SLES 10 SP4 update channels showing glibc-debuginfo package but not a glibc package

  • 7016139
  • 03-Feb-2015
  • 03-Feb-2015




The SLES 10 SP4 channel shows an update for glibc-debuginfo but the install fails because of dependency issues. 


Access to the corresponding glibc binaries is provided through the LTSS channel.


Maintenance support for SLE-10-SP4 has ended and, in general, no binary updates will appear in the standard SP4 channel. The update channels are configured so that any new binary released for SLE-10-SP4 will be placed into the LTSS channel while debuginfo packages are still placed in the standard SP4 channel. So customers paying for LTSS will get the updated binary from the LTSS channel and the debuginfo from the standard channel. Customer who only have access to the standard SP4 channel will see the debuginfo packages but the various SuSE update mechanisms will not install them because of a missing binary dependencies. The result being servers covered by LTSS get the latest updates and the servers covered by standard maintenance are able to install updates up to the point where the maintenance for the SP ended.

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