Problems with upgrading GW2014 SP1 HP1 or GW2012 SP3 HP1 builds.

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  • 23-Feb-2015
  • 08-Oct-2015


Novell GroupWise 2014 SP1 HP1
Novell GroupWise 2012 SP3 HP1
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11


This is a problem seen on Linux platforms only. You could have received any newer build from Novell NTS to fix your reported or other known issues. However, when you run install script, this fails. The install process complains that HP1 build is newer than the build you want to use for upgrade.

Example from GW2014 builds:
The selected package 'novell-groupwise-gwha-14.0.1-119217.x86_64' from repository 'Plain RPM files cache' has lower version than the installed one. Use 'zypper install --oldpackage novell-groupwise-gwha-14.0.1-119217.x86_64' to force installation of the package.
The selected package 'novell-groupwise-server-14.0.1-119217.x86_64' from repository 'Plain RPM files cache' has lower version than the installed one. Use 'zypper install --oldpackage novell-groupwise-server-14.0.1-119217.x86_64' to force installation of the package.
Resolving package dependencies...
Or in case of GW2012:
Preparing...                ########################################### [100%]
        package novell-groupwise-gwia-12.0.3HP1-118451.i586 (which is newer than novell-groupwise-gwia-12.0.3-119346.i58                                                                 6) is already installed
        package novell-groupwise-agents-12.0.3HP1-118451.i586 (which is newer than novell-groupwise-agents-12.0.3-119346                                                                 .i586) is already installed
        package novell-groupwise-admin-12.0.3HP1-118451.i586 (which is newer than novell-groupwise-admin-12.0.3-119346.i                                                                 586) is already installed
        package novell-groupwise-dbcopy-12.0.3HP1-118451.i586 (which is newer than novell-groupwise-dbcopy-12.0.3-119346                                                                 .i586) is already installed
        package novell-groupwise-gwcheck-12.0.3HP1-118451.i586 (which is newer than novell-groupwise-gwcheck-12.0.3-1193                                                                 46.i586) is already installed
        package novell-groupwise-gwdva-12.0.3HP1-118451.i586 (which is newer than novell-groupwise-gwdva-12.0.3-119346.i                                                                 586) is already installed
        package novell-groupwise-gwha-12.0.3HP1-118451.i586 (which is newer than novell-groupwise-gwha-12.0.3-119346.i58                                                                 6) is already installed


The problem is caused by name of HP1 modules which have been already registered in RPM database. This causes that any newer build number is considered by RPM database on SLES server as lower one than what has been already installed.
Since HP1 modules have been already registered in RPM database on SLES11 server you can try following steps to resolve this issue:
1. On SLES11 server run following command:
rpm -qa | grep group
This will list all GroupWise installed modules on the server.
2. Try to uninstall them one-by-one, example:
rpm -e novell-groupwise-server
3. If you succeed to uninstall all GroupWise related RPM modules, then run just install script of newer GroupWise build. Verify again that all GroupWise RPMs were indeed removed with a command:
rpm -qa | grep group
If removing HP1 build was successful and none of the modules is listed, then you will need to use only installation part as configuration files are already present on the server.
4. Shall you still have problems to remove some of the modules despite of "rpm -e" command, you will need to force upgrading them by newer RPM from a command line.
For instance, a server RPM was not removed from the server and it is still listed as installed when you re-check modules on a server:
rpm -qa | grep group
You will need to force upgrade of that left over RPM by a command like in example:
rpm -Uvh --force novell-groupwise-server-<build>
Some customers reported that if you have GWMonitor installed, the option with "rpm -UvH --force" will fail due to unfulfilled dependencies. Likewise, upgrading monitor will fail. You might install the newer gwmon rpm with "rpm -Uvh --force --nodeps", after which I could update the gwserver component.