No Client available with NAAF installation files

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  • 02-Feb-2015
  • 02-Feb-2015


NetIQ Advanced Authentication Framework
NAAF 4.10


How do I install the NAAF Client?
No NAAF Client available for installation
Cannot find client-side install for NAA


Run client.msi from the folder ...\x64\_client or ...\x86\_client.  

This folder will not exist with "NAA Basic" or "NAA for Access Manager."

The contents of the NAAF distributable package vary by license type. NetIQ provides four different packages,each with a slightly different set of components. The Client component is not included in "NAA Basic" or "NAA for Access Manager," and the client.msi fill will not install with these two packages even if obtained elsewhere.


NAA for Access Manger does not include a client piece.