Where do the Activity Summary reports within NRC get data from?

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  • 06-Feb-2015
  • 16-Mar-2015


NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 8.5.x
NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 8.6.x
NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator 8.7.x


The NetIQ Reporting Center console has a report category of Summarized Activity Reports. These reports show a summary of all operations done within each Directory and Resource Administrator (DRA) Server. The following list shows the process used by DRA to generate this data.

  1. When a DRA Assistant Administrator , also know as the end user of DRA, performs an activity in DRA; the DRA server generates audit data about that operation.
    1. This audit data is stored within each DRA server's local Log Archive Volume
  2. The DRA server also creates summary data about this event
    1. Initially this data is stored in RAM within the DRA server
    2. On a set schedule, controlled by the DRA Management Reports Collector, DRA will put the contents of the summary data from RAM into a temporary file with in the cube export folder of Log Archive Data folder.
  3. The summary event data from each DRA server is uploaded into temporary tables with in the SMCubeDepot database, hosted on the SQL server configured within DRA Reporting Services Configuration
    1. The upload interval is controlled by the DRA Management Reports Collector
    2. Any failures in the upload process will leave .ERROR files in the Cube Export folder
  4. The SQL Sever Integration Services (SSIS) jobs will move the data from the SMCubeDepot into the DRA Reporting Database
    1. There are two SSIS Jobs -- DRA Data Pump and DRA Data Aggregations
    2. Each job has its own schedule within SQL
    3. SSIS jobs require the SQL Server Agent to be started
  5. The Summarized Activity Reports within the NRC will read data from the DRA Reporting Database
    1. Activity summary data is stored within the Activity Count and Activity Summary tables.