Desktop client sync problems when moving previously synchronized folders in offline mode

  • 7016313
  • 16-Mar-2015
  • 27-Mar-2015


Novell Filr 1.1


Filr Desktop client no longer synchronizes folders/files if a previously synchronized folder was moved to a new folder when the Desktop client was offline.


A fix for this issue is available in the Filr 1.1 Hot Patch 2, available via the Novell Patch Finder. With the fix in place, the Desktop client will be able to handle offline folder moves.

Additional Information

The following steps may cause this problem:
  1. Shut down the Filr Desktop client
  2. Create a new folder on the local filesystem (My Files > New Folder 1)
  3. Move a previously synchronized folder into the folder created in Step 2
  4. Start the Filr Desktop client