iPrint printer fails to install after upgrading to OSX 10.10.2

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  • 26-Mar-2015
  • 07-Feb-2017


Novell iPrint for Linux Open Enterprise Server 11  Support Pack 2
Novell iPrint Appliance 1.1
Novell iPrint Mac client 5.80


Mac OS version 10.9 does not have the problem.  Update the Mac OS to version 10.10.2 and the following error will be returned when attempting to install an iPrint printer: 

Please enter the username for Local iPrint/CUPS user account:

Regardless of the credentials provided, the printer install will fail. 

The symptom looks as follows when attempting to install the printer using iprntcmd:

iMac:~ user$ iprntcmd -a ipp://printermanager name/ipp/PA mame
iprntcmd v05.80.00
Adding printer ipp://printermanager name/ipp/PA name.
Please enter the username for Local iPrint/CUPS user account: admin
Please enter the password for Local iPrint/CUPS user account:
Please enter the username for Local iPrint/CUPS user account:
Failed to add printer ipp://printermanager name/ipp/Pa name.
    Group Info:   IPRINT-lib
    Error Code:   4110 (0x100E)
    Error Msg:    iPrint Lib - The user cancelled the login request.
    Debug Msg:    GetCredential - User cancelled the login request

The above problem happens with iPrint printers whether SSL enabled or not.


1. Uninstall the iPrint client
2. Reset the printing system  from printing preferences in the MAC (See Additional Information below for steps)
3. Install the iPrint client again.


The new CUPS in 10.10.2 reset the cups rights for the already installed iPrint Mac client so the iPrint client has to be re-register again following the steps mentioned on the resolution section.  Reinstalling the iPrint client is not enough.

Additional Information

Note, the reset process will:
Delete all printer queues and any print jobs within the queues
Reset all printer settings to the factory defaults
Remove all printer preference files
Perform a permissions reset on the Mac's /tmp directory
Remove any printers or scanners as seen in the Printers & Scanners preference window

To reset the Printing System:
Go to System Preferences by selecting it from the Apple menu, or by clicking on the icon in the dock
Select the Printers & Scanners preference option
In the Printers & Scanners preference window, place your cursor in an empty area of the printer list sidebar, then Ctrl-click and select Reset Printing System from the pop-up menu
You will be asked if you want to reset the printing system
Click the Reset button to continue
You may be asked for an administrator password. Supply the information and click OK
The printing system will be reset

You will then need to reinstall the iPrint client and reinstall any printers that were previously installed.