Starting Notify without GroupWise client, where it looks for new mails ?

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  • 26-Feb-2015
  • 26-Feb-2015


Novell GroupWise 2014


Many users start their workstation with auto-starting Notify application without starting GroupWise client.


Notify application follows a mode of GroupWise client. If GroupWise client was last time stopped when in it worked in Caching mode, then when you start Notify without GroupWise client, it checks local caching mailbox for updates.
If the client was stopped when it worked in Online mode, then starting only Notify, the Notify will check for updates in Online mailbox, i.e. Notify registers with a user home POA and will get a slap packet when any new mail will be delivered in a user mailbox.
However, if the client was in Caching mailbox and you run Notify that by default checks for updates delivered into local caching mailbox, it checks in +/-10 mins intervals also a user live POA. In that way a notify window can pop up with new mail despite a fact no new mail was yet synced from Online mailbox into local Caching directory.