IDM RBPM 4.5.0 - Sever log EboSecurityManager error

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  • 06-Apr-2015
  • 07-Apr-2015


NetIQ Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.5.0


IDM RBPM 4.5, new install of RBPM and database.

Login to the User Application as the admin and go to Administration tab.

Select Page Admin, select any one of the pages, My Profile, Directory Search, or Organization Chart.

Select 'Assign Permisions' to add or changes the page permissions.

The permissions is assigned correctly without any errors.   The server log will contain the following error:

ERROR [RBPM] getElementAclForPermission: The id LDAPRealm\\cn=User Application Driver,cn=driverset1,o=system does not exist for the right READ and element type com.sssw.portal.persist.userservice.api.EbiSharedPageInfo.



The server log error is benign and does not indicate a problem with assigning permissions to the page. The error can be ignored.


Reported to Engineering