Printer rename fails with "An error has occurred"

  • 7016287
  • 10-Mar-2015
  • 29-Jan-2016


Novell iPrint Appliance


Attempting to rename a printer within the iPrint Appliance Management Console results in the following error:
An error has occurred.  See the server logs for more information.
Note: The steps to rename a printer are:
iPrint Appliance Management Console (https://<IP or DNS>:9443) -> iPrint Appliance Configuration -> Printers -> Highlight the Printer -> Configure -> Rename Printer


Resolution 1:  Change the admin password using the recommended method
  1. Change the admin password back to the original password.
    • iManager -> Directory Administration -> Modify Object -> browse to the admin.iPrintAppliance user -> Restrictions -> Set Password -> change the password to the original.
  2. If you need the password changed, change it using the recommended method:
    • Access the iPrint Appliance from a terminal session
      • Log in as root
      • Type the following command:
        • /opt/novell/bin/
          • Enter edir password :  <type the current password here and hit ENTER>
          • Enter new edir password : <type the new desired password here and hit ENTER>
          • ReEnter new edir password : <again, type the new desired password here and hit ENTER>

Resolution 2:  Update the iPrintman.keystore to the 1.1 server.

  1. Shutdown the current Appliance
  2. Start the previous 1.0.1 iPrint Appliance
  3. Copy the /var/lib/wwwrun/iPrintman.keystore file to a location other than the server.
  4. Shutdown the 1.0.1 iPrint Appliance
  5. Start the 1.1 iPrint Appliance
  6. Copy the iPrintman.keystore file from the 1.0.1 server to /var/lib/wwwrun/ on the 1.1 iPrint Appliance
  7. Set the proper ownership on the file
    • chown wwwrun.www /var/lib/wwwrun/iPrintman.keystore
  8. Log out of the iPrint Appliance Management Console
  9. Log in and rename the printer

Use iPrintman to rename the printer.  Within a terminal session, type the following:

iprintman printer <existing_printer_name> -n <new printer name>

iprintman printer HPLJ4020-2ndFLR -n HPLJ4020-3rdFLR


Cause 1: Admin password changed using iManager
Changing the admin password within iManager is not recommended and will result in the error listed above.

Cause 2: 1.0.1 Appliance upgraded to 1.1 doesn't doesn't update the iPrintman.keystore file
When upgrading from the Appliance 1.0.1 to version 1.1, the /var/lib/wwwrun/iPrintman.keystore should be copied from the older server to the new server.  However, it is not. Failing to update this file results in the error listed above.