Cannot install a iPrint printer if a ZESM encryption policy exists

  • 7016207
  • 18-Feb-2015
  • 14-Apr-2015


Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.3


Unable to install iPrint printers if a USB encryption policy is enabled on the device.
The USB encryption policy can be seen from the Policy tab in the ZCM agent properties.
ERROR (iPrint install message)
failed to install: There are no more files.


Create the following registry key, and reboot the device.
Create a 32 bit dword DontExcludeSystem and set the value to 1

A .reg file can be created by pasting the additional information section and save to with a filename .reg.  The reg file can be imported via a ZCM bundle, or importing the reg file. 


Reported to Engineering

Additional Information

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00