SSPR reCaptca prompt asks for two words when only one is displayed

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  • 31-Mar-2015
  • 31-Mar-2015


Self Service Password Reset
SSPR 3.2


SSPR reCaptcha prompt says "enter the two words displayed above" when only one word is displayed
SSPR Captcha prompt is incorrect


Use the SSPR Configuration Editor to edit the text displayed with the captcha image.
For example, change it to say "enter the word(s) displayed above."

To do this, open  the SSPR Configuration Editor.
Select Custom Text --> Display -->Display_CaptchaInputWords

Default text is scheduled to be changed in the next release of SSPR.


Google changed the way captcha images are presented to users and it now often presents one word instead of two.

Additional Information

One of the beauties of SSPR is that almost any string of text can be edited through the "Custom Text"  menu in Configuration Editor.