Scheduled Events and GWCheck Maintenance don't send results to Administrators in GroupWise 2014

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  • 09-Feb-2015
  • 11-Feb-2015


Novell GroupWise 2014


Scheduled Events & GWCheck Maintenance  don't send results to PO and/or Domain Administrators
Post Offices don't appear to be performing maintenance as scheduled, as the results aren't sent to the Administrator(s)
Administrators not receiving GWCheck and Scheduled Events Result Reports as configured


At the time of writing this TID, PO and Domain Administrators are definable just for modifying objects in the Administration Console. Selecting Administrator from the Results tab of a Mailbox/Library Maintenance event will actually send results to the Notify User that is defined at the Domain level.

To configure a Notify User for the Domain, please refer to documentation GroupWise 2014 Administration Guide | Message Transfer Agent | Monitoring the MTA | Receiving Notifications of Agent Problems.

Additional Information

Steps to duplicate:
  1. Verify an Administrator is defined for the PO (WebConsole | Post Offices | Objects | Administrators).
  2. Select the Maintenance drop-down | Mailbox/Library Maintenance and verify that Administrator is ticked in the Results tab. Click OK.
    Note: The task completes; however, no results are sent to the Administrator(s).
  3. The same applies for Scheduled Events (WebConsole | Post Office Agents | Scheduled Events). Select an event and change the time to Weekday, specify today and set a time a few minutes in the future and click OK.
    Note: The task completes; however, no results are sent to the Administrator(s).
If you are to run a Mailbox/Library Maintenance event again for a PO and provide an email in the CC list of the Results tab, that user will receive a report. Likewise ticking 'Individual users' from the results tab sends the appropriate report to the user. So it appears it is only broken for Administrator.