ZCM update stuck after "Launched external process for Schema Update"

  • 7016255
  • 04-Mar-2015
  • 25-Jan-2018


Zenworks Configuration Management 11.3.1
Zenworks Configuration Management 11.3.2
Sles 11 SP3
Zenworks Appliance


THIS TID IS SPECIFIC to versions in environment only!

Attempting to update Main Primary Linux Server to ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3.2,  ZCC shows Server as Pending Status  even after ZAC REF on server.
/var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/Pre-Global-Actions.log  shows last entries as

[DEBUG] [03/03/2015 13:12:34.73] [3119] [NativeLauncher] [35455] [zenworks] [SystemUpdate] [] [Running command: (env, /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/run_preglobal_update, -Dsystemupdateguid=5011030200fc50000000002014121014, -DstageBehavior=POSTPONE_STAGING, -DstageScheduleFile=5011030200fc50000000002014121014-schedule, -DrebootControl=PromptUserReboot)] [] [] [] [SystemUpdate]
[DEBUG] [03/03/2015 13:12:34.87] [3119] [PreGlobalHandler] [35455] [zenworks] [SystemUpdate] [] [Successfully Launched external process for Schema Update] [] [] [] [SystemUpdate]


Go To 

Check file  run_preglobal_update, it should have ownership zenworks: zenworks.

If it does not, then run
chown zenworks:zenworks run-preglobal_update
(Normally the permissions.sh in the bin folder will set ownerships to zenworks:zenworks but if not you will have to do the chown command above)

Then manually run the last command from the pre-global-actions.log  ,  removing the ',' comma's
./run_preglobal_update -Dsystemupdateguid=5011030200fc50000000002014121014 -DstageBehavior=POSTPONE_STAGING -DstageScheduleFile=5011030200fc50000000002014121014-schedule -DrebootControl=PromptUserReboot
Let that run to completion.  Cancel the deployment, and redeploy to server
zac ref bypasscache
For server to pick up the new deployment
View the progress of update by tailf zmd-messages.log  
and after that caches the update,  note in the /var/opt/novell/log/zenworks/system-update folder  a new folder with the system-update GUID  name  IE for System Update 11.3.2  it starts with 50110302...   SU=50 11 03  02.  Watch the progress of the update with tailf of the system-update.log  in that folder.


Either the run_preglobal_update  was root:root and not running,   or the command was get stuck from the update itself
manually running allowed it to complete