver-SOAP - Config Publisher Add fails since the matching policy is not converting to the slash format
876654 Driver-SOAP - Config Data Collection  SOAP Jade driver is not listing the matching rules
876681 Driver-SOAP - Config Data Collection: Cannot get the entitlement values for SOAP Driver using MSGW endpoints
878582 Driver-SOAP - Config Readme needs to be updated for DSML and MSInfo packages
894504 Driver-SOAP - Config SOAP driver packages shows policies with the same weight
896636 Driver-SOAP - Config Publisher password configuration is not hidden in the driver configuration
884970 Driver-User Application - Config Unable to start UAD on 4.5 IDM
849092 Driver-Work Order WorkOrder driver's DoItNow flag doesn't work properly for work orders that have a due date in the past
871604 Driver-Work Order WorkOrder driver does not process "nwoDoItNowFlag" WorkOrders
876490 Driver-z/OS (Top Secret, ACF2, RACF) Top secret rpm requires re-branding changes
876443 Engine-Credential Provisioning Credential provisioning rpm does not reflect Netiq in rpm info
809211 Engine-DirXML Script Start Workflow action does not allow to send multiple values to a PRD field
862314 Engine-DirXML Script DirXML-GlobalConfigDef objects assigned incorrect precedence order when corresponding DirXML-ConfigValues attribute is absent.
757230 Engine-Filters Bi-eDir driver does optimize modify on object class
768117 Engine-Filters When IDM is running on an eDirectory server, LDAP adds/deletes/modifies slow down drastically
794279 Engine-Filters ~gcv~ in filter works only for publisher, but catches no events on subscriber
862465 Engine-Functionality Engine Optimization Issue
865521 Engine-Functionality Starting the driver configured with priority sync brings down the server.
867276 Engine-Functionality Failed priority event sync are not processed from the normal cache.
874721 Engine-Functionality Enabling a priority sync enabled driver crashes eDirectory
874747 Engine-Functionality Enabling priority sync on OU stalls the subscriber channel
875232 Engine-Functionality DirXML JVM interface initialization failed
875442 Engine-Functionality Synchrinization stalls while adding users with PS attributes
876120 Engine-Functionality PS event is not getting associated with the right src-dn
877933 Engine-Functionality eDirectory crashes when PS is enabled for the first time.
878330 Engine-Functionality PS status cache purge interval is not honoured.
878758 Engine-Functionality event-priority not available in all modify operations for driver configured in fan out.
878964 Engine-Functionality PS caching stops on a Jade enabled driver.
879316 Engine-Functionality Sometimes events are processed from normal cache before processing from PS cache.
879965 Engine-Functionality Driver creation fails with Unable to get schema ID for attribute 'DirXML-CacheLocation' error
880874 Engine-Functionality Association migration utility is not fanout aware
882163 Engine-Functionality Priority sync cache file name is wrong.
882219 Engine-Functionality Enabling the driver with cl