Install script does not run after running uninstall

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  • 31-Mar-2015
  • 13-May-2015


NetIQ Sentinel 7.3 Sentinel Server



While trying to install Sentinel 7.3 on Redhat Enterprise Server 6 (RHEL6) sp6, the install failed due to a missing library file. Sentinel was uninstalled using the uninstall_sentinel script from within the untarred folder, and the missing library was installed.

Expected Result:
Running the install script would run through to completion.

Actual Result:
After installing the missing library file, the install script was run again. However, the script only runs for a second or two before terminating with no output.



Check to see which rpm(s) may still be installed:

rpm -qa | grep scm-integration
rpm -qa | grep ncgOverlay
rpm -qa | grep novell

Remove any residually installed rpms by using

rpm -e <rpmname>

Once those remaining rpms have been removed, running the install again will be successful.


This behaviour has been observed on rare occasions when ./uninstall_sentinel is executed from the untarred location, rather than running the command /opt/novell/sentinel/setup/uninstall-Sentinel. In rare situations, some of the rpms are not uninstalled on the box. 


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Additional tests were run, in which similar symptoms were observed on RHEL6. After a successful installation, the uninstall script was run from the untarred folder, and subsequent executions of the install script would terminate after a second.

This behavior was also observed on SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES), although much more infrequent.