What function does the Log Archive Service (LAS) server in DRA?

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  • 12-Feb-2015
  • 10-Jun-2015


NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.5.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.6.x
NetIQ Directory & Resource Administrator 8.7.x


What is the purpose of the NetIQ Log Archive Server included with Directory Resource Administrator?

How does DRA retain activity audit logging?

Where does DRA Store the audit logs for DRA Assistant Admin activities?


The DRA Log Archive Server is a service that retains all DRA activity logs stored within a Log Archive. This log archive is a flat file based database stored locally on each DRA Server. The data contained in the database is generated when any DRA Assistant Admin (also known as the end user of the product) performs any activity within DRA. The DRA Server will generate an event and store that data within a folder (also known as a partition) matching the date stamp of when the LAS Server revived the data. These partitions are stored under a parent folder, known as the Log Archive Volume.

The DRA Log Archive settings are configured using the NetIQ Log Archive Configuration Utility. This utility is part of the NetIQ Security Manager program group on the start menu.

The data stored in the log archive is able to be reported on using the Right Click reporting option from the DRA Delegation and Configuration console. The user requesting the report must be a member of an active view granting them the power Generate UI Reports.

A summary of the data from each DRA LAS can also be exported and subsequently uploaded to a SQL server hosting the DRA Reporting Database. Additional details about this feature and other DRA Reporting Services features can be found in the DRA Administration Guide found online at https://www.netiq.com/documentation/directory-and-resource-administrator/ .