How to move a remote document storage area under the post office DMS directory.

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  • 20-Feb-2015
  • 31-Mar-2015


Novell GroupWise 6.5
Novell GroupWise 8 Support Pack 3


How to move a remote document storage area under the post office DMS directory.


1) Do a properties of your remote storage area directory to see how many files are currently in the storage area.

2) Do a properties of your PostOffice/Lib000X/Docs/ directory for this library to see how many files are currently in that directory.

3) In ConsoleOne, under the properties of the library object, highlight and delete the storage area, then check the 'store documents at the post office' box.

4) Using the GW 6.5.5 or GW8 GWCheck, depending on what version of GroupWise you are using.  Use the ConsoleOne "Novell GroupWise Mailbox/Library Maintenance" to do the following, be aware this procedure may not work if you use the stand alone gwcheck :

  a.  In ConsoleOne, in the GroupWise System view, highlight the Post Office that owns the Library in which you want to move the remote storage area to be under the Post Office, click on Tools, GroupWise Utilities, "Mailbox/Library Maintenance".

  b.  For the Action, select "Analyze/Fix Library".

  c.  Place a check mark by the check boxes : "Verify Library", "Remove deleted storage areas", and "Move documents first".

  d.  In the Logging tab below, select the "Verbose Logging" check box.

  d.  In the Results tab below, select the check box "Send results to:" Administrator AND on the CC: line type your GroupWise MailboxID, just in case , so you get a mail message of the GWCHECK results when it has completed.

  e.  Click on the RUN button on the top right.

  f.  At the "Novell GroupWise Mailbox/Library Maintenance" dialog, click on OK.  Then click on CLOSE.

5)  The resulting Gwcheck log should show information similar to the below :

CONTENTS VERIFICATION of Document databases
    - Verify library
    - Remove deleted storage areas - Move documents first
          Problem 85- Blob storage area removed: \\WLASSON1\data\wl1\MovLib3
Uncorrectable conditions encountered:
  - No problems found
Correctable conditions encountered:
 CODE DESCRIPTION                                         COUNT
 ---- --------------------------------------------------  -----
   85 Blob storage areas removed.........................     1
5) After GWCheck runs you should not have any files left in the remote storage area as they will have all been moved under the post office. Verify this with another properties on the old remote storage area and the lib000X/Docs directory under the post office.
Note:  You should not have to move any files manually.

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