Issues with SSPR login after logging out.

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  • 23-Mar-2015
  • 24-Mar-2015


NetIQ Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module 4.5
NetIQ Identity Manager 4.5


Currently, the OSP-SSPR installer sets the logout URL for SSPR to:


This does work.  

The issue is after you logout of sspr  the URL will be: %protocol%://%server%:%port%/osp/a/idm/auth/app/

If you then try to login again (either as the same user or a different)

You will either see the screen flash and you are back on the OSP login 
You will be on on a page that states:

"One SSO Platform"

with a NetIQ logo and a logout link


The fix is to change the logout url to:


for example:

Steps to resolve:
1) Access SSPR
2) Login as the Admin user
3) Press on button "Configuration Editor"
4) Provide the configuration password
5) Select Settings -> Application
6) Go to the Logout URL field
- change the logout to:

7) Press save
8) You should not have to restart Tomcat, but it would not do any harm
9) Test

Additional Information

This is currently slated to be fixed in IDM 4.6