Random CachedItemError when DAU bundle is installed/launched on the workstation

  • 7016190
  • 13-Feb-2015
  • 13-Feb-2015


Novell ZENworks Patch Management 11


Error from workstation:  Event viewer:  "CachedItemError (Discover Applicable Updates Windows-x86_64-en-WIN7sp1)"
Error reported to the DAU bundle "
CachedItemError" for device.
DAU bundle is shows available in ZCC: Bundles|ZPM|DAU|DAU bundle|Settings|Primary Server Replication|Status = Available


Possible workaround:  Prevent Scheduled Partial Refresh from getting triggered close to General Refresh.
Setting is under:  ZCC|Configuration|Device Management|Device Refresh and Removal Schedule.


Reported to Engineering

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