How do I move my PlateSpin Images to another PlateSpin Image Server?

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  • 10-Feb-2015
  • 10-Feb-2015


This article outlines information on how to move PlateSpin Images.
Applies to:  NetIQ PlateSpin Migrate 11.0 and above


1. Logon to Image Server with appropriate admin user credentials
2.From command prompt navigate to following path where image server is installed.
<Image Server installed path>\ImageOperations
For example: If image server is installed in E: drive then path will be E:\Program Files\PlateSpin Image Server\ImageOperations. Please make sure ImageOperations.exe must be available in the mentioned path.
3. Copy the complete image folder (which you want to register) into image Server.
4.  Register the image with following command:

ImageOperations.exe /register /imagepath=<existing image(s) path>
For Example: ImageOperations.exe /register /imagepath="R:\Input\A150-W2K3R2 Image". where "R:\Input\A150-W2K3R2 Image" folder where we have copied the image folder.

5. Refresh image server - Select Image Server and right click and select "Refresh details"
6. If the newly registered image(s) do not appear, undiscover and re-discover the Image Server